Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) — 21 Jun 2023 at 18:07

Timing of proceedings and Questions to be put on Wednesday 12 July 2023
Reasons Committee
“The Bill risks being extended far beyond the original commitments in the manifesto and the action plan. In particular, Labour is clearly determined to play political games by widening the Bill’s scope.”-[Official Report, 25 May 2023; Vol. 733, c. 495.]
“this House notes the Government’s statement on 25 May 2023 regarding the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill; and welcomes the Minister for Food, Farming and Fisheries’ commitment that the Government will be taking forward measures from the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill individually during the remainder of this Parliament, including on the keeping and licensing of primates, livestock worrying, export of livestock, pet theft and the importation of dogs, cats and ferrets.”
“‘The way we treat animals, in particular farmed animals, is a hallmark of a civilized society and you should be constantly striving to do better,’ he says of the legislation that bans primates as pets, outlaws live exports and further regulates puppy farming.
Officially the government is still committed to the Bill…but the former environment secretary says he is hearing ‘mixed signals’ about whether it will, in fact, pass into law before the next election which must be held by the end of next year.
‘My sense is that they’re putting less emphasis on animal welfare, which I think is a shame.’”
“‘The annoying thing for me would be if the kept animal bill now also doesn’t go ahead because of a lack of resolve to take it through.’”
“We will crack down on the illegal smuggling of dogs and puppies… We will end excessively long journeys for slaughter and fattening… We will ban keeping primates as pets”.
“committed to improving our already world-leading standards”,
“facing the prospect of a dramatic downward spiral in animal welfare.”
“we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”-[Official Report, 3 June 2015; Vol. 596, c. 675.]
“As a nation with proud animal welfare standards, we cannot stand by and allow this to continue.”
“I believe that the UK Government should keep its promise”.
“It is extremely disappointing that the Government has taken a huge step backwards on this important issue, and I hope you will take every opportunity to remedy the situation.”
“The commitment to end this cruel trade was in the 2019 Conservative and Labour party manifestos, and the Kept Animals Bill had broad, cross-party support.”
“This move goes against all notions of humane reaction with our fellow-creatures and is a backwards step into the dark ages”.

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PartyMajority (No)Minority (Aye)BothTurnout
Con249 (+2 tell) 0071.3%
DUP1 0012.5%
Green0 10100.0%
Independent2 3033.3%
Lab0 143 (+2 tell)074.4%
LDem0 9064.3%
PC0 30100.0%
Reclaim1 00100.0%
SDLP0 1050.0%
SNP0 21046.7%
Total:253 181068.9%

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