Policy #6702: "Jobs Guarantee for Long Term Young Unemployed"

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Someone who believes that Jobs ought be created for young people who have been unemployed for a long period of time. would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons16 Feb 2011Opposition Day — Youth Unemployment abstain
Commons12 Oct 2011Opposition Day — Jobs and Growth minority (strong)
Commons9 Nov 2011Opposition Day — Bankers Bonuses — Jobs Guarantee — Reducing VAT — Tax Incentive for Small Firms to Take on Extra Workers minority (strong)
Commons14 Dec 2011Opposition Day — Bank Bonuses — Jobs Guarantee — New Homes — VAT — Tax Incentives for Small Companies Employing More Workers minority (strong)
Commons17 May 2012Queens' Speech — Tax on Bank Bonuses — Jobs Guarantee — VAT Reduction — Make Investment Sooner minority (strong)
Commons17 May 2012Queens' Speech — Jobs — Banker's Bonus Tax — VAT Cut — Tax Incentive to Take on Workers — Sooner Infrastructure Investment minority (strong)
Commons15 May 2013Queens' Speech — Economic Growth minority (strong)
Commons4 Sep 2013Opposition Day — Jobs — Capital Investment — Mansion Tax — Income Tax — Rail Fares — Energy Bills — Private Tenants — Pensions — Payday Loans — Banking, Planning and Skills Reforms minority (strong)
Commons27 Nov 2013Opposition Day — Cost of Living minority (strong)
Commons12 Jun 2014Queen's Speech — The Economy and Living Standards minority (strong)

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