Policy #962: "Iraq 2003 — For disarmament only"

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Someone who believes that Iraq probably did have Weapons of Mass Destruction programs, and that the inspection process should run its full course before war could be considered. When no WMD was present in Iraq, considers it a matter of serious concern which needs proper investigation and real accountability. would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons24 Sep 2002Iraq — Weapons of Mass Destruction abstain
Commons25 Nov 2002Iraq — UN Security Council Resolution 1441 — Second resolution necessary — rejected abstain
Commons26 Feb 2003Iraq — Case for war is unproven — rejected minority
Commons18 Mar 2003Iraq — Case for war not established — rejected minority (strong)
Commons18 Mar 2003Iraq — Declaration of War minority
Commons4 Jun 2003Iraq — Weapons of Mass Destruction Inquiry minority (strong)
Commons16 Jul 2003Iraq — Foreign Affairs Committee Report minority
Commons10 Sep 2003Iraq — Role of the United Nations abstain
Commons22 Oct 2003Iraq — Set up of judicial inquiry — rejected minority
Commons22 Oct 2003Iraq — Judicial Inquiry — Not necessary minority
Commons13 Jan 2004Iraq — National Audit Office Report on Operation Telic abstain
Commons9 Mar 2004Iraq — Attorney-General's Advice minority
Commons17 May 2004Iraq — Security Situation minority

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