Policy #6844: "Child protection"

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Someone who believes that there should be stronger arrangements to protect children from harm. would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons10 Jun 2020Children and Young Persons — COVID-19 — Relaxtion of Procedures Relating to Protection by Local Authorities minority (strong)
Commons19 Jan 2021Trade Bill — After Clause 2 — Protection of Children Online minority (strong)
Commons27 Jan 2021Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill — Clause 1 — Authorisation of Criminal Conduct — Children and Vulnerable Sources minority (strong)
Commons15 Apr 2021Domestic Abuse Bill — Clause 55 — Support Provided by Local Authorities to Victims of Domestic Abuse — Child Contact Centre Accreditation minority (strong)
Commons26 Apr 2021Domestic Abuse Bill — Clause 55 — Annual reports minority (strong)
Commons19 May 2021Queen's Speech — Programme for Government — Immigration — Policing — Elections Majority (strong)
Commons9 Jun 2021Protecting the Public and Justice for Victims Majority (strong)
Commons22 Nov 2021Health and Care Bill — New Clause 4 — Packaging and Labelling of Nicotine Products minority (strong)
Commons8 Dec 2021Nationality and Borders Bill — New Clause 6 — Exemptions for Child Victims of Modern Slavery, Exploitation or Trafficking minority (strong)

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