Finance Bill (Programme) — 9 Apr 2001

I beg to move,

That the following provisions shall apply to the Finance Bill:--


1.--(1) Clauses 1 to 3 and 16 to 53 and Schedules 4 to 11 shall be committed to a Committee of the whole House.

(2) The remainder of the Bill shall be committed to a Standing Committee.

2.--(1) Proceedings in Committee of the whole House shall be completed in two allotted days.

(2) The proceedings to tbe taken on each of those allotted days shall be as shown in the second column, and shall be brought to a conclusion at the times specified in the third column, of the following Table:--


Allotted day Proceedings Time for conclusion of proceedings

First day Clauses 16 to 22 7.00 p.m.

Clauses 23 and 24, Schedule 4, Clauses 25 to 27, Schedule 5, Clause 28, Schedule 6, Clause 29, Schedule 7, Clause 30 9.00 p.m.

Clauses 31 and 32, Schedule 8, Clauses 33 to 35, Schedule 9, Clauses 36 to 46, Schedule 10, Clauses 47 to 49 Midnight

Second Day Clauses 1 to 3 7.00 p.m.

Clauses 50 to 53 and Schedule 11 10.00 p.m.

(3) If either of those allotted days is Thursday, the times specified for that allotted day in the third column of the Table are brought forward by three hours.

(4) On the first of those allotted days, paragraph (1) of Standing Order No. 15 (Exempted business) shall, notwithstanding sub-paragraph (a) of that paragraph, apply to the proceedings on the Bill for only two hours after ten o'clock or, if that day is Thursday, for only two hours after seven o'clock.

(5) On that allotted day, any period during which proceedings on the Bill may be proceeded with after ten o'clock (or, if that day is Thursday, seven o'clock) by virtue of paragraph (4) or (5) of Sessional Order I (provision in the event of a debate under Standing Order No. 24) made by the House of 7th November 2000 shall be in addition to that period of two hours.

(6) Sessional Order B (Programming Committees) made by the House on 7th November 2000 shall not apply to proceedings in Committee of the whole House.

(7) An allotted day is one on which the Bill is put down as first Government Order of the day.

3.--(1) The Standing Committee shall have leave to sit twice on the first day on which it shall meet.

(2) Proceedings in the Standing Committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Thursday 24th May 2001.

4. When the provisions of the Bill considered, respectively, by the Committee of the whole House and by the Standing Committee have been reported to the House, the Bill shall be proceeded with as if it had been reported as a whole to the House from the Standing Committee.

It being forty-five minutes after the commencement of proceedings on the motion, Mr. Speaker put the Question, pursuant to Order [7 November 2000].

The House divided: Ayes 303, Noes 158.

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