Transport Bill — 30 Oct 2000 at 22:00

moved Amendment No. 268:

Page 138, line 4, at end insert--

("( ) The Authority shall not impose a penalty on a licence holder or person under closure restrictions unless--

(a) it has given notice to the Regulator specifying a period within which he may give notice to it if he considers that the most appropriate way of proceeding is under the Competition Act 1998;

(b) that period has expired; and

(c) the Regulator has not given notice to the Authority within that period that he so considers (or, if he has, he has withdrawn it).

( ) The Regulator shall not impose a penalty if he is satisfied that the most appropriate way of proceeding is under the Competition Act 1998.").

On Question, amendment agreed to.

moved Amendment No. 269:

Page 138, line 22, at end insert ("; and

(d) the desirability of providing a financial incentive for relevant operators to run or allow the running of more trains and for a fair division of responsibility for train delays,

but no policies will be adopted that will have the effect of imposing disproportionate penalties or materially altering the parameters within which an existing franchise was granted").

On Question, Whether the said amendment (No. 269) shall be agreed to?

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 21; Not-Contents, 49.

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Earl Attlee Conaye
Baroness Blatch Conaye
Lord Brougham and Vaux Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Byford Conaye
Baroness Chalker of WallaseyConaye
Lord Cope of BerkeleyConaye
Lord Dixon-Smith Conaye
Lord Freeman Con (front bench)aye
Lord Geddes Conaye
Baroness Hanham Contellaye
Lord Henley Con (front bench)tellaye
Lord Hodgson of Astley AbbottsConaye
Lord Luke Conaye
Lord Lyell Conaye
Lord Northbrook Conaye
The Earl of NortheskConaye
Lord Rotherwick Conaye
Lord Vivian Conaye
Lord Brabazon of TaraCrossbenchaye
Viscount Craigavon Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord MacKay of ArdbrecknishCrossbenchaye
Lord Acton Labno
Baroness Amos Lab (minister)no
Lord Archer of SandwellLabno
Lord Bach Lab (minister)no
Lord Berkeley Labno
Baroness Blackstone Lab (minister)no
Lord Brennan Labno
Lord Brett Labno
Lord Burlison Labno
Lord Carter Lab (minister)tellno
Baroness Cohen of PimlicoLabno
Lord Davies of CoityLabno
Lord Davies of OldhamLab (minister)no
Lord Desai Labno
Lord Dubs Lab (minister)no
Lord Eatwell Labno
Baroness Farrington of RibbletonLab (minister)no
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLabno
Lord Filkin Labno
Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLabno
Lord Gilbert Labno
Lord Goldsmith Labno
Baroness Goudie Labno
Baroness Gould of PotternewtonLab (minister)no
Lord Hardy of WathLabno
Baroness Hilton of EggardonLabno
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLab (minister)no
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Lord Hunt of ChestertonLabno
Lord Hunt of Kings HeathLab (minister)no
Lord Macdonald of TradestonLab (minister)no
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLabno
Lord McIntosh of HaringeyLab (minister)tellno
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLabno
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLab (minister)no
Lord Sainsbury of TurvilleLab (minister)no
Lord Sawyer Labno
Lord Sewel Labno
Viscount Simon Lab (minister)no
Lord Stone of BlackheathLabno
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)no
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLab (minister)no
Lord Whitty Lab (minister)no
Baroness Young of Old SconeLabno
Lord Addington LDemno
Baroness Hamwee LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Scott of Needham MarketLDemno
Baroness Thomas of WalliswoodLDem (front bench)no
Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDem (front bench)no

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