Policies are stated positions on a particular issue. For example "Privatise the NHS", or "Join the Euro". Each policy has a definition and a way to vote in relevant divisions in Parliament.

This table summarises all policies, including how many times they have "voted". Click on their name to get a comparison of a policy to all MPs. You can get a policy to the top by editing and correcting motion text for its divisions.

Votes (unedited)Policy
114 A stricter immigration system
36 (1) Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
17 Academy Schools - for
21 Action to prevent domestic violence and abuse
33 Action to Reduce Spread of COVID-19
23 Additional Rate of Income Tax - Increase
5 Against On-Shore Wind Turbines
5 Apprenticeships
6 Assisted Dying
87 (2) Asylum System - More strict
10 Authorised Criminal Conduct by Undercover Sources
4 Balance the Budget Without Borrowing
7 Ban fox hunting
20 Bankers' Bonus Tax
2 Better treatment of people in, and leaving, care
2 Brexit veto for Scotland, Wales and NI
13 (1) Business and community control of schools: For
41 Call for a Report
3 Cap Care Costs
6 Cap or Reduce Public Sector Redundancy Payments
9 Child protection
8 (3) Civil aviation pollution - For limiting
2 Civilian courts for military in serious cases
8 Closed Material Proceedure
84 Coalition Programme for Government - For
36 (1) Control Orders
1 (1) Corporal punishment of children - Against
2 Crossrail - In favour
4 Cull Badgers
2 Decamp from Palace of Westminister During Works
97 Delegate more powers to government ministers
2 Deployment of UK armed forces in Afghanistan
7 Deprivation of Citizenship - Easier to Do
3 Do more to help refugees inclding children
14 Easier access to abortion
8 Employee Shareholder Status
9 Employment rights
5 Encourage and incentivise saving
2 End support for some 16-18 yr olds in education
21 Energy Prices - More Affordable
5 English Votes on English Laws etc.
7 Environmental water quality
29 Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
209 (2) European Union Integration - For
18 Excess Bedroom Benefit Reduction - Social Tenants
5 Extend Right to Buy to Housing Associations
5 Fire Safety
11 Fixed Term Parliaments
29 For the UK to Remain a Member of the EU
9 (1) Foundation hospitals - In favour
13 Fox hunting - Ban
16 Free Market Within United Kingdom
3 Free School Meals During Holidays
35 Free trade
16 Freedom of Information Bill 2000 - Strengthen
19 Fulfil International Treaty Obligations
14 Fully Elected House of Lords
24 Further devolution to Northern Ireland
64 Further devolution to Scotland
49 Further devolution to Wales
17 Gambling - Against permissiveness
10 GP Commissioning in the NHS
4 Heathrow Third Runway - In Favour
24 Higher Benefits for Ill and Disabled
3 (1) Higher Pay for Public Sector Workers
26 Higher taxes on alcoholic drinks
25 Higher taxes on banks
2 Higher taxes on sugary drinks
17 Higher wages for workers
2 Hold a UK referendum on Lisbon EU Treaty
46 (9) Homosexuality - Equal rights
10 HS2 - In Favour
26 (1) Human Rights and Equality
37 (11) Identity cards - For introduction
5 Imported Goods Must Equal UK Standards
3 In Favour of Mass Surveillance
11 Incentivise Low Carbon Electricity Generation
3 Incentivise membership of press regulator
17 Increase Air Passenger Duty
34 Increase the income tax - tax free allowance
8 Increase the state pension age
36 Increase VAT
5 Independence for regulators
7 Inheritance Tax
6 Iraq 2003 - For the invasion
20 Iraq Investigation - Necessary
12 Island of Ireland - Avoid Hard Border
10 Jobs Guarantee for Long Term Young Unemployed
82 (1) Labour's Terrorism laws - For
2 Larger armed services
7 Limit NHS Foundation Trust Private Patient Income
4 Local control of NHS services
8 Localise Council Tax Support
22 Lower taxes on petrol & diesel for motor vehicles
5 Make High Earners Pay Market Rent for Council Home
