Policy #1076: "Legalise all adult consensual sex"

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Someone who believes that Sex and sexual activities between consenting adults are no business of the state, and should be legal regardless of who the persons involved are, what their connection to each other may be or what their relationship to each other may be.

Doctor/patient relations
Teacher/student relations (where the student is above the age of consent)
Incestual relations (so long as adequate contraception is used)

In cases where two adults consent, it is not for the state to decide that one or both of these people is or are acting improperly.
would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons19 Mar 2007Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations Majority (strong)
Commons9 Jan 2008Protection of freedom of expression (sexual orientation) abstain
Commons6 May 2008Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill — Hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation minority (strong)
Lords7 May 2008Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill — ping pong — Protection of freedom of expression (sexual orientation) minority (strong)
Scotland7 May 2008[S3M-1838.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time minority (strong)
Commons19 May 2009Commission for the Compact — New Clause 25 — Paying for sexual services of a prostitute known to be trafficked or coerced: England and Wales minority
Commons9 Nov 2009Coroners and Justice Bill — Clause 61 — Freedom of Speech — Discussion and Criticism of Sexual Conduct and Orientation Majority (strong)

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