Hunting Bill: amendment — registered hunting — 26 Oct 2004 at 14:30

An amendment to introduce (permitted) "registered" hunting with dogs into a Hunting Bill that previosuly provided for a ban.

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 322; Not-Contents, 72.

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Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which lords were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible lord including those who did not vote in this division.

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The of ChelmsfordBishopaye
The of OxfordBishopaye
The of PeterboroughBishopaye
The of SouthwarkBishopno
Anelay of St JohnsCon (front bench)aye
The of ArranConaye
Astor Con (front bench)aye
Astor of HeverCon (front bench)aye
Attlee Con (front bench)aye
Bagri Conaye
Baker of DorkingConaye
Bell Conaye
Belstead Conaye
Biffen Conaye
Blaker Conaye
Blatch Con (front bench)aye
Bowness Conaye
Bridgeman Con (front bench)aye
Brittan of SpennithorneConaye
Brooke of Sutton MandevilleConaye
Brougham and Vaux Conaye
Burnham Conaye
Buscombe Con (front bench)aye
Byford Con (front bench)aye
The of CaithnessConaye
Campbell of AllowayConaye
Carlisle of BucklowConaye
Carnegy of LourConaye
Cavendish of FurnessConaye
Chadlington Conaye
Colwyn Conaye
Cope of BerkeleyCon (front bench)aye
The of CourtownConaye
Crathorne Conaye
Crickhowell Conaye
Cumberlege Conaye
Dean of HarptreeConaye
Denham Conaye
Dixon-Smith Con (front bench)aye
The of DundeeConaye
Eccles of MoultonConaye
Eden of WintonConaye
Elles Conaye
Elliott of MorpethConaye
Elton Conaye
Feldman Conaye
Ferrers Conaye
Flather Conaye
Fowler Conaye
Gardner of ParkesConaye
Garel-Jones Conaye
Geddes Conaye
Gilmour of CraigmillarConaye
Glenarthur Conaye
Glentoran Con (front bench)aye
Goschen Conaye
Hanningfield Con (front bench)aye
Harris of PeckhamConaye
Henley Conaye
Heseltine Conaye
Hogg Conaye
Hooper Conaye
Howard of RisingConaye
Howe Con (front bench)aye
Howe of AberavonConaye
Howell of GuildfordCon (front bench)aye
Hunt of WirralConaye
Inglewood Conaye
James of Holland ParkConaye
Jellicoe Conaye
Jopling Conaye
Kimball Conaye
King of BridgwaterConaye
Knight of CollingtreeConaye
Laing of DunphailConaye
Lane of HorsellConaye
Lang of MonktonConaye
Lawson of BlabyConaye
The of LiverpoolConaye
Lucas Conaye
Luke Con (front bench)aye
Lyell Conaye
MacGregor of Pulham MarketConaye
Mancroft Contellaye
Marlesford Conaye
Mayhew of TwysdenConaye
McColl of DulwichCon (front bench)aye
Miller of HendonCon (front bench)aye
Monro of LangholmConaye
Montagu of BeaulieuConaye
The of MontroseCon (front bench)aye
Morris of BoltonConaye
Mowbray and Stourton Conaye
Moynihan Con (front bench)aye
Murton of LindisfarneConaye
Naseby Conaye
Newton of BraintreeConaye
Noakes Con (front bench)aye
Northbrook Conaye
The of NortheskConaye
O'Cathain Conaye
The of OnslowConaye
Oppenheim-Barnes Conaye
Parkinson Conaye
Park of MonmouthConaye
Patten Conaye
Pearson of RannochConaye
Peel Conaye
Perry of SouthwarkConaye
Peyton of YeovilConaye
Pilkington of OxenfordConaye
Platt of WrittleConaye
Plumb Conaye
