Policy #1016: "Business and community control of schools: For"

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Someone who believes that local businesses and community groups should have greater control over the running of individual state schools (called "Trust Schools", "Free Schools", etc) would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons15 Jul 2002Education Bill — Clause 10 — Powers of governing bodies to form or invest in companies to provide services etc. Majority (strong)
Commons15 Mar 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons23 May 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Ballot of parents to change from community school to foundation school — rejected Majority
Commons23 May 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Duty to encourage schools to become foundation schools — rejected minority
Commons24 May 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Requirements as to composition of governing bodies — rejected Majority
Commons24 May 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Lords17 Oct 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Local Authorities to encourage 'Foundation' status — rejected minority (strong)
Lords19 Oct 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Keep current proportion of parent governors on governing bodies — rejected Majority
Lords19 Oct 2006Education and Inspections Bill — Number of votes needed on a governing body to change a school's status — rejected Majority (strong)
Lords30 Oct 2006Education and Inspections Bill Majority (strong)
Commons21 Jul 2010Academies Bill — New Academies Only Where There is Proven Need -rejected Majority
Commons21 Jul 2010Academies Bill — Statutory Consultees For Proposed Additional Academy Schools Majority
Commons8 Feb 2011Education Bill (second reading) Majority

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