Policy #1069: "Notable Divisions"

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Someone who believes that TheyWorkForYou ought to publish an MP's votes on interesting divisions would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons1 Nov 1999Print Acts of Parliament on Paper instead of Vellum — rejected abstain
Commons29 Oct 2003Cannabis — reclassification from class B to class C abstain
Commons29 Nov 2005Representation of the People (Reduction of Voting Age) abstain
Commons13 Feb 2006Identity Cards Bill — Report of Costs and Benefits — rejected abstain
Commons19 Mar 2008Post Office Closures — Suspend for issues to be re-assessed — rejected abstain
Commons30 Apr 2008Energy Bill — Renewable energy feed-in tariff — rejected abstain
Commons28 Oct 2008Climate Change Bill — Electricity generating station performance standards — rejected abstain
Lords25 Nov 2008Cannabis — reclassification from class C back to class B abstain
Commons28 Jan 2009Heathrow Third Runway — rethink the plans — rejected abstain
Commons3 Mar 2009Control Orders — Annual renewal 2009 abstain
Commons30 Apr 2009MPs' expenses — outer-London MPs can no longer claim second home abstain
Commons24 Jun 2009Iraq Inquiry — Parliament to set the terms of reference — rejected abstain
Commons15 Jul 2009Opposition Day — [16th Allotted Day] — US-UK Extradition Treaty abstain
Commons13 Oct 2009Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill — Increase upper size of alternative arrangements Local Authorities — rejected abstain
Commons21 Oct 2009Equitable Life — Government Should Accept Recommendations on Compensation — rejected abstain
Commons21 Oct 2009Government to sign up to 10:10 climate change campaign — rejected abstain

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