Policy #1109: "Promote Occupational Pensions"

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Someone who believes that The Government ought promote workplace pension schemes for example by making them tax efficient and easy for employers to run and for employees to understand. would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons20 Jan 2003Occupational Pensions abstain
Commons2 Mar 2004Pensions Bill Majority
Commons17 Apr 2007Opposition Day — [8th allotted day] — Occupational Pensions abstain
Commons17 Apr 2007Opposition Day — Occupational Pensions abstain
Commons8 Mar 2010Delegated Legislation — Pensions — Automatic Enrolment Regulations Majority (strong)
Commons28 Jun 2010Emergency Budget — Pensions Majority (strong)
Commons20 Jun 2011Pensions Bill 2010/11 — Second Reading Majority
Commons18 Oct 2011Pensions Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)

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