Renters (Reform) Bill — New Clause 15 — Notices to quit by tenants under assured tenancies: timing — 24 Apr 2024 at 17:00

“who is not otherwise a member of an independent redress scheme approved by the Secretary of State.”
“being conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance, rather than being defined as behaviour ‘capable of causing’ nuisance or annoyance.”
“stronger protections for the future”.-[Official Report, 23 October 2023; Vol. 738, c. 641.]
“the courts are vastly overstretched: possession claims and the eviction process can take many months, sometimes more. The bill may lead to an increase in contested hearings in the short term as landlords that would previously have used no-fault provisions will instead have to prove fault. The government should outline how it intends to manage increased demand on the courts and what additional resourcing it will put in place to deal with existing backlogs.”
“Timeliness figures are higher than the legal guidelines.”
“Currently, the proposal is to include this part of the PRS in the tenancy reform, but we conclude that abolishing fixed-term contracts could make lettings to students considerably less attractive to private landlords, as the student market mirrors the academic year and benefits greatly from 12-month fixed tenancies.”
“language matters in politics and tendentious phraseology has consequences. How have we reached the point where the expiry of a contract, freely entered into by two parties, at the end of its term is now widely referred to as an eviction, let alone a no-fault eviction?”-[Official Report, House of Lords, 20 February 2024; Vol. 836, c. 519.]
“My only viable option was using the Guarantor service ‘Housing Hand’ which costs me an additional 50 pounds a month on top of rent and bills. I am a PhD student receiving the UKRI minimum stipend which is paid monthly.
The cost of living for food and rent alone is already difficult on this stipend and during final week before the stipend is paid each month I often struggle to maintain a healthy and balanced diet due to financial strain.
This is not only demoralising but effects my academic progress on a physical level as I am often hungry and unable to afford fresh fruit and vegetables which are a staple of my diet. It may not sound like much, but not having to pay for this guarantor service could make a considerable difference to my overall wellbeing on a monthly basis as this money could instead be used on fresh food.”
“International students often face more challenges than home students. We have heard stories of students paying months of rent upfront, only to find out they have been scammed and the place they thought they'd secured doesn’t even exist. We had one case where international students paid a whole year’s rent in advance, only to find out their landlord went bankrupt. While they eventually got their money back, the stress and uncertainty they went through was unbearable.”
“on average, the county court is taking approximately 276 working days to process a repossession claim from initial enquiry to a decision being given.”
“typically, possession claims may take a minimum of 8 months, and sometimes up to 18 months, to conclude”.
“the current level of delays is extreme and unacceptable”.
“the County Court has long been the poor relation of the justice system when it comes to technology.”
“or at least of the County Court.”
“We will prevent the Tribunal increasing rent beyond the amount landlords initially asked for when they proposed a rent increase.”
“other payments in respect of occupation of a dwelling”

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Con278 (+2 tell) 0080.0%
DUP0 2025.0%
Green0 10100.0%
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LDem0 000.0%
Reclaim1 00100.0%
Workers Party0 10100.0%
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