Policy #6699: "Increase Air Passenger Duty"

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Someone who believes that Air Passenger Duty should be increased would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons26 Mar 2012Budget Resolutions — Air Passenger Duty Rates from 1 April 2012 Majority (strong)
Commons16 Apr 2012Finance Bill — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons16 Apr 2012Finance Bill (carry over) Majority (strong)
Commons18 Apr 2012Finance Bill — Schedule 23 — Air Passenger Duty abstain
Commons3 Jul 2012Finance Bill 2012 — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons25 Mar 2013Budget Resolutions — Air Passenger Duty Rates from 1 April 2013 Majority (strong)
Commons15 Apr 2013Finance Bill 2013 — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons18 Apr 2013Finance Bill — New Schedule — Devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales abstain
Commons18 Apr 2013Finance Bill — Clause 183 — Air passenger duty: rates of duty from 1 April 2013 Majority (strong)
Commons2 Jul 2013Finance Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons25 Mar 2014Budget Resolution — Air Passenger Duty Rates from 1 April 2014 Majority (strong)
Commons1 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Decline Second Reading abstain
Commons1 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Second Reading abstain
Commons1 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Carry-Over abstain
Commons2 Jul 2014Finance Bill 2013-14 to 2014-15 — Third Reading abstain
Commons12 Sep 2017Finance Bill 2017-19 — Second Reading Majority
Commons31 Oct 2017Finance Bill — Third Reading Majority

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