Friends of Lord Donaldson of Lymington

All Possible Friends

Shows which Lords voted most similarly to this one in the Parliament. This is measured from 0% agreement (never voted the same) to 100% (always voted the same). Only votes that both Lords attended are counted. This may reveal relationships between Lords that were previously unsuspected. Or it may be nonsense.

50.0%Lord Adonis Lab
50.0%Lord Carter of ColesLab
50.0%Lord Chidgey LDem
50.0%Lord de Mauley Con
50.0%Lord Dubs Lab
50.0%The Earl of DundeeCon
50.0%Lord Eatwell Lab
50.0%Lord Elton Con
50.0%Lord Evans of ParksideLab
50.0%Lord Evans of Temple GuitingLab
50.0%Viscount Falkland LDem
50.0%Baroness Falkner of MargravineLDem
50.0%Baroness Farrington of RibbletonLab
50.0%Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLab
50.0%Lord Filkin Lab
50.0%Baroness Fookes Con
50.0%Lord Foster of Bishop AucklandLab
50.0%Lord Foulkes of CumnockLab
50.0%Lord Fowler Con
50.0%Baroness Gale Lab
50.0%Baroness Gardner of ParkesCon
50.0%Lord Garel-Jones Con
50.0%Lord Geddes Con
50.0%Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLab
50.0%Lord Gilbert Lab
50.0%Lord Goldsmith Lab
50.0%Lord Goodhart LDem
50.0%Lord Gordon of StrathblaneLab
50.0%Baroness Goudie Lab
50.0%Baroness Gould of PotternewtonLab
50.0%Lord Gray of ContinCon
50.0%Lord Grocott Lab
50.0%Baroness Hanham Con
50.0%Lord Hannay of ChiswickCrossbench
50.0%Lord Hanningfield Con
50.0%Lord Harris of HaringeyLab
50.0%Lord Harrison Lab
50.0%Lord Hart of ChiltonLab
50.0%Lord Haworth Lab
50.0%Lord Hodgson of Astley AbbottsCon
50.0%Baroness Hollis of HeighamLab
50.0%Baroness Hooper Con
50.0%Lord Howard of RisingCon
50.0%Lord Howarth of NewportLab
50.0%Earl Howe Con
50.0%Baroness Howe of IdlicoteCrossbench
50.0%Lord Howell of GuildfordCon
50.0%Baroness Howells of St DavidsLab
50.0%Lord Hoyle Lab
50.0%Lord Hylton Crossbench
50.0%Lord Janner of BraunstoneLab
50.0%Lord Joffe Crossbench
50.0%Lord Judd Lab
50.0%Lord Kimball Con
50.0%Lord King of West BromwichLab
50.0%Lord Kinnock Lab
50.0%Lord Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDem
50.0%Lord Macdonald of TradestonLab
50.0%Lord Mackenzie of FramwellgateLab
50.0%Lord Mackie of BenshieLDem
50.0%Baroness Maddock LDem
50.0%Lord Mancroft Con
50.0%Baroness Masham of IltonCrossbench
50.0%Baroness Massey of DarwenLab
50.0%Lord Maxton Lab
50.0%Lord May of OxfordCrossbench
50.0%Baroness McDonagh Lab
50.0%Lord McKenzie of LutonLab
50.0%Lord Merlyn-Rees Lab
50.0%Baroness Morgan of DrefelinLab
50.0%Baroness Morris of BoltonCon
50.0%Baroness Morris of YardleyLab
50.0%Lord Naseby Con
50.0%Lord Neill of BladenCrossbench
50.0%Baroness Neuberger LDem
50.0%Lord Newton of BraintreeCon
50.0%Baroness Noakes Con
50.0%Lord Northbrook Con
50.0%The Earl of NortheskCon
50.0%Lord Norton of LouthCon
50.0%Baroness O'Cathain Con
50.0%Baroness O'Neill of BengarveCrossbench
50.0%Lord O'Neill of ClackmannanLab
50.0%The Earl of OnslowCon
50.0%Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes Con
50.0%Lord Palmer Crossbench
50.0%Baroness Park of MonmouthCon
50.0%Lord Patel Crossbench
50.0%Lord Patel of BlackburnLab
50.0%Lord Patten Con
50.0%Lord Pendry Lab
50.0%Baroness Perry of SouthwarkCon
50.0%Lord Phillips of SudburyLDem
50.0%Baroness Pitkeathley Lab
50.0%Lord Plumb Con
50.0%Lord Radice Lab
50.0%Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLab
50.0%Lord Randall of St BudeauxLab
50.0%Lord Rees Con
50.0%Baroness Rendell of BaberghLab
50.0%Lord Renfrew of KaimsthornCon
50.0%Lord Rennard LDem
50.0%Lord Roberts of LlandudnoLDem
50.0%Lord Robertson of Port EllenCrossbench
50.0%Lord Rogan UUP
50.0%Lord Rosser Lab
50.0%Lord Rotherwick Con
50.0%Lord Rowlands Lab
50.0%Baroness Royall of BlaisdonLab
50.0%Lady Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbench
50.0%The Earl of SandwichCrossbench
50.0%Lord Sawyer Lab
50.0%Baroness Scotland of AsthalLab
50.0%Baroness Seccombe Con
50.0%Baroness Sharp of GuildfordLDem
50.0%Lord Shaw of NorthsteadCon
50.0%Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDem
50.0%Viscount Simon Lab
50.0%Lord Skelmersdale Con
50.0%Baroness Smith of GilmorehillLab
50.0%Lord Smith of LeighLab
50.0%Lord St John of BletsoCrossbench
50.0%Lord St John of FawsleyCon
50.0%Lord Strabolgi Lab
50.0%Lord Strathclyde Con
50.0%Lord Swinfen Con
50.0%Lord Taylor of BlackburnLab
50.0%Baroness Taylor of BoltonLab
50.0%Lord Taylor of WarwickCon
50.0%Baroness Thomas of WalliswoodLDem
50.0%Lord Tope LDem
50.0%Lord Tordoff LDem
50.0%Lord Tugendhat Con
50.0%Lord Tunnicliffe Lab
50.0%Baroness Uddin Lab
50.0%Viscount Ullswater Con
50.0%Lord Waddington Con
50.0%Lord Wade of ChorltonCon
50.0%Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDem
50.0%Lord Walpole Crossbench
50.0%Lord Warner Lab
50.0%Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLab
50.0%Lord Whitty Lab
50.0%Baroness Wilkins Lab
50.0%Lord Williamson of HortonCrossbench
50.0%Lord Young of Norwood GreenLab

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