Policy #975: "Iraq Investigation — Necessary"

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Someone who believes that the handling of the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003, including the failure of the intelligence about Weapons of Mass Destruction, must be investigated; that those responsible should be held to account; that none of the inquiries so far have been satisfactory would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons4 Jun 2003Iraq — Weapons of Mass Destruction Inquiry minority
Commons16 Jul 2003Iraq — Foreign Affairs Committee Report minority
Commons10 Sep 2003Iraq — Role of the United Nations abstain
Commons22 Oct 2003Iraq — Set up of judicial inquiry — rejected minority (strong)
Commons22 Oct 2003Iraq — Judicial Inquiry — Not necessary minority (strong)
Commons13 Jan 2004Iraq — National Audit Office Report on Operation Telic abstain
Commons9 Mar 2004Iraq — Attorney-General's Advice minority
Commons17 May 2004Iraq — Security Situation abstain
Commons20 Jul 2004Iraq — Adjournment Debate abstain
Commons31 Oct 2006Iraq — Select committee inquiry — to be set up minority (strong)
Commons31 Oct 2006Iraq — Select committee inquiry — rejected minority (strong)
Commons11 Jun 2007Opposition Day — Iraq Inquiry minority (strong)
Commons11 Jun 2007Opposition Day — Iraq Inquiry minority
Commons25 Mar 2008Iraq Inquiry — Call rejected minority
Commons25 Mar 2008Iraq Inquiry — Not the right time minority
Commons25 Mar 2009Iraq War Inquiry — No reasonable impediment — rejected minority
Commons25 Mar 2009Iraq War Inquiry — Declines to make a proposal minority
Commons24 Jun 2009Iraq Inquiry — Parliament to set the terms of reference — rejected abstain
Commons24 Jun 2009Iraq Inquiry — Welcomes the inquiry Majority
Commons30 Nov 2016Iraq War — Investigation into Contrasts Between Public Statements and Private Policy minority (strong)

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