Voting Comparison — Mr Dafydd Wigley MP, Caernarfon
to Donald Gorrie MP, Edinburgh West

Mr Dafydd Wigley

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

ConstituencyFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
House of Lords 24 Jan 2011 still in office PC 0 votes out of 518, 0.0% 518 votes out of 791, 65.5% 2 times
Caernarfon 1 May 1997 14 May 2001 PC 2 votes out of 355, 0.6% 355 votes out of 1273, 27.9% 3 times

Voting Differences

HouseDateSubjectLord WigleyDonald GorrieRôle
no votes listed
HouseDateSubjectMr Dafydd WigleyDonald GorrieRôle
Commons9 May 2001Finance Bill Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons13 Mar 2001Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - 12 Income tax (charge and rates for 2001-02) Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons13 Mar 2001Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - 11 Aggregates levy minorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons23 Oct 2000Election of Speaker minorityno disagrees with policy
Commons25 Jul 2000Delegated Legislation - Local Government Finance minorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons25 Jul 2000European Community Documents - A General Framework for Equal Treatment in Employment and Occupation Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons24 Jul 2000Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill - Preservation of rights in respect of additional pensions minoritytellno agrees with policy
Commons17 Jul 2000Football (Disorder) Bill (Allocation of Time) - Supplemental orders minoritytellno agrees with policy
Commons20 Oct 1999Transport Safety minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons6 Jul 1999Finance Bill - Rates of duty and rebate on hydrocarbon oil minorityno disagrees with policy
Commons15 Mar 1999Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - 16. Value added tax (meaning of "business") Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons23 Feb 1999Welfare Reform and Pensions Bill Majorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons10 Feb 1999Water Industry Bill - Provisions for Wales minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons12 Jan 1999Local Government Bill Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons12 Jan 1999Local Government Bill Majoritytellaye disagrees with policy
Commons1 Dec 1998The Economy minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons16 Jun 1998Local Government (Scotland) minoritytellno agrees with policy
Commons19 May 1998Scotland Bill - Reserved matters minorityno disagrees with policy
Commons12 May 1998Scotland Bill - Constitutional Court minorityno disagrees with policy
Commons27 Apr 1998Finance (No. 2) Bill - Use of PEPs powers to provide for accounts minorityno disagrees with policy
Commons31 Mar 1998Scotland Bill - Sex discrimination in selection of candidates minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons31 Mar 1998Scotland Bill minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons11 Mar 1998School Standards and Framework Bill - Establishment of education action zones minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons3 Mar 1998ISAs, TESSAs and PEPs minorityno disagrees with policy
Commons2 Mar 1998Government of Wales Bill - Decisions affecting vital interests of a region Majorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons17 Feb 1998Iraq minorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons10 Feb 1998Beef Bones Regulations minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons10 Dec 1997Social Security Bill minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons17 Nov 1997Public Services minoritytellno agrees with policy
Commons17 Nov 1997Public Services minoritytellaye agrees with policy
Commons29 Jul 1997Table - Foreign income dividends Majorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons29 Jul 1997Table - Tax credits Majorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons16 Jul 1997Finance Bill - Withdrawal of relief on medical insurance premiums Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons7 Jul 1997Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation Majorityno disagrees with policy
Commons18 Jun 1997Firearms (Amendment) Bill Majorityaye disagrees with policy
Commons4 Jun 1997Referendums (Scotland and Wales) Bill - Referendum in Scotland minoritytellaye agrees with policy

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