United Kingdom Internal Market Bill — Report (3rd Day) — Amendment 68A — 25 Nov 2020 at 17:15

Moved by Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted

68A: After Clause 43, insert the following new Clause-“State aid and the Office for the Internal Market (1) Within the period of six months beginning with the day on which section 30 comes into force, and within the existing budget, the Secretary of State must by regulations establish the Office for the Internal Market (“the OIM”) as independent of the CMA.(2) The Secretary of State must consult and seek the consent of Scottish Ministers, the Welsh Ministers, and the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland on appointments to the OIM.(3) Following public consultation about the United Kingdom’s state aid provisions and with the consent of the Scottish Ministers, the Welsh Ministers and the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland the Secretary of State may by regulations make the OIM the competent body for-(a) investigating harmful and distortive subsidies and subsidy races made by any administration within the United Kingdom and relating to harm in the United Kingdom;(b) recommending to the Secretary of State and the Devolved Administrations changes to the test for a harmful subsidy, remedies, the scope of exemptions and time limits on approvals;(c) recommending changes in its powers and functions.(4) After two years and before three years, beginning with the day on which section 30 comes into force, there shall be a review of the competences of the OIM.(5) Regulations under this section are subject to the affirmative resolution procedure.”

Ayes 298, Noes 257.

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Party Summary

Votes by party, red entries are votes against the majority for that party.

What is Tell? '+1 tell' means that in addition one member of that party was a teller for that division lobby.

What is Turnout? This is measured against the total membership of the party at the time of the vote.

PartyMajority (Content)Minority (Not-Content)Turnout
Bishop1 03.4%
Con8 19167.0%
Crossbench46 2736.1%
DUP0 360.0%
Green2 0100.0%
Independent Liberal Democrat1 0100.0%
Independent Ulster Unionist0 1100.0%
Judge2 120.0%
Lab140 162.7%
LDem83 278.7%
Non-affiliated8 334.4%
PC1 050.0%
UKIP0 266.7%
UUP0 2100.0%
Total:292 23356.8%

Rebel Voters - sorted by party

Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party. You can see all votes in this division, or every eligible lord who could have voted in this division

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Lord Bowness Conaye
Lord Cooper of WindrushConaye
Lord Forsyth of DrumleanCon (front bench)aye
Lord Green of HurstpierpointConaye
Lord Inglewood Con (front bench)aye
Lord Kirkham Conaye
Lord Northbrook Conaye
Baroness Wheatcroft Conaye
Lord Berkeley of KnightonCrossbenchno
Lord Bichard Crossbench (front bench)no
Viscount Brookeborough Crossbenchno
Lord Cameron of DillingtonCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Carey of CliftonCrossbenchno
Lord Carrington Crossbenchno
Lord Chartres Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Cox Crossbenchno
Viscount Craigavon Crossbenchno
Lord Cromwell Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Dannatt Crossbenchno
Baroness Deech Crossbenchno
The Earl of ErrollCrossbenchno
Lord Greenway Crossbenchno
Lord Hogan-Howe Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Kakkar Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Kilclooney Crossbenchno
Lord Laming Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Pannick Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Powell of BayswaterCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Rana Crossbenchno
Lord Richards of HerstmonceuxCrossbenchno
Lord St John of BletsoCrossbenchno
Lord Thurlow Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Trevethin and Oaksey Crossbench (front bench)no
Baroness Watkins of TavistockCrossbench (front bench)no
Viscount Waverley Crossbenchno
Lord Brown of Eaton-under-HeywoodJudge (front bench)no
Lord Grabiner Labno
Lord Loomba LDemno
Baroness Nicholson of WinterbourneLDemno
Lord Kalms Non-affiliatedno
Lord Mann Non-affiliatedno
Lord Taylor of WarwickNon-affiliatedno

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