Plummer of St MaryleboneConaye
Prior Conaye
Rawlings Con (front bench)aye
Rawlinson of EwellConaye
Reay Conaye
Rees Conaye
Renfrew of KaimsthornConaye
Renton Conaye
Renton of Mount HarryConaye
Roberts of ConwyCon (front bench)aye
Rotherwick Con (front bench)aye
Ryder of WensumConaye
Saatchi Con (front bench)aye
Sanderson of BowdenConaye
Seccombe Con (front bench)aye
The of SelborneConaye
Selsdon Conaye
Sharples Conaye
Shaw of NorthsteadConaye
Sheppard of DidgemereConaye
Skelmersdale Con (front bench)aye
Soulsby of Swaffham PriorConaye
St John of FawsleyConaye
Steinberg Conaye
Strathclyde Con (front bench)aye
Swinfen Conaye
Taylor of WarwickConaye
Tebbit Conaye
Thatcher Conaye
Trefgarne Conaye
Trumpington Conaye
Ullswater Conaye
Vinson Conaye
Waddington Conaye
Wade of ChorltonConaye
Wakeham Conaye
Wilcox Con (front bench)aye
Willoughby de Broke Conaye
Windlesham Conaye
Fookes Conno
Allenby of MegiddoCrossbenchaye
Ampthill Crossbenchaye
Armstrong of IlminsterCrossbenchaye
Baldwin of BewdleyCrossbenchaye
Ballyedmond Crossbenchaye
Best Crossbenchaye
Bledisloe Crossbenchaye
Boothroyd Crossbenchaye
Boston of FavershamCrossbenchaye
Bramall Crossbenchaye
Bridge of HarwichCrossbenchaye
Bridges Crossbenchaye
Brookeborough Crossbenchaye
Butler of BrockwellCrossbenchaye
Cameron of DillingtonCrossbenchaye
Carey of CliftonCrossbenchaye
Chorley Crossbenchaye
Cobbold Crossbenchaye
Colville of CulrossCrossbenchaye
Condon Crossbenchaye
Craig of RadleyCrossbenchaye
Croham Crossbenchaye
D'Souza Crossbenchaye
Darcy de Knayth Crossbenchaye
Donaldson of LymingtonCrossbenchaye
Elis-Thomas Crossbenchaye
The of ErrollCrossbenchaye
Fellowes Crossbenchaye
Greenway Crossbenchaye
Guthrie of CraigiebankCrossbenchaye
Harris of High CrossCrossbenchaye
Hoffmann Crossbenchaye
Howarth of BrecklandCrossbenchaye
Howe of IdlicoteCrossbenchaye
Hylton Crossbenchaye
Jauncey of TullichettleCrossbenchaye
Lewis of NewnhamCrossbenchaye
The of ListowelCrossbenchaye
The of MarCrossbenchaye
Marsh Crossbenchaye
Masham of IltonCrossbenchaye
Molyneaux of KilleadCrossbenchaye
Monson Crossbenchaye
Moran Crossbenchaye
Moser Crossbenchaye
Murphy Crossbenchaye
Neill of BladenCrossbenchaye
The of NorfolkCrossbenchaye
Northbourne Crossbenchaye
Palmer Crossbenchaye
Rees-Mogg Crossbenchaye
Rix Crossbenchaye
Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbenchaye
The of SandwichCrossbenchaye
Scott of FoscoteCrossbenchaye
Simon of GlaisdaleCrossbenchaye
Slim Crossbenchaye
St John of BletsoCrossbenchaye
Stern Crossbenchaye
Strange Crossbenchaye
Sutherland of HoundwoodCrossbenchaye
Tanlaw Crossbenchaye
Tenby Crossbenchaye
Tombs Crossbenchaye
Walpole Crossbenchaye
Walton of DetchantCrossbenchaye
Warnock Crossbenchaye
Waverley Crossbenchaye
Weatherill Crossbenchaye
Williamson of HortonCrossbenchaye
Wilson of TillyornCrossbenchaye
Bhatia Crossbenchno
Craigavon Crossbenchno
Kilclooney Crossbenchno
Laming Crossbenchno
Richardson of CalowCrossbenchno
Beaumont of WhitleyGreenaye
Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labouraye
Acton Labaye
Alli Labaye
Barnett Labaye
Bernstein of CraigweilLabaye
