Policy #6686: "Same Sex Marriage — for"

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Someone who believes that Same sex couples ought be allowed to marry. (This is a subset of the equal rights for homosexuals policy) would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons25 May 2004Gender Recognition Bill — Allow Marriages to Remain Valid If They Become a Same Sex Marriage minority
Commons5 Feb 2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons5 Feb 2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill (Programme) abstain
Commons5 Feb 2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill (Money) Majority (strong)
Commons5 Feb 2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — (Carry-over) Majority (strong)
Commons21 May 2013Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons5 Mar 2014Same Sex Marriage — Enabling Courts to Deal with Divorce or Annulment Proceedings abstain
Commons5 Mar 2014Proceedures for Consenting to Registration of Shared Places of Worship for Same Sex Marriage abstain
Commons5 Mar 2014Registration of Armed Forces Chapels for Same Sex Marriages abstain
Commons5 Mar 2014Changes to Laws on Consular Marriage Following Introduction of Same Sex Marriages in Parts of the UK abstain
Commons5 Mar 2014Amendments to Acts of Parliament in Light of the Introduction of Same Sex Marriage in Parts of the UK Majority
Commons5 Mar 2014Make Same Sex Marriage Available to Armed Forces Personnel Outside the United Kingdom Majority (strong)
Commons9 Jul 2019Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill — New Clause 1 — Marriage of Same-Sex Couples Majority (strong)

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