European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Retaining Enhanced Protection — 17 Jan 2018 at 16:30

“fetter powers across the statute book that Parliament has already delegated.”
“Relying only on powers set out in this Bill to amend retained EU law would be insufficient”.-[Official Report, 15 November 2017; Vol. 631, c. 418.]
“the existing structure of EU rules and regulations.”
“that may mean that we start off with the ECJ still governing the rules we are part of”. -[Official Report, 9 October 2017; Vol. 629, c. 53.]
“blow up a bridge without bankrupting yourself”
“the date of… the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification”,
“A notification or instrument… may be revoked at any time before it takes effect.”
“Electricity is a fundamental part of modern society. Residential and industrial users rely on its use to ensure basic and vital needs such as lighting, heating or refrigeration are met on a daily basis.”
“The Government is a key supporter of the defence sector”.
“We live in a society dedicated to the rule of law; in which Parliament has power, subject to limited, self-imposed restraints, to legislate as it wishes; in which Parliament may therefore legislate in a way which infringes the rule of law;”-
“and in which the judges, consistently with their constitutional duty to administer justice according to the laws and usages of the realm, cannot fail”-
“to give effect to such legislation if it is clearly and unambiguously expressed.”
“the principle of parliamentary sovereignty has been recognised as fundamental in this country not because the judges invented it but because it has for centuries been accepted as such by judges and others officially concerned in the operation of our constitutional system. The judges did not by themselves establish the principle and they cannot, by themselves, change it… What is at stake is the location of ultimate decision-making authority… If the judges were to repudiate the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, by refusing to allow Parliament to infringe on unwritten rights, they would be claiming that ultimate authority for themselves.”
“It would be a transfer of power initiated by the judges, to protect rights chosen by them, rather than one brought about democratically by parliamentary enactment or popular referendum.”
“The position was made clear in a case that went through the Supreme Court in relation to article 50.”-[Official Report, 9 October 2017; Vol. 629, c. 51.]
“a comprehensive set of environmental principles”
“a world-leading environmental watchdog, an independent, statutory body, to hold Government to account for upholding environmental standards.”-[Official Report, 11 January 2018; Vol. 634, c. 12WS.]
“explore the scope and content of a new statement on environmental principles.”
“European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned”
“to maintain or enhance rights and protections”

The House divided:

Ayes 305, Noes 318.

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Party Summary

Votes by party, red entries are votes against the majority for that party.

What is Tell? '+1 tell' means that in addition one member of that party was a teller for that division lobby.

What are Boths? An MP can vote both aye and no in the same division. The boths page explains this.

What is Turnout? This is measured against the total membership of the party at the time of the vote.

PartyMajority (No)Minority (Aye)BothTurnout
Con307 (+2 tell) 1097.8%
DUP10 00100.0%
Green0 10100.0%
Independent0 10100.0%
Lab0 253 (+2 tell)097.3%
LDem0 10083.3%
PC0 40100.0%
SNP0 350100.0%
Total:317 305097.5%

Rebel Voters - sorted by party

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Kenneth ClarkeRushcliffeCon (front bench)aye

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