Policy #6766: "Pro Laws to Protect the Environment"

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Someone who believes that We should have more laws to protect the environment would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons12 Jul 2016Environmental Protection After Removal of European Union Law minority (strong)
Commons15 Nov 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 25 — Amendment of Retained European Union Law minority (strong)
Commons15 Nov 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 67 — European Union Treaty — Human Health and Environmental Protection Principles minority (strong)
Commons15 Nov 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — Clause 4 — Rights to be Retained on Withdrawal — Listing in the Act minority (strong)
Commons12 Dec 2017European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 63 — Environmental Standards and Protections: Enforcement minority (strong)
Commons17 Jan 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause 12 — Environmental Protection minority (strong)
Commons13 Jun 2018European Union (Withdrawal) Bill — New Clause — Maintenance of EU Environmental Principles and Standards minority (strong)
Commons11 Jul 2018Draft Renewables Obligation (Amendment) Order 2018 — Support for Use of Biomass in Former Coal Fired Power Stations minority (strong)

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