Policy #6845: "Support marriage and civil partnerships"

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Someone who believes that marriage and civil partnerships should be supported and encouraged. would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons28 Jun 2011Finance Bill — New Clause 5 — Transfer of personal allowances between spouses minority (strong)
Commons13 Jul 2011Equality Act 2010 (Work on Ships and Hovercraft) Regulations 2011 — Application of Discrimination Laws to Mariners Majority
Commons11 Oct 2011Protection of Freedoms Bill — Third Reading — DNA Retention, Clamping, CCTV, FOI Datasets Majority
Commons3 Jul 2012Finance Bill 2012 — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons29 Jan 2013Equality (Marriage) (Amendment) Bill — Protection In Respect of Beliefs About Definition of Marriage Majority (strong)
Commons1 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Decline Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons9 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Clause 11 — Review of Impact of Introducing Transferable Tax Allowance for Married Couples and Civil Partners abstain
Commons9 Apr 2014Finance Bill — Clause 11 — Transferable Tax Allowance for Married Couples and Civil Partners Majority (strong)
Commons17 Jun 2020Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill — New Clause 1 — Funding Counselling, Support and Research — Marriage and Civil Partnerships minority (strong)

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