Covid Security at UK Borders — 1 Feb 2021 at 21:52

That this House calls on the Government to immediately introduce a comprehensive hotel quarantine system for all arrivals into the UK, thereby securing the country against the import of new strains and maximising the effectiveness of the country’s vaccination programme; to publish the scientific evidence which informed the Government’s decision not to introduce a comprehensive hotel quarantine regime to flights from all countries; and to announce a sector support package for aviation focused on employment and environmental improvements.
“You’ve got to go hard, early and broader if you’re going to get on top of this. Waiting and watching simply doesn’t work.”
“a lot of the cases in the UK did not come from China”
“came from European imports and the high level of travel into the UK”
“We need to learn the lessons from 2020…If we’d imposed restrictions in January and February last year we would probably have imposed them on high risk countries-China maybe. But almost all the virus that arrived came from Europe.”
“still too many people coming in”-[Official Report, 27 January 2021; Vol. 688, c. 406.]
“a comprehensive system of supervised quarantine is required”.
“The places that have had very effective quarantine measures do not ask people to quarantine in their homes.”
“That this House calls on the Government to immediately introduce a comprehensive hotel quarantine system for all arrivals into the UK”-
“Why would we want to be outside the European Medicines Agency”?-[Official Report, 31 January 2017; Vol. 620, c. 827.]
“more targeted approach that allows the blunt tool of 14-day quarantine to be lifted”.
“The new variant I really worry about is the one that is out there that hasn’t been spotted.”
“Labour-like families and businesses up and down the country-are keen for the government’s quarantine measures to be lessened”.
“putting in place a more targeted approach that allows the blunt tool of 14-day quarantine to be lifted safely and quickly.”
“With airports effectively closed again by the Government’s travel restrictions, much more significant support is now needed.”
“One of the things that looks clear is that early in March the UK got many different imports of virus from many different places”.
“we did not realise how widespread it was in Europe, because there wasn’t testing in many of the European countries. We knew it was in Italy, but we did not realise how extensive it was in Spain and France for a while. That is an example of lack of information.”
“Can the Home Secretary explain the evidence she has seen that underpins her decision to introduce a blanket 14-day quarantine”?-[Official Report, 3 June 2020; Vol. 676, c. 878.]
“The horse has bolted…She will not be able to screen people at ports, she cannot track them when they leave the airports, she cannot enforce quarantine when people get to their homes…so she will not be protecting anybody.”-[Official Report, 3 June 2020; Vol. 676, c. 876.]
“immediately introduce a comprehensive…quarantine system for all arrivals into the UK”,

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Party Summary

Votes by party, red entries are votes against the majority for that party.

What is Tell? '+1 tell' means that in addition one member of that party was a teller for that division lobby.

What are Boths? An MP can vote both aye and no in the same division. The boths page explains this.

What is Turnout? This is measured against the total membership of the party at the time of the vote.

PartyMajority (Aye)Minority (No)BothTurnout
Alliance1 00100.0%
Con0 000.0%
Green1 00100.0%
Independent4 0080.0%
Lab193 (+2 tell) 0 (+2 tell)098.5%
LDem11 00100.0%
PC3 00100.0%
SDLP2 00100.0%
SNP47 00100.0%
Total:262 0042.0%

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Jeff SmithManchester, WithingtonLab (minister)tellno
Matt WesternWarwick and LeamingtonLab (minister)tellno

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