8 Make it easier to trigger a new election for an MP
4 Mansion Tax
9 Mass Retention of Communications Data
16 Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
1 Member trustees on pension boards
3 Merge Police and Fire under Police & Crime Cmmr
3 Military Action against Daesh / ISIL
17 (1) Minimum Wage
6 Ministers Can Intervene in Coroners' Inquests
2 More consultation
14 More criminal offences
2 (1) More Emergency Service Workers
2 More funds for social care
55 More powers for local councils
4 More powers for the monarch
6 More restrictive planning laws
3 MPs decide if to approve a withdrawal agreeement
12 No detention without charge or trial
7 No Polls Clash With MP Election System Referendum
16 Northern Ireland in UK Internal Market
9 Nuclear power - For
86 Openness and Transparency - In Favour
3 Pension auto-enrolment - For
5 Phase out of Tenancies for Life
9 Police and Crime Commissioners
14 Post office - in favour of Government policy
14 Post office closures - against
9 Preserve Environmental Protection on EU Withdrawal
2 Prevent abuse of zero hours contracts
6 Privatise Royal Mail
6 Pro international sanctions
8 (1) Promote Occupational Pensions
11 Proportional Representation Voting System - For
10 Protect tenants & leasholders from safety costs
25 Protest - Restrict
19 Protesting near Parliament - Restrict
4 Public Ownership of Railways
5 Rail Fares - Lower
8 Recreational drugs - Against legalization
9 Reduce capital gains tax
15 Reduce central funding for local government
7 Reduce court delays
5 Reduce max amount people may be charged for care
74 Reduce Spending on Welfare Benefits
3 Reduce taxes on domestic property transactions
30 Reduce the rate of Corporation Tax
13 Reducing the number of MPs - for
12 Referendum on Alternative Vote for MP Elections
5 Referendum on any EU withdrawal arrangements
26 Referendum on UK's EU membership -For -Pre 2016
12 Referendums for Directly Elected City Mayors
6 Register of Lobbyists
6 Regulate letting agent fees
16 Regulate nicotine and tobacco sales + advertising
4 Regulation of Shale Gas Extraction
6 Remove asylum seekers to third countries
13 Remove Hereditary Peers from the House of Lords
3 Replace Higher Education Grants with Loans
5 Require Pub Companies to Offer Rent Only Leases
8 Require voters to show photo ID before voting
15 Restrict 3rd party campaigners during elections
17 Restrict Scope of Legal Aid
2 Retain funds from council house sales locally
7 Retention of Business Rates by Local Government
44 Right for EU Citizens in the UK to Stay
4 Right to strike
103 Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
13 Same Sex Marriage - for
57 (1) Schools - Greater Autonomy
2 Sell England's Public Forests
13 (1) Smoking ban - In favour
3 State control of bus services
80 (6) Stop climate change
7 Stronger Consumer Protection Laws
21 Support current and former armed service members
8 Support for the Economy in Response to COVID-19
9 Support marriage and civil partnerships
6 Support Small and Medium Sized Businesses
4 Suspend or censure MPs
20 Tax Incentives for Companies Investing in Assets
2 Teach children about drugs, sexuality and health
13 Termination of pregnancy - against
3 The UK should not ratify the Lisbon Treaty
24 Tougher on illegal immigration
9 Tougher sentences
15 Trade Unions - Restrict
11 (4) Transexuality - Against legal recognition
11 Transparency of Parliament
11 Trident replacement - In favour
2 Tuition fees - Set Upper Limit at £9,000 per Year
13 University education fees - Should be free
24 University Tuition Fees - For
15 Use of UK Military Forces Overseas
8 Voting age - Reduce to 16
3 War - Parliamentary authority not necessary
8 Welfare benefits ought rise in line with prices
8 Woman's pension age increase - slow transition
1 Abolish the House of Lords (provisional)
