Voting Record — Stefan Tymkewycz MSP, Lothians (14112)

Stefan Tymkewycz

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FromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
3 May 2007 30 Aug 2007 SNP 0 votes out of 34, 0.0% 34 votes out of 38, 89.5% n/a

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HouseDateSubjectStefan TymkewyczSNP VoteRôle
Scotland27 Jun 2007[S3M-243] Decision Time minorityno Loyal
Scotland27 Jun 2007[S3M-243.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time minorityno Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-201] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-201.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-201.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-201.4 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-204] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-204.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-204.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time nono Loyal
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-204.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time minorityaye Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-173] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-173.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-173.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-173.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-173.4 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-169] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-169.4 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-169.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-169.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland13 Jun 2007[S3M-166] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-126] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-126.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-126.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-126.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time minorityaye Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-127] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-127.3 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland7 Jun 2007[S3M-127.3.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland31 May 2007[S3M-93] Decision Time Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland24 May 2007Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland17 May 2007[S3M-27] Ministers and Junior Ministers Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland17 May 2007[S3M-26] Ministers and Junior Ministers Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland17 May 2007[S3M-26.1 (Amendment)] Ministers and Junior Ministers Majorityno Loyal
Scotland16 May 2007Business Motion — First Minister Majorityaye Loyal
Scotland16 May 2007Business Motion — First Minister Majorityaye Loyal

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