Procedure of the House — Motion to Agree — 26 Mar 2012 at 16:51

Moved By The Chairman of Committees

That the 11th Report from the Select Committee (HL Paper 253) be agreed to.
Relevant document: 3rd Report from the House Committee.

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Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which lords were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible lord including those who did not vote in this division.

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The of LeicesterBishopaye
The of Ripon and LeedsBishopno
The of ArranConaye
Bell Conaye
Boswell of AynhoConaye
Bowness Conaye
Bridgeman Conaye
Brooke of Sutton MandevilleConaye
Browning Conaye
Campbell of AllowayConaye
Cathcart Conaye
Cormack Conaye
The of CourtownConaye
Crickhowell Conaye
Deben Conaye
Dixon-Smith Conaye
Dobbs Conaye
Eccles Contellaye
Eccles of MoultonConaye
Eden of WintonConaye
Feldman Conaye
Flight Conaye
Fookes Conaye
Forsyth of DrumleanConaye
Fowler Conaye
Framlingham Conaye
Fraser of CarmyllieConaye
Gardner of ParkesConaye
Geddes Conaye
Hamilton of EpsomConaye
Harris of PeckhamConaye
Higgins Conaye
Howe of AberavonConaye
Inglewood Conaye
James of BlackheathConaye
James of Holland ParkConaye
Jenkin of RodingConaye
Jopling Conaye
Kirkham Conaye
Lexden Conaye
The of LindsayConaye
The of LiverpoolConaye
Lucas Conaye
Lyell Conaye
MacGregor of Pulham MarketConaye
Maples Conaye
Marlesford Conaye
Mawhinney Conaye
Mayhew of TwysdenConaye
Miller of HendonConaye
Noakes Contellaye
Northbrook Conaye
Norton of LouthConaye
Palumbo Conaye
Perry of SouthwarkConaye
Plumb Conaye
Reay Conaye
Roberts of ConwyConaye
Ryder of WensumConaye
Selsdon Conaye
Shackleton of BelgraviaConaye
Sharples Conaye
Shaw of NorthsteadConaye
The of ShrewsburyConaye
Skelmersdale Conaye
Sterling of PlaistowConaye
Stewartby Conaye
Swinfen Conaye
Tebbit Conaye
Trenchard Conaye
Trumpington Conaye
Waldegrave of North HillConaye
Wasserman Conaye
Anelay of St JohnsContellno
Astor Conno
Astor of HeverConno
Attlee Conno
Bates Conno
Black of BrentwoodConno
Bottomley of NettlestoneConno
Brougham and Vaux Conno
Colwyn Conno
Cope of BerkeleyConno
de Mauley Conno
Elton Conno
Faulks Conno
Freeman Conno
Freud Conno
Gardiner of KimbleConno
Garel-Jones Conno
Griffiths of FforestfachConno
Hanham Conno
Henley Conno
Heyhoe Flint Conno
Hill of OarefordConno
Howe Conno
Howell of GuildfordConno
Hunt of WirralConno
Lingfield Conno
Morris of BoltonConno
Moynihan Conno
Newlove Conno
Popat Conno
Rawlings Conno
Risby Conno
Sassoon Conno
Seccombe Conno
Selkirk of DouglasConno
Sheikh Conno
Shephard of NorthwoldConno
Stedman-Scott Conno
Stowell of BeestonConno
Strathclyde Conno
Taylor of HolbeachConno
True Conno
Ullswater Conno
Verma Conno
Wakeham Conno
Warsi Conno
Wilcox Conno
Younger of LeckieConno
Aberdare Crossbenchaye
Allenby of MegiddoCrossbenchaye
Alton of LiverpoolCrossbenchaye
Best Crossbenchaye
Bilimoria Crossbenchaye
Boothroyd Crossbenchaye
Broers Crossbenchaye
Brookeborough Crossbenchaye
Butler-Sloss Crossbenchaye
Butler of BrockwellCrossbenchaye
Cameron of DillingtonCrossbenchaye
Cameron of LochbroomCrossbenchaye
