Lords vote map

For your convenience, this is a tool for interactively navigating the space of Lords clustered by their voting records. We've taken just the votes of every Lord, done some maths, and plotted a map. The axes are made automatically by the maths. Read more about this below.

Usage instructions: Click and drag the mouse pointer in the image to drag, zoom, or select from the space. (Click on the radio buttons at the bottom marked "Drag", "Zoom", or "Select" to determine the mode.) Zooming happens if you drag the mouse pointer right or left. The panel on the right shows the list of Lords. Selected names are highlighted in white in the image. Warning: when you select from the image with the circle pointer, you may get more than one Lord, and you will have to scroll through the list to see them all.

Not working? If you are able, download Sun's Java software. On Windows, the old unsupported Microsoft versions of Java will not do. Alternatively, get a taste with a static screenshot.

Lords vote map

Sun Java 1.4 or above required

What is cluster analysis?

There's an explanation on the MP voting record clustering page.

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