European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Corresponding powers involving devolved authorities — 16 Jan 2018 at 19:00

John Baron MP, Basildon and Billericay voted with the majority (Aye).

“should only be available where Ministers can show that it is necessary to make a change to the statute book”.
“Brexit must be delivered in a way that respects devolution…Looking at the substance of the 111 powers, many can safely be devolved without further ado; why aviation noise, for example, would need to come under a UK-wide framework I do not know”?
“clause 11, as drafted, is not fit for purpose and must be changed. It does not need to be tweaked a little; it needs to be amended and replaced with a new version.”-[Official Report, 4 December 2017; Vol. 632, c. 731.]
“The Bill as it currently stands represents a fundamental assault on devolution. It would replace current constraints on the National Assembly’s legislative competence, which will fall away…with a new set of constraints in devolved competences that would be controlled by the UK Government. We have consistently said there is no prospect of the Welsh Government recommending consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill as it is currently drafted… It is a matter of considerable regret that the Government has not, despite the undertaking of the Secretary of State for Scotland, introduced any amendment to Clause 11 which, as it stands, is wholly unacceptable to us.”
“On Second Reading, I said that I would not allow legislation to pass that undermined the Union or the devolution settlement, and that remains my position today.”
“clause 11, as drafted, is not fit for purpose and must be changed.”-[Official Report, 4 December 2017; Vol. 632, c. 729-731.]
“changes will have to be made to clause 11 as it stands”.-[Official Report, 4 December 2017; Vol. 632, c. 796.]
“As the intergovernmental discussions progress and the Bill returns to this House, as it will, before it goes to the other place, it is very much my hope that there will be some greater detail in clause 11 to help all hon. Members to have a degree of confidence in its intent.”-[Official Report, 4 December 2017; Vol. 632, c. 803.]
“What recent discussions he has had with the Welsh Government on a legislative consent motion for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.”
“I have asked the Secretary of State a number of times, both orally and in writing, what would happen if the National Assembly for Wales were to withhold its consent for the withdrawal Bill, and he has gone from looking hopelessly Panglossian to being unsure, evasive and even furtive. Will he now tell the House what would happen if the National Assembly for Wales withheld its consent for the Bill?”
“I am optimistic that our work with the Welsh Government will lead to a legislative consent motion.”-[Official Report, 13 December 2017; Vol. 633, c. 381.]
“flexibility for tailoring policies to the specific needs”
“lead to a significant increase in decision-making powers for the devolved administrations.”
“The answer is that it will happen on Report”-
“We have been very clear about this”-
“The Committee stage is about listening and adapting to issues…we will table amendments to clause 11.”-[Official Report, 6 December 2017; Vol. 632, c. 1021.]
“They are the only people on earth to covet wealth and poverty with equal craving. They plunder, they butcher, they ravish, and call it by the…name of ‘empire’.”
“and (2A) (but not the reference to a Minister of the Crown in section 7(2A)(b))”.
“and the references to section 7(1) being reapd as references to sub-paragraph (1) or (2) above”.
“without the consent of a Minister of the Crown”.
unless the regulations are, to that extent, made after consulting with the Secretary of State.”

The House divided:

Ayes 317, Noes 297.

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PartyMajority (Aye)Minority (No)BothTurnout
Con308 (+2 tell) 0097.8%
DUP10 00100.0%
Green0 10100.0%
Independent0 10100.0%
Lab0 249095.0%
LDem0 9075.0%
PC0 40100.0%
SNP0 33 (+2 tell)0100.0%
Total:318 297096.4%

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