Carey of CliftonCrossbenchaye
Clancarty Crossbenchaye
Cobbold Crossbenchaye
Colville of CulrossCrossbenchaye
Condon Crossbenchaye
Coussins Crossbenchaye
Cox Crossbenchaye
Craigavon Crossbenchaye
Craig of RadleyCrossbenchaye
Currie of MaryleboneCrossbenchaye
Dannatt Crossbenchaye
Deech Crossbenchaye
Elystan-Morgan Crossbenchaye
The of ErrollCrossbenchaye
Fellowes Crossbenchaye
Finlay of LlandaffCrossbenchaye
Greenway Crossbenchaye
Grey-Thompson Crossbenchaye
Hannay of ChiswickCrossbenchaye
Hastings of ScarisbrickCrossbenchaye
Hayman Crossbenchaye
Hennessy of NympsfieldCrossbenchaye
Howe of IdlicoteCrossbenchaye
Jay of EwelmeCrossbenchaye
Kilclooney Crossbenchaye
Krebs Crossbenchaye
Low of DalstonCrossbenchaye
Luce Crossbenchaye
Manningham-Buller Crossbenchaye
May of OxfordCrossbenchaye
Meacher Crossbenchaye
O'Neill of BengarveCrossbenchaye
Ouseley Crossbenchaye
Palmer Crossbenchaye
Pannick Crossbenchaye
Patel Crossbenchaye
Patel of BradfordCrossbenchaye
Prashar Crossbenchaye
Quirk Crossbenchaye
Ramsbotham Crossbenchaye
Rees-Mogg Crossbenchaye
Rowe-Beddoe Crossbenchaye
Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbenchaye
The of SandwichCrossbenchaye
Scott of FoscoteCrossbenchaye
Slim Crossbenchaye
Stern Crossbenchaye
Stirrup Crossbenchaye
Sutherland of HoundwoodCrossbenchaye
Tenby Crossbenchaye
Walpole Crossbenchaye
Walton of DetchantCrossbenchaye
Warnock Crossbenchaye
Williamson of HortonCrossbenchaye
Wilson of TillyornCrossbenchaye
Woolf Crossbenchaye
Wright of RichmondCrossbenchaye
Harries of PentregarthCrossbenchno
Laming Crossbenchno
Montgomery of AlameinCrossbenchno
Northbourne Crossbenchno
Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labouraye
Ahmed Labaye
Alli Labaye
Anderson of SwanseaLabaye
Andrews Labaye
Armstrong of Hill TopLabaye
Bach Labaye
Bakewell Labaye
Barnett Labaye
Bassam of BrightonLabaye
Beecham Labaye
Berkeley Labaye
Billingham Labaye
Bilston Labaye
Blood Labaye
Borrie Labaye
Boyd of DuncansbyLabaye
Bragg Labaye
Brennan Labaye
Brooke of AlverthorpeLabaye
Brookman Labaye
Brooks of TremorfaLabaye
Browne of LadytonLabaye
Campbell-Savours Labaye
Clarke of HampsteadLabaye
Clark of WindermereLabaye
Clinton-Davis Labaye
Cohen of PimlicoLabaye
Collins of HighburyLabaye
Corston Labaye
Davies of CoityLabaye
Davies of OldhamLabaye
Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabaye
Desai Labaye
Donaghy Labaye
Drake Labaye
Dubs Labaye
Elder Labaye
Evans of ParksideLabaye
Evans of Temple GuitingLabaye
Evans of WatfordLabaye
Falconer of ThorotonLabaye
Farrington of RibbletonLabaye
Faulkner of WorcesterLabaye
Filkin Labaye
Foulkes of CumnockLabaye
Gale Labaye
Gavron Labaye
Gibson of Market RasenLabaye
Giddens Labaye
Gilbert Labaye
Glasman Labaye
Golding Labaye
Gordon of StrathblaneLabaye
Gould of PotternewtonLabaye
Graham of EdmontonLabaye
Grantchester Labaye
Grocott Labaye
Hanworth Labaye
Harris of HaringeyLabaye
Harrison Labaye
Hart of ChiltonLabaye
Haskel Labaye
Haworth Labaye
Hayter of Kentish TownLabaye
Healy of Primrose HillLabaye
Henig Labaye
Hilton of EggardonLabaye
Hollick Labaye
Hollis of HeighamLabaye
Howarth of NewportLabaye
Howells of St DavidsLabaye
