Policy #1108: "Me"

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Someone who believes that I am right - just interested would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons28 Nov 1997Wild Mammals (Hunting with Dogs) Bill Majority (strong)
Commons10 Dec 1997Doctor Assisted Dying Bill — Leave to Bring In minority (strong)
Commons24 Mar 1998School Standards and Framework Bill — Abolition of corporal punishment in schools Majority (strong)
Commons22 Jun 1998Crime and Disorder Bill — Reduction of Age of Consent for Homosexual Acts to 16 Majority (strong)
Commons1 Nov 1999Print Acts of Parliament on Paper instead of Vellum — rejected minority
Lords7 Feb 2000Local Government Bill, repeal of section 28 minority (strong)
Commons11 Apr 2000Local Government Bill [Lords] minority (strong)
Commons20 Dec 2000Hunting Bill Majority (strong)
Commons4 Nov 2002Adoption and Children Bill — Suitability Of Adopters Majority (strong)
Commons26 Feb 2003Iraq — Case for war is unproven — rejected minority (strong)
Commons4 Jun 2003Iraq — Weapons of Mass Destruction Inquiry minority (strong)
Commons9 Mar 2004Young People and Democracy minority (strong)
Commons12 Oct 2004Civil Partnership Bill [Lords] Majority (strong)
Lords23 Jan 2006Identity Cards Bill (amendment 38: compulsion via designated documents) Majority
Lords23 Jan 2006Identity Cards Bill (amendment 46: compulsion to register) Majority
Commons16 Jul 2007Opposition Day — [17th allotted day] — Fair Taxation of the Wealthy minority
Commons24 Jul 2007Opposition Day — [18th Allotted Day] — Penal System minority
Lords7 May 2008Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill — ping pong — Protection of freedom of expression (sexual orientation) minority
Scotland7 May 2008[S3M-1838.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time minority
Commons12 Nov 2008Cannabis — reclassification from class C back to class B minority
Commons28 Jan 2009Heathrow Third Runway — rethink the plans — rejected minority (strong)
Commons19 May 2009Commission for the Compact — New Clause 25 — Paying for sexual services of a prostitute known to be trafficked or coerced: England and Wales minority
Lords13 Jul 2009Identity Cards Act 2006 (Application and Issue of ID Card and Notification of Changes) Regulations 2009 — Motion to Approve Majority
Commons2 Dec 2009Equality Bill — New Clause 3 — Mandatory pay audits minority
Lords3 Mar 2010Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Continuance in Force of Sections 1 to 9) Order 2010 — Motion to Approve Majority
Scotland3 Mar 2010[S3M-5861] Decision Time Majority
Commons8 Jun 2010Queen's Speech — Inclusion of Nuclear Deterrent in Strategic Defence Review minority (strong)
Commons28 Jun 2010Emergency Budget — Value Added Tax minority
Commons6 Jul 2010Finance Bill — Second Reading minority
Commons7 Jul 2010Opposition Day — Concern about Coalition's Emergency Budget minority (strong)
Commons19 Jul 2010Academies Bill — Decline Second Reading minority
Commons26 Jul 2010Academies Bill — Third Reading minority (strong)

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