Pensions Bill — 4 Jul 2007 at 16:48

The majority Ayes accepted an amendment to the Pensions Bill which said:
"( ) With effect from the commencement of this section or 1st November 2007, whichever shall be earlier, the contributor may at any time up to state pension age, make voluntary (Class 3) contributions for any period of his or her working life, in respect of up to 9 years, whether consecutive or not, which for any reason shall not have satisfied the conditions for a Qualifying Year or Years, so that such year or years shall then be deemed to be a Qualifying Year or Years.""
The effect of this is that people, particularly women, without sufficient qualifying years (of paying National Insurance contributions) to receive a full state pension can pay extra to get more qualifying years. Years don't qualify if they are spent in caring for children or elderly parents or in an assortment of part-time jobs rather than a full-time job. Until 2010, 39 qualifying years are required to get a full State pension; from 2010 30 qualifying years will be required. In some areas only 12% of women qualify for a full State pension. The Government's objections were to the cost and to the likelihood that ex-patriates would take advantage of this to increase their entitlement to a British State pension.

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PartyMajority (Content)Minority (Not-Content)Turnout
Bishop3 011.5%
Con47 (+1 tell) 023.0%
Crossbench49 025.7%
Green1 0100.0%
Independent Labour1 0100.0%
Lab26 81 (+2 tell)50.7%
LDem46 (+1 tell) 059.5%
UUP1 0100.0%
Total:174 8135.8%

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Lord Robertson of Port EllenCrossbenchno
Lord Wedderburn of CharltonCrossbenchno
Lord Barnett Lab (minister)aye
Lord Campbell-Savours Labaye
Lord Clinton-Davis Labaye
Baroness Cohen of PimlicoLab (minister)aye
Baroness David Labaye
Lord Davies of CoityLab (minister)aye
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabaye
Baroness Falkender Labaye
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLab (minister)aye
Lord Filkin Lab (minister)aye
Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLab (minister)aye
Lord Graham of EdmontonLab (minister)aye
Lord Haworth Labaye
Baroness Henig Labaye
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLab (minister)aye
Lord Howarth of NewportLabaye
Lord Howie of TroonLab (minister)aye
Baroness Lockwood Labaye
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLabaye
Baroness Massey of DarwenLab (minister)aye
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLab (minister)aye
Lord Plant of HighfieldLab (minister)aye
Baroness Rendell of BaberghLab (minister)aye
Lord Rosser Lab (minister)aye
Baroness Turner of CamdenLabaye
Baroness Wilkins Lab (minister)aye

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