Howie of TroonLabaye
Hoyle Labaye
Hughes of WoodsideLabaye
Hunt of Kings HeathLabaye
Jay of PaddingtonLabaye
Jones Labaye
Jones of WhitchurchLabaye
Jordan Labaye
Kennedy of SouthwarkLabaye
Kennedy of The ShawsLabaye
Kinnock of HolyheadLabaye
Kirkhill Labaye
Layard Labaye
Lea of CrondallLabaye
Leitch Labaye
Levy Labaye
Liddell of CoatdykeLabaye
Liddle Labaye
Lipsey Labaye
Lister of BurtersettLabaye
Macdonald of TradestonLabaye
MacKenzie of CulkeinLabaye
Mackenzie of FramwellgateLabaye
Mallalieu Labaye
Massey of DarwenLabaye
McAvoy Labaye
McFall of AlcluithLabaye
McIntosh of HudnallLabaye
McKenzie of LutonLabaye
Mitchell Labaye
Morgan Labaye
Morris of AberavonLabaye
Morris of HandsworthLabaye
Morris of YardleyLabaye
Nye Labaye
O'Neill of ClackmannanLabaye
Parekh Labaye
Pendry Labaye
Pitkeathley Labaye
Plant of HighfieldLabaye
Ponsonby of ShulbredeLabaye
Prescott Labaye
Prosser Labaye
Puttnam Labaye
Radice Labaye
Ramsay of CartvaleLabaye
Rea Labaye
Reid of CardowanLabaye
Rendell of BaberghLabaye
Richard Labaye
Rosser Labaye
Royall of BlaisdonLabaye
Scotland of AsthalLabaye
Sewel Labaye
Sheldon Labaye
Simon Labaye
Smith of BasildonLabaye
Smith of FinsburyLabaye
Smith of GilmorehillLabaye
Snape Labaye
Soley Labaye
Stevenson of BalmacaraLabaye
Stone of BlackheathLabaye
Symons of Vernham DeanLabaye
Taylor of BlackburnLabaye
Taylor of BoltonLabaye
Tomlinson Labaye
Touhig Labaye
Tunnicliffe Labaye
Turnberg Labaye
Turner of CamdenLabaye
Wall of New BarnetLabaye
Warner Labaye
Warwick of UndercliffeLabaye
West of SpitheadLabaye
Wheeler Labaye
Whitaker Labaye
Whitty Labaye
Williams of ElvelLabaye
Winston Labaye
Wood of AnfieldLabaye
Young of Norwood GreenLabaye
Temple-Morris Labno
Benjamin LDemaye
Chidgey LDemaye
Dholakia LDemaye
Doocey LDemaye
Dykes LDemaye
Falkland LDemaye
The of GlasgowLDemaye
Maclennan of RogartLDemaye
Methuen LDemaye
Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDemaye
Neuberger LDemaye
Nicholson of WinterbourneLDemaye
Phillips of SudburyLDemaye
Sharkey LDemaye
Smith of CliftonLDemaye
Steel of AikwoodLDemaye
Taverne LDemaye
Tordoff LDemaye
Tyler of EnfieldLDemaye
Vallance of TummelLDemaye
Addington LDemno
Alderdice LDemno
Ashdown of Norton-sub-HamdonLDemno
Barker LDemno
Bradshaw LDemno
Brinton LDemno
Falkner of MargravineLDemno
Garden of FrognalLDemno
German LDemno
Hamwee LDemno
Hussain LDemno
Hussein-Ece LDemno
Jolly LDemno
Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDemno
Kramer LDemno
Loomba LDemno
Macdonald of River GlavenLDemno
Maddock LDemno
The of Mar and KellieLDemno
Marks of Henley-on-ThamesLDemno
McNally LDemno
Northover LDemno
Palmer of Childs HillLDemno
Randerson LDemno
Razzall LDemno
Rennard LDemno
Roberts of LlandudnoLDemno
Rodgers of Quarry BankLDemno
Scott of Needham MarketLDemno
Shipley LDemno
Shutt of GreetlandLDemtellno
Stephen LDemno
Stoneham of DroxfordLDemno
Storey LDemno
Teverson LDemno
Thomas of GresfordLDemno
Tonge LDemno
Tyler LDemno
Wallace of SaltaireLDemno
Wallace of TankernessLDemno
Walmsley LDemno
Williams of CrosbyLDemno
Grenfell Otheraye
Wigley PCaye
Pearson of RannochUKIPaye
Rogan UUPaye

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