Borrie Labaye
Bragg Labaye
Brooke of AlverthorpeLabaye
Brooks of TremorfaLabaye
Carter Labaye
Cohen of PimlicoLabaye
Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabaye
Desai Labaye
Donoughue Labtellaye
Drayson Labaye
Evans of Temple GuitingLab (minister)aye
Falconer of ThorotonLab (minister)aye
Gavron Labaye
Golding Labaye
Gould of BrookwoodLabaye
Grabiner Labaye
Griffiths of Burry PortLabaye
Hart of ChiltonLabaye
Haskins Labaye
Hayman Labaye
Hogg of CumbernauldLabaye
Hollick Labaye
Howie of TroonLabaye
Irvine of LairgLabaye
King of West BromwichLabaye
Lea of CrondallLabaye
Macdonald of TradestonLabaye
MacKenzie of CulkeinLabaye
Mackenzie of FramwellgateLabaye
Mallalieu Labaye
Mason of BarnsleyLabaye
McIntosh of HudnallLabaye
Merlyn-Rees Labaye
Parekh Labaye
Plant of HighfieldLabaye
Prys-Davies Labaye
Puttnam Labaye
Randall of St BudeauxLabaye
Rea Labaye
Richard Labaye
Rooker Lab (minister)aye
Royall of BlaisdonLabaye
Sewel Labaye
Simon Labaye
Strabolgi Labaye
Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)aye
Taylor of BlackburnLabaye
Temple-Morris Labaye
Tunnicliffe Labaye
Turnberg Labaye
Wall of New BarnetLabaye
Wilkins Labaye
Williams of ElvelLabaye
Winston Labaye
Woolmer of LeedsLabaye
Amos Lab (minister)no
Archer of SandwellLabno
Bach Lab (minister)no
Bassam of BrightonLab (minister)no
Berkeley Labno
Billingham Labno
Campbell-Savours Labno
Clark of WindermereLabno
Clinton-Davis Labno
Corbett of Castle ValeLabno
Crawley Lab (minister)no
Davies of OldhamLab (minister)no
Dixon Labno
Dubs Labno
Eatwell Labno
Evans of ParksideLabno
Faulkner of WorcesterLabno
Fyfe of FairfieldLabno
Gale Labno
Gibson of Market RasenLabno
Gould of PotternewtonLabtellno
Graham of EdmontonLabtellno
Grantchester Labno
Grocott Lab (minister)no
Harris of HaringeyLabno
Harrison Labno
Howells of St DavidsLabno
Hoyle Labno
Jones Labno
Kirkhill Labno
Lockwood Labno
Lofthouse of PontefractLabno
Massey of DarwenLabno
Maxton Labno
McDonagh Labno
McIntosh of HaringeyLab (minister)no
McKenzie of LutonLabno
Morgan Labno
Morris of ManchesterLabno
Orme Labno
Pendry Labno
Prosser Labno
Ramsay of CartvaleLabno
Rosser Labno
Rowlands Labno
Sheldon Labno
Smith of LeighLabno
Stone of BlackheathLabno
Thornton Labno
Tomlinson Labno
Triesman Lab (minister)no
Truscott Labno
Whitaker Labno
Bonham-Carter of YarnburyLDemaye
Bradshaw LDem (front bench)aye
Carlile of BerriewLDem (front bench)aye
Dahrendorf LDemaye
Dykes LDemaye
Falkland LDem (front bench)aye
Falkner of MargravineLDemaye
Garden LDemaye
Goodhart LDem (front bench)aye
Holme of CheltenhamLDemaye
Hooson LDemaye
Hutchinson of LullingtonLDemaye
Linklater of ButterstoneLDemaye
Livsey of TalgarthLDem (front bench)aye
Mackie of BenshieLDemaye
Maclennan of RogartLDem (front bench)aye
Methuen LDemaye
Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDem (front bench)aye
Neuberger LDemaye
Newby LDem (front bench)aye
Phillips of SudburyLDemaye
Razzall LDem (front bench)aye
Redesdale LDem (front bench)aye
Rodgers of Quarry BankLDemaye
Roper LDem (front bench)aye
Sandberg LDemaye
Scott of Needham MarketLDem (front bench)