Committee on Standards — Owen Paterson MP — 3 Nov 2021 at 15:15

The majority of MPs voted to set up a select committee to consider and make recommendations both in relation to allegations of paid lobbying by Owen Paterson MP and on wider issues relating to the system for dealing with alleged misconduct by MPs.

The motion supported by the majority of MPs in this vote was:

  • That this House–
  • “(1) notes the Third Report of the Committee on Standards (HC 797);
  • (2) notes concerns expressed about potential defects in the standards system and therefore declines to consider the report at this time;
  • (3) and resolves:
  • (a) that a Select Committee be appointed to consider and make recommendations by 3 February 2022 on the following matters:
  • (i) whether the current standards system should give Members of Parliament the same or similar rights as apply to those subject to investigations of alleged misconduct in other workplaces and professions, including the right of representation, examination of witnesses and appeal;
  • (ii) the extent to which the procedures under Standing Order Nos 149, 149(A) and 150 should be made consistent with the principles of natural justice;
  • (iii) whether the case against Mr Owen Paterson should be reviewed or whether the Third Report of the Committee on Standards (HC 797) should be reconsidered by the House;
  • (iv) and such other matters as appear to the Committee to be connected with the matters set out above, and calls on the Government to bring forward a motion to give effect to any recommendations of the Committee within five sitting days of the publication of the Committee’s report;
  • (b) That the Committee consist of nine Members;
  • (c) That Mr John Whittingdale be Chair of the Committee and be given a casting vote in the event of a tie;
  • (d) That the Committee shall consist of eight other backbench members; to be nominated by parties in the proportion of four Conservative, three Labour and one SNP; nominations shall be submitted to the Committee of Selection no later than 15 November, after that date motions for nomination can be made notwithstanding any gaps in membership, and any motion made in the House on behalf of the Committee of Selection by the Chair or another member of the Committee shall be treated as having been made in pursuance of Standing Order No.121(2) for the purposes of Standing Order No.15(1)(c);
  • (e) That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers and records, to sit notwithstanding any adjournment of the House; to adjourn from place to place, to report from time to time, to appoint legal advisers, and to appoint specialist advisers either to supply information which is not readily available or to elucidate matters of complexity within the Committee’s order of reference.”

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Party Summary

Votes by party, red entries are votes against the majority for that party.

What is Tell? '+1 tell' means that in addition one member of that party was a teller for that division lobby.

What are Boths? An MP can vote both aye and no in the same division. The boths page explains this.

What is Turnout? This is measured against the total membership of the party at the time of the vote.

PartyMajority (Aye)Minority (No)BothTurnout
Alba0 1050.0%
Alliance0 10100.0%
Con243 (+2 tell) 6069.3%
DUP1 0012.5%
Green0 10100.0%
Independent1 2060.0%
Lab0 168 (+2 tell)085.4%
LDem0 11091.7%
PC0 1033.3%
SDLP0 1050.0%
SNP0 31068.9%
Total:245 223073.8%

Rebel Voters - sorted by vote

MPs for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party. You can see all votes in this division, or every eligible MP who could have voted in this division

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Peter BottomleyWorthing WestCon (front bench)no
Jackie Doyle-PriceThurrockCon (front bench)no
Mark HarperForest of DeanConno
Nigel MillsAmber ValleyCon (front bench)no
Matthew OffordHendonCon (front bench)no
William WraggHazel GroveCon (front bench)no

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