Health and Social Care Levy — 8 Sep 2021 at 19:00

That provision may be made for, and in connection with, the following-
(a) the imposition of a tax on earnings and profits in respect of which national insurance contributions are payable, or would be payable if no restriction by reference to pensionable age were applicable, the proceeds of which are to be paid (together with any associated penalties or interest) to the Secretary of State towards the cost of health and social care but where expenses incurred in collecting the tax are to be deducted and paid instead into the Consolidated Fund, and
(b) increasing the rates of national insurance contributions for a temporary period ending when the tax becomes chargeable and applying the increases towards the cost of the National Health Service.
“based on detailed analysis to be published later this week…this could be enough to meet the pandemic-related pressures on the NHS.”
“Read my lips, we will not be raising taxes on income or VAT or national insurance.”
“Our plans are to cut taxes for the lowest paid through cutting national insurance.”
“this Government are not going to raise the rates of income tax, national insurance or VAT…Nobody’s take-home pay will be less than it is now”.-[Official Report, 3 March 2021; Vol. 690, c. 256.]
“It’s not clear how the money is going to…the front line.”
“The Government will ensure Local Authorities have access to sustainable funding for core budgets at the Spending Review. We expect demographic and unit cost pressures will be met through Council Tax, social care precept”.
“a drag anchor on jobs growth”
“dampen the entrepreneurial spirit needed to drive the recovery”.
“ill-timed as well as illogical”.
“will directly hurt a business’s ability to hire staff at a time when businesses have faced a torrid 18 months.”
“this increase will stifle recruitment, investment and efforts to upskill”.
“while leaving the wealthy untouched.”
“If you get all your income from investments and property you don’t pay a penny but if you work your guts out for minimum wage you get clobbered.”
“Putting up National Insurance would be morally, economically and politically wrong.”
“After all that’s happened in the last 18 months they can’t seriously be thinking about a tax raid on supermarket workers and nurses so the children of Surrey homeowners can receive bigger inheritances.”
“We believe there is a fairer way to fund social care. This is because, as they currently stand NICs are more regressive than income tax-with a lower threshold at which payments start, and a higher rate threshold beyond which employees pay a lower rate.”
“Remains the case pensioners will pay next to nothing for this social care package-overwhelmingly to be paid by working age employees”.
“anti-job, anti-small business, anti-start up”,
“stifle recruitment, investment and efforts to upskill and improve productivity in the years ahead.”
“ensure local authorities have access to sustainable funding for core budgets at the spending review”.
“demographic and unit cost pressures”
“through council tax, social care precept”.
“that a specified additional amount of Inheritance Tax should be levied”.
“poorer workers to bail out millionaire property owners.”
“can only be delivered with increased investment.”
“more money will need to be spent on adult social care over the long term.”
“a drag anchor on jobs growth”
“If we want sustained investment in the NHS over a period of time, we are going to have to pay for it.”
“overall much needed reforms to social care are being introduced and unavoidable pressures on the NHS are being funded through a broad based and broadly progressive tax increase. That is better than doing nothing.”
“long overdue to try and fix the social care problem. Governments of both parties have pushed this into the long grass time after time and it cannot be put off forever.”
“from October 2023 no one starting care will pay more than £86,000 over their lifetime, and no one with assets of less than £20,000 will have to make any contribution from their savings or housing wealth-up from £14,000 today.”-[Official Report, 7 September 2021; Vol. 700, c. 155.]
“rather than finding a moment of clarity in this crisis to reinvest in a publicly provided health service and build for a better future, the Government has doubled down on its failures, choosing to throw huge amounts of money at scores of private firms…rather than rebuilding the health and care system and empowering those with the greatest expertise.”
“Northern Ireland will benefit by about £420 million per year by this increase in National Insurance but there is no indication that the Executive”-
“will be required to spend it on the purpose for which it was raised since the Government cannot ringfence money”.
“Governing is about making tough decisions, but it’s also about figuring out a better way to do things.”
“the Government will ensure this money is well spent and goes to frontline care in England, increasing efficiencies and using reforms to drive up productivity.”
“A ways and means resolution is needed to authorise the creation, extension or increase of taxes or other charges…Ways and means motions are most commonly put to the House for agreement immediately after second reading”.
“It kicks in at a low level…If you get all your income from investments and property you don’t pay a penny, but if you work your guts out for minimum wage you get clobbered.”
“Scotland’s ageing demography means that more money will need to be spent on adult social care over the long term”-
“require a long-term and substantial uplift in adult social care funding.”
“progressive taxation…required to invest in the health service in Scotland”.-[Scottish Parliament Official Report, 18 April 2002; c. 8005.]
“You can’t fix the covid backlogs without giving the NHS the money it needs; you can’t fix the NHS without fixing social care; you can’t fix social care without removing the fear of losing everything to pay for social care”.-[Official Report, 7 September 2021; Vol. 700, c. 155.]

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