Friends of Baroness Seccombe

All Possible Friends

Shows which Lords voted most similarly to this one in the Parliament. This is measured from 0% agreement (never voted the same) to 100% (always voted the same). Only votes that both Lords attended are counted. This may reveal relationships between Lords that were previously unsuspected. Or it may be nonsense.

100.0%Lord Alliance LDem
100.0%Baroness Chapman Crossbench
100.0%The Bishop of ChelmsfordBishop
100.0%Lord Dear Crossbench
100.0%Lord Kalms Con
100.0%Lord Lee of TraffordLDem
100.0%Baroness Meacher Crossbench
100.0%Lord Patten of BarnesCon
100.0%Lord Shaw of NorthsteadCon
100.0%Lord Sheppard of DidgemereCon
100.0%The Earl of ShrewsburyCon
100.0%The Bishop of Southwell and NottinghamBishop
100.0%Lord Steinberg Con
100.0%Lord Sterling of PlaistowCon
100.0%Lord Stevens of LudgateCon
100.0%Lord Tanlaw Crossbench
100.0%Lord Taylor of HolbeachCon
100.0%Lord Teverson LDem
100.0%Baroness Thatcher Con
100.0%Lord Tombs Crossbench
100.0%Baroness Verma Con
100.0%Lord Wade of ChorltonCon
100.0%Lord Waldegrave of North HillCon
100.0%Lord Walker of WorcesterCon
100.0%Baroness Warsi Con
100.0%Viscount Waverley Crossbench
100.0%Lord Young of GraffhamCon
99.4%Viscount Eccles Con
98.8%Lord Hamilton of EpsomCon
98.7%Lord Tebbit Con
98.7%Baroness Trumpington Con
98.6%Lord Tugendhat Con
98.4%Lord Waddington Con
98.4%Lord Taylor of WarwickCon
98.3%Lord de Mauley Con
98.1%Baroness Morris of BoltonCon
97.9%Lord Strathclyde Con
97.8%Lord Trefgarne Con
97.6%Baroness Bottomley of NettlestoneCon
97.6%Lord Goodlad Con
97.6%Lord Windlesham Con
97.5%Baroness Wilcox Con
97.5%Lord Mawhinney Con
97.5%Lord Wakeham Con
97.3%The Earl of SelborneCon
97.3%Lord Wolfson Con
97.1%Lord Skelmersdale Con
97.1%Viscount Trenchard Con
96.9%Baroness Sharples Con
96.7%Baroness Shephard of NorthwoldCon
96.6%Lord Howard of RisingCon
96.5%Baroness Stern Crossbench
96.4%Lord Lyell of MarkyateCon
96.4%Lord Selsdon Con
96.1%Viscount Ullswater Con
95.9%Lord Vinson Con
95.8%Lord Thomas of SwynnertonCrossbench
95.8%Lord Watson of RichmondLDem
95.5%Lord Ballyedmond Crossbench
95.5%Lord Soulsby of Swaffham PriorCon
94.6%Lord Willoughby de Broke Con
94.1%Baroness Valentine Crossbench
94.1%Lord Wilson of TillyornCrossbench
94.1%The Bishop of WinchesterBishop
93.8%Lord Ramsbotham Crossbench
91.7%Lord Slynn of HadleyCrossbench
91.7%Lord Stewartby Con
91.7%Lord Turner of EcchinswellCrossbench
90.9%Lord Thomson of MonifiethLDem
90.8%Lord Swinfen Con
90.3%Baroness Bonham-Carter of YarnburyLDem
89.5%Lord Skidelsky Crossbench
89.2%The Earl of GlasgowLDem
88.5%Lord Chidgey LDem
88.3%Lord Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDem
88.0%Lord Steel of AikwoodLDem
88.0%Lord Taverne LDem
87.9%Lord Sharman LDem
87.8%Baroness Sharp of GuildfordLDem
87.3%Lord Tope LDem
87.3%Lord Dykes LDem
87.2%Lord Laidlaw Con
86.4%Lord Vallance of TummelLDem
85.7%Lord Burnett LDem
85.7%Baroness Fritchie Crossbench
85.7%The Bishop of ManchesterBishop
85.7%Lord Roberts of LlandudnoLDem
85.7%Lord Smith of CliftonLDem
85.7%Baroness Thomas of WalliswoodLDem
85.7%Lord Tordoff LDem
85.7%Baroness Warnock Crossbench
85.7%Baroness Williams of CrosbyLDem
85.4%Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDem
85.4%Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDem
84.6%Baroness Falkner of MargravineLDem
84.5%Lord Garden LDem
84.5%Lord Thomas of GresfordLDem
84.5%Lord Tyler LDem
84.0%Baroness Tonge LDem
83.9%Baroness Walmsley LDem
82.0%Baroness Neuberger LDem