2 Act on Crime Motivated by Sex or Gender of Victim (provisional)
1 Act to resolve refugee crisis in Europe (provisional)
1 Action against more sexual offences/behaviours (provisional)
1 Action in response to flooding (provisional)
1 Action to Reduce Health Inequality (provisional)
2 Affordable housing (provisional)
2 Agricultural subsidies (provisional)
5 Air quality (provisional)
5 Alcohol - increase its availability (provisional)
5 Alcohol - restrict its availability (provisional)
16 Alcohol Liberalisation (provisional)
2 American imperialist hegemony: welcome (provisional)
2 Asylum seekers: no rights (provisional)
1 Backbench power (provisional)
1 Ban non-disclosure agreements (provisional)
3 Ban Sex Selective Abortion (provisional)
3 Ban virginity testing and hymen reconstruction (provisional)
1 Banning ozone-depleting substances (provisional)
2 Better mental health care (provisional)
1 Better pensions advice and information (provisional)
8 (1) Big Business - against (provisional)
9 Biodiversity (provisional)
8 (2) British Humanist (provisional)
4 British Overseas Territories citizenship rights (provisional)
6 Build More Homes (provisional)
5 (1) Cambridge Liberal Conservative (provisional)
2 Cap energy prices (provisional)
1 Careers Guidance in Schools (provisional)
1 Closer alignment with the EU Post-Brexit (provisional)
39 Common Sense Party (provisional)
1 Compensation for injuries caused by covert agents (provisional)
1 Compulsory work experience for school pupils (provisional)
94 (53) Conservative party abstentions (provisional)
2 Conservative Party policies - agree (provisional)
1 Consult representatives of employers on education (provisional)
1 Contributory Benefits - For (provisional)
3 Coordinated Health and Social Care (provisional)
2 Coronavirus recovery (provisional)
1 Current Attitudes towards Climate Change (provisional)
12 Cut Spending on Public Services (provisional)
1 Dealth Penalty - Oppose (provisional)
2 Defence Spending - At least 2% of GDP (provisional)
5 Delay the UK's withdrawal from the EU (provisional)
1 Deter collaboration between election campaigners (provisional)
1 Devolution to Scottish and Welsh Parliament (provisional)
2 Dogs' tails: docking of (provisional)
7 Duties and Responsibilities for Landlords (provisional)
1 Educational Equipment for Learners (provisional)
4 Educational Reform Rebel (provisional)
1 Electronic voting - in favour (provisional)
1 Encourage second homes and buy-to-let (provisional)
4 European Union - Customs Union (provisional)
1 Exclude Private Providers from NHS Governance (provisional)
11 Extradition - reciprocal between UK and US (provisional)
1 Facilitate the Work of the Intelligence Committee (provisional)
4 Faith schools: abolish (provisional)
9 Fast-track planning (provisional)
4 Food Safety (provisional)
1 For Academic Selection in Schools (provisional)
2 For Directly Elected Mayors (provisional)
1 For the many not the few (provisional)
17 (2) Fox hunting - Don't ban (provisional)
1 Free Social Care (provisional)
1 Free trade with the EU (provisional)
1 Freedoms and rights for property owners (provisional)
7 Gambling - permissive (provisional)
1 Get better value for housing related benefits (provisional)
1 Greater encouragement and funding of cycling (provisional)
9 Greater regulation and transparency of lobbying (provisional)
1 Help for "Mortgage Prisoners" (provisional)
8 Higher funding for the NHS (provisional)
14 Higher funding for the police (provisional)
1 Higher pay for NHS workers (provisional)
1 Higher payments to the monarch (provisional)
3 Higher taxes on Digital Services Companies (provisional)
1 Higher taxes on new homes (provisional)
5 Higher taxes specifically to fund health and care (provisional)
4 Hold a general election (provisional)
20 (2) Homosexuality - Not acceptable (provisional)
