Learning and Skills Bill [Lords] — Sex education — 27 Jun 2000

I beg to move amendment No. 83, in page 67, leave out lines 2 to 29 and insert--

(2) In section 403 (sex education: manner of provision) in subsection (1) for the words "and the value of family life" substitute " the value of family life and sexual health".

(3) After section 403 insert--

"403A (1) The Secretary of State must issue guidance designed to secure that the following general objectives are met when sex education is given to registered pupils at maintained schools.

(2) The general objectives are that the pupils--

(a) learn about the nature of marriage as the key building block of society and its importance for family life and for the bringing up of children;

(b) learn about the significance of stability in family relationships;

(c) learn to respect themselves and others;

(d) are protected from teaching and materials which a reasonable person would regard as inappropriate having regard to--

(i) whether information is accurate and objective;

(ii) the language and images used;

(iii) the age of the pupils and

(iv) the provisions of section 403, this section and section 403B.

marriage provides a strong foundation for stable relationships and the most reliable framework for raising children

the importance of marriage and the non-equivalence of other relationships are at the heart of where the Board of Education stands.

The Government believes that marriage provides a strong foundation for stable relationships. This does not mean trying to make people marry, or criticising or penalising people who choose not to. We do not believe that Government should interfere in people's lives in that way. But we do share the belief of the majority of people that marriage provides the most reliable framework for raising children.

the key building block of society.--[ Official Report, House of Lords , 23 March 2000; Vol. 611, c. 436.]

teaching and materials which are inappropriate--

I've just seen the posters here in Scotland. I don't think I've ever seen a more astonishing campaign in all my born days. People are being told their children will have to play--what was it?--

homosexual role playing in schools. No wonder parents are concerned. It's nonsense. No child is going to be given gay sex lessons in school. Not under this Government now. Not ever.

Michael is 15 and his boyfriend wants him to have sex. He really wants to but he is nervous. Michael knows he should use a condom but doesn't know where to go for help. What should he do?

The evidence is that marriage better provides a strong foundation for stable relationships and this framework is the most reliable for raising children.

compulsory sex education has not done much to stabilise, let alone promote, marriages . . .

There is more promiscuity, less sexual morality, less marriage, more divorce, more single mothers, more under-16 pregnancies and more child pregnancies . . . all those matters were supposed to have been dealt with by the various Acts that have been passed. Clearly, they are not delivering the goods.--[ Official Report, House of Lords , 23 March 2000; Vol. 611, c.463.]

there should be no direct promotion of sexual orientation.

For all these reasons, it makes sense for the Government to do what it can to strengthen marriage.

Amendment negatived.

Amendment proposed: No. 73, in page 67, line 11, after first "are", insert--

Question put, That the amendment be made:--

The House divided: Ayes 129, Noes 303.

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