"Transfer of community orders and transfer of suspended sentence orders — 15 Oct 2003 at 21:32

moved Amendments Nos. 250A to 250C:

Page 173, line 36, at end insert-

"section 161(1) and (2),"

Page 173, line 36, at end insert-

"section 176(8),"

Page 173, leave out line 38 and insert-

"section 302(1) to (5), sections 303 and 304"

On Question, amendments agreed to.

[Amendment No. 251 had been withdrawn from the Marshalled List.]

moved Amendments Nos. 252 and 252ZZA:

Page 173, line 39, at end insert-

"the repeal in Part 8 of Schedule 31 of section 81(2) and (3) of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (c. 37) (and section 301 so far as relating to that repeal)." Page 173, line 39, at end insert "and

paragraphs 1 and 5 of Schedule 32 (and section 302(6) so far as relating to those paragraphs)"

On Question, amendments agreed to.

[Amendments Nos. 252ZA and 252A not moved.]

[Amendment No. 252AA had been withdrawn from the Marshalled List.]

moved Amendment No. 252AB:

Page 174, line 1, leave out "paragraph" and insert "paragraphs 39C, 39D(3), 58A, 68(1) to (3), 68A and"

On Question, amendment agreed to.

moved Amendment No. 252B:

Page 174, line 5, at beginning insert "Subject to section (Commencement of Part 12: certification of sufficient resources),.

On Question, Whether the said amendment (No. 252B) shall be agreed to?

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 39; Not-Contents, 66.

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Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which lords were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible lord including those who did not vote in this division.

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Lord Acton Labno
Lord Addington LDemaye
Baroness Amos Lab (minister)no
Baroness Andrews Lab (minister)no
Baroness Anelay of St JohnsConaye
Lord Archer of SandwellLab (minister)no
Earl Attlee Conaye
Lord Bach Lab (minister)no
Lord Bassam of BrightonLab (minister)no
Lord Bernstein of CraigweilLabno
Baroness Blatch Con (front bench)aye
Lord Borrie Labno
Viscount Bridgeman Conaye
Lord Brooke of Sutton MandevilleCon (front bench)aye
Lord Carlile of BerriewLDemaye
Lord Carlisle of BucklowConaye
Lord Carter Lab (minister)no
Viscount Chandos Labno
Lord Clarke of HampsteadLabno
Lord Clark of WindermereLabno
Lord Cope of BerkeleyCon (front bench)tellaye
Lord Corbett of Castle ValeLabno
The Earl of CourtownConaye
Lord Crathorne Conaye
Baroness Crawley Lab (minister)no
Lord Davies of OldhamLab (minister)tellno
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabno
Lord Dixon Labno
Lord Dixon-Smith Conaye
Lord Dubs Lab (minister)no
The Earl of DundeeCon (front bench)aye
Lord Evans of Temple GuitingLab (minister)no
Baroness Farrington of RibbletonLab (minister)no
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLab (minister)no
Lord Filkin Lab (minister)no
Baroness Flather Conaye
Baroness Fookes Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Gale Lab (minister)no
Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLab (minister)no
Lord Glenarthur Conaye
Lord Goldsmith Lab (minister)no
Lord Gordon of StrathblaneLabno
Lord Grenfell Lab (minister)no
Lord Grocott Lab (minister)tellno
Baroness Hamwee LDemaye
Lord Harris of HaringeyLabno
Baroness Hayman Labno
Baroness Hilton of EggardonLab (minister)no
Lord Hogg of CumbernauldLabno
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLab (minister)no
Baroness Howells of St DavidsLab (minister)no
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Lord Hunt of ChestertonLabno
Lord Hunt of WirralCon (front bench)aye
Lord Janner of BraunstoneLab (minister)no
Lord Judd Lab (minister)no
Lord Lea of CrondallLab (minister)no
Lord Lofthouse of PontefractLabno
Lord Luke Con (front bench)aye
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLabno
Lord Mackenzie of FramwellgateLabno
Lord Mackie of BenshieLDemaye
The Countess of MarCrossbenchno
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLab (minister)no
Lord Morgan Lab (minister)no
Lord Newton of BraintreeConaye
The Earl of NortheskConaye
Lord Norton of LouthCon (front bench)aye
Baroness O'Cathain Con (front bench)aye
Lord Pendry Labno
Lord Phillips of SudburyLDem (front bench)aye
Baroness Pitkeathley Lab (minister)no
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLab (minister)no
Lord Randall of St BudeauxLabno
Lord Rea Lab (minister)no
Lord Rooker Lab (minister)no
Lord Roper LDem (front bench)aye
Lord Rotherwick Conaye
Lady Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbench (front bench)aye
Baroness Scotland of AsthalLab (minister)no
Baroness Seccombe Contellaye
Lord Sewel Labno
Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDem (front bench)aye
Viscount Simon Lab (minister)no
Lord Skelmersdale Con (front bench)aye
Viscount Slim Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Slynn of HadleyCrossbenchaye
Lord Stone of BlackheathLabno
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)no
Lord Thomas of GresfordLDem (front bench)aye
Lord Thomas of GwydirConaye
Baroness Thornton Labno
Lord Tordoff LDem (front bench)aye
Lord Turnberg Lab (minister)no
Viscount Ullswater Conaye
Lord Wakeham Conaye
Baroness Walmsley LDem (front bench)aye
Lord Warner Lab (minister)no
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLab (minister)no
Lord Watson of InvergowrieLabno
Baroness Whitaker Lab (minister)no
Lord Whitty Lab (minister)no
Baroness Wilcox Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Wilkins Lab (minister)no
Lord Woolmer of LeedsLab (minister)no

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