Policy #1071: "Ministers Can Intervene in Coroners' Inquests"

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Someone who believes that ministers should be able to legally intervene in a coroner's inquest and either order it to take place without a jury or suspend it and impose an inquiry in its place.

would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons10 Jun 2008Counter-Terrorism Bill — Disallow inquests without a jury in England and Wales — rejected Majority (strong)
Commons10 Jun 2008Counter Terrorism Bill — Lord Chief Justice to appoint "special coroners" — rejected Majority
Commons26 Jan 2009Coroners and Justice Bill — Condemn the Coroners and Justice Bill — rejected Majority
Commons9 Nov 2009Coroners and Justice Bill — Enable Minister to Replace Inquest With Inquiry — Incercept Evidence in Inquests Majority (strong)
Lords11 Nov 2009Coroners and Justice Bill — Remove powers of Lord Chancellor to Suspend a Coroner's Inquest — rejected Majority
Commons12 Nov 2009Coroners and Justice Bill — Schedule 1 — Explicit Approval of Lord Chief Justice Required for Minister to Suspend Coroner's Inquiry -rejected Majority (strong)

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