80.9%Lord Jones of CheltenhamLDem
80.9%Lord Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labour
80.4%Baroness D'Souza Crossbench
80.0%Lord Wright of RichmondCrossbench
75.9%Lord Walpole Crossbench
75.0%Lord Cotter LDem
72.7%Lord Trimble Crossbench
70.3%Baroness Young of HornseyCrossbench
56.8%Lord Williamson of HortonCrossbench
54.7%Lord Cameron of DillingtonCrossbench
54.0%Viscount Slim Crossbench
50.0%Baroness Campbell of LoughboroughCrossbench
50.0%Baroness Deech Crossbench
50.0%Baroness Kingsmill Lab
50.0%The Bishop of SouthwarkBishop
50.0%Lord Vincent of ColeshillCrossbench
50.0%Lord Walton of DetchantCrossbench
50.0%Lord Wilson of DintonCrossbench
50.0%The Archbishop of YorkBishop
47.9%Viscount Tenby Crossbench
46.6%Lord Weatherill Crossbench
40.3%Viscount Montgomery of AlameinCrossbench
38.4%Baroness Murphy Crossbench
25.9%Lord Sheldon Lab
25.8%Lord Sutherland of HoundwoodCrossbench
25.0%Lord Wedderburn of CharltonLab
24.1%Lord Stevens of KirkwhelpingtonCrossbench
22.9%Baroness Turner of CamdenLab
22.2%The Bishop of WorcesterBishop
15.7%Lord Winston Lab
14.3%Lord Rees of LudlowCrossbench
14.3%Baroness Smith of GilmorehillLab
14.3%Baroness Thomas of WinchesterLDem
13.1%Lord Smith of FinsburyLab
11.1%Viscount Simon Lab
10.5%Lord Kerr of KinlochardCrossbench
10.3%Baroness Wilkins Lab
10.1%Lord Leitch Lab
9.9%Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLab
9.4%Lord Griffiths of Burry PortLab
9.3%Lord Moonie Lab
9.2%Baroness Uddin Lab
8.8%Lord Stone of BlackheathLab
8.7%Lord Howarth of NewportLab
8.3%Lord Cunningham of FellingLab
8.3%Lord Gould of BrookwoodLab
8.1%Lord Foulkes of CumnockLab
8.0%Lord Strabolgi Lab
7.9%Lord Sewel Lab
7.9%Baroness Whitaker Lab
7.8%Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLab
7.8%Baroness Taylor of BoltonLab
7.8%Lord Foster of Bishop AucklandLab
7.7%Lord Rosser Lab
7.6%Lord Young of Norwood GreenLab
7.6%Lord Triesman Lab
7.5%Baroness Henig Lab
7.5%Lord Truscott Lab
7.4%Baroness Royall of BlaisdonLab
7.4%Lord Tunnicliffe Lab
7.4%Lord Temple-Morris Lab
7.4%Lord Adonis Lab
7.4%Baroness Morgan of DrefelinLab
7.2%Baroness Adams of CraigieleaLab
7.2%Lord Smith of LeighLab
7.2%Lord Drayson Lab
7.1%Lord Bilston Lab
7.1%Lord McKenzie of LutonLab
7.0%Lord Hart of ChiltonLab
7.0%Lord Snape Lab
7.0%Lord Williams of ElvelLab
6.9%Lord Bhattacharyya Lab
6.9%Baroness Clark of CaltonJudge
6.9%Lord Soley Lab
6.9%Lord Varley Lab
6.9%Baroness Young of Old SconeLab
6.7%Lord Rowlands Lab
6.6%Lord Anderson of SwanseaLab
6.6%Lord Woolmer of LeedsLab
6.5%Baroness Thornton Lab
6.5%Lord Maxton Lab
6.4%Lord Taylor of BlackburnLab
6.2%Lord O'Neill of ClackmannanLab
6.1%Lord Giddens Lab
6.1%Lord Turnberg Lab
6.0%Lord Warner Lab
5.7%Lord Whitty Lab
5.5%Lord Stratford Lab
5.4%Baroness Corston Lab
5.4%Lord Haworth Lab
5.4%Baroness Morris of YardleyLab
5.4%Baroness Wall of New BarnetLab
5.2%Lord Tomlinson Lab
5.1%Lord Carter of ColesLab
5.1%Baroness McDonagh Lab
4.3%Lord Kinnock Lab
4.3%Baroness Prosser Lab
0.0%Lord Bradley Lab
0.0%Baroness Ford Lab
0.0%Baroness Hale of RichmondJudge
0.0%Baroness Jones of WhitchurchLab
0.0%The Bishop of LeicesterBishop
0.0%Lord Malloch-Brown Lab
0.0%Lord Mandelson Lab
0.0%Lord Morrow DUP
0.0%Lord Neuberger of AbbotsburyJudge
0.0%Baroness Paisley of St George'sDUP
0.0%Lord Pannick Crossbench
0.0%Baroness Quin Lab
0.0%The Bishop of TruroBishop
0.0%Lord Turnbull Crossbench
0.0%Baroness Vadera Lab
0.0%Lord West of SpitheadLab

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