36 (11) Identity cards - Against introduction (provisional)
12 (3) Identity Cards - In favour (provisional)
6 Income Tax - No 10% tax bracket (provisional)
1 Increase regulation on dealing ivory (provisional)
3 Increase taxes on the richest in society (provisional)
5 Increase the amount of the state pension (provisional)
4 Increase the income tax - higher rate threshold (provisional)
1 Independence of the Boundry Commissions (provisional)
1 Independence Referendum in Scotland (provisional)
24 (1) Innocent until proven guilty (provisional)
3 Integrate reserves with regular armed forces (provisional)
3 Intervenors To Be Liable for Other Party Costs (provisional)
1 Investment in transport in the North of England (provisional)
6 Iraq 2003 - Against the invasion (provisional)
13 Iraq 2003 - For disarmament only (provisional)
6 Iraq 2003 - pro-invasion (provisional)
4 Judicial Authorisation of Criminal Conduct (provisional)
1 Judicial Reviews - More Impact (provisional)
3 Junk (provisional)
2 Jury trials: sacrosanct (provisional)
4 Labour Party Abstensions (provisional)
4 Leave EU Without Withdrawal Agreement (provisional)
3 Legal Immigration - More Restrictions and Costs (provisional)
7 (2) Legalise all adult consensual sex (provisional)
2 Liberal Democrat party abstentions (provisional)
1 Liberal Democrat policies - agree (provisional)
2 Link state pension to prices (provisional)
1 Local Transport Bill 2007-08 (provisional)
9 (3) Lords in favour of homosexual equality (provisional)
1 Lower taxes on new homes (provisional)
1 Lower taxes on taxis (provisional)
2 Make High Speed Broadband a Right (provisional)
32 (9) Me (provisional)
1 Mediatation in medical disputes (provisional)
11 (4) Mental health- easier detention + forced treatment (provisional)
7 Military expansion - Favour (provisional)
1 More accurate electoral registers (provisional)
1 More agricultural subsidies (provisional)
3 More British Citizens overseas to vote (provisional)
1 More Covid-19 Testing (provisional)
1 More health workers including GPs and dentists (provisional)
2 More money for schools and eductation (provisional)
2 More non-benefit based support for disabled people (provisional)
1 More non-government time in the Commons (provisional)
2 More police officers (provisional)
1 More powers for mayoral combined authorities (provisional)
1 More powers for National Park Authorities (provisional)
1 More public consultation (provisional)
1 More Publicly Funded Childcare (provisional)
1 More Restrictions on Political Donations (provisional)
1 More targeted coronavirus support (provisional)
3 More terrorism laws (provisional)
3 More time for House of Commons debates (provisional)
1 MPs to agree UK's future relationship with the EU (provisional)
1 Neighbourhood Policing (provisional)
2 No impact (provisional)
5 (3) No to ID Cards (provisional)
1 Non Dom Tax Breaks - In favour (provisional)
3 Nonsense and broken law (provisional)
16 Notable Divisions (provisional)
2 Occupational Pensions - For (provisional)
6 (3) Oppose GM Farming (provisional)
1 Oppose use of high risk vendors in comms networks (provisional)
1 Outlaw ground rents for long residential leases (provisional)
1 Outlaw irrelevant clauses (provisional)
1 Parity of mental and physical health (provisional)
2 Parliamentary Judicial Committee (provisional)
8 Pay MPs More (provisional)
3 Pension fund collapse: bail-out (provisional)
3 Political role in setting prisoner's release date (provisional)
4 Powers to remove trespassers residing on land (provisional)
1 Press freedom (provisional)
1 Prevent Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation (provisional)
1 Prevent rough sleeping (provisional)
2 Prevent Unaffordable Debt (provisional)
3 Prevention of evasion of tax and regulation (provisional)
1 Prisons and probation services: Privatise (provisional)
1 Pro American Pro War and Anti-Euro Party (provisional)
5 Pro Fracking (provisional)
1 Pro Growth (provisional)
5 Pro Science and technology (provisional)
19 Pro-human rights, pro-democracy (provisional)
61 (2) Pro-Liberty (provisional)
1 Proactive publication (provisional)
1 Prosecution Immunity - Northern Ireland Troubles (provisional)
19 Protect and support victims of crime (provisional)
1 Protect public sector pensions (provisional)
1 Protect retail workers (provisional)
1 Protect the NHS from International Trade Deals (provisional)
1 Protect the steel industry (provisional)
1 Protect UK Industry (provisional)
1 Protect unincorporated business owners (provisional)
1 Protect vulnerable defendants in judicial process (provisional)
1 Public Funding to Deal with Dangerous Cladding (provisional)
1 Quicker ambulance response times (provisional)
11 Recognise Couples in the Tax and Benefits System (provisional)
1 Recognise overseas qualifications (provisional)
1 Reduce Bureaucracy (provisional)
2 Reduce immigration and citizenship related fees (provisional)
1 Reduce maximum deposit a landlord may hold (provisional)
1 Referendum on UK's EU membership -For -Post 2016 (provisional)
1 Regular reports on government activities (provisional)
6 Regulation of Lawyer's Fees in No-Win No-Fee Cases (provisional)
1 Remove Latin from our laws and public life (provisional)
6 (4) Renationalisation of public services (provisional)
3 Require MPs to be in Parliament to vote (provisional)
2 Restrict Demonstrations at Abortion Clinics (provisional)
1 Restrict use of pesticides (provisional)
1 Review other countries' policies (provisional)
1 Rights to British citizenship for more people (provisional)
4 Run pilot schemes/trial-
of policies
1 Scottish representation on rules committees (provisional)
11 Scrap Universal Benefits (provisional)
6 Selective schools: abolish (provisional)
1 Sexuality Equalisation (provisional)
4 Short Notable Divisions (provisional)
3 Silly wording disputes (provisional)
1 Simple majority voting (provisional)
1 Simplify Ending a Marriage or Civil Partnership (provisional)
3 (2) Socially Free, Economically Free. True Libertarian (provisional)
1 Special Treatment of Sunday (provisional)
2 Spend more on International Aid (provisional)
3 (1) Stand as an MP based on signatures of support (provisional)
2 Stop and search (provisional)
9 (5) Stop climate change (old) (provisional)
3 Stronger animal welfare laws (provisional)
1 Stronger border security (provisional)
1 Stronger regulation of guns and weapons (provisional)
1 Support for those with special educational needs (provisional)
1 Support unpaid carers (provisional)
16 Supports Government Budgets (provisional)
1 Surcharge free mobile roaming in the EU (provisional)
1 Sustainable fishing (provisional)
3 Tackle postal vote fraud (provisional)
2 Tackling Genocide (provisional)
1 Targets (provisional)
1 Tax International Companies' Local Activity (provisional)
10 Taxation - For Progressive Taxation (provisional)
19 (7) Taxes - Favour decreases (provisional)
14 (2) Taxes - Favour increases (provisional)
1 Temporary and agency workers: Equal rights (provisional)
76 Terrorism laws - Against (provisional)
1 Tougher against moped/motorbike crime (provisional)
1 Tougher on collecting child support payments (provisional)
1 Trees (provisional)
2 UK membership of the European Economic Area - Pro (provisional)
1 Unions - Encourage (provisional)
9 University tuition fees (provisional)
2 Untreated Sewage Discharges - Pro (provisional)
36 (32) Vote 'aye' on every division in October 2007 (provisional)
6 (3) Vote for Radical Change (provisional)
2 Votes for life (provisional)
1 Warnings on nicotine products (provisional)
2 Windfall tax on oil and gas producers (provisional)
That makes 426 policies which have voted in at least one division.

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