[S2M-3468.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time — 27 Oct 2005 at 17:00

This looks like the vote on S2M-3468.2

The description in the bulletin on 2005-10-27 is:

*S2M-3468.2 Carolyn Leckie: Delivering for Health—As an amendment to motion (S2M-3468) in the name of Mr Andy Kerr, leave out from first “commends” to end and insert “notes the action plan for NHS Scotland, “Delivering for Health”, and its acceptance of Professor David Kerr’s report, Building a Health Service Fit for the Future, as the basis of NHS boards’ future service change proposals; is concerned that the over-centralisation of services, which is against the wishes of communities up and down Scotland, may not be prevented by all of the above; is concerned to ensure that any change is democratic in that it actively involves communities and staff in making the key decisions that affect service provision; is extremely concerned about the opportunities for encroachment by the private sector into the NHS which the report represents; notes the Minister for Health and Community Care’s and the Executive’s increased communication and collaboration with the private health care sector; notes the alarming developments in England where the Government is attempting to transfer NHS clinical staff to the private sector; opposes the idea that incentivisation can improve health care and believes that the NHS is fundamentally under threat as a public health care system and requires urgent action to protect and improve it including increased investment in training to provide more NHS doctors, dentists, clinicians, other professionals and valuable support staff to increase the NHS’s own capacity, and believes that Scotland’s stark health inequalities will be intensified by increased involvement of the private sector and that the current funding mechanisms of the NHS are inadequate to address inequalities and require wide-ranging reform.”

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Text Introducing Division:

The third question is, that amendment S2M-3468.2, in the name of Carolyn Leckie, which seeks to amend motion S2M-3468, in the name of Andy Kerr, on "Delivering for Health", be agreed to. Are we agreed?


There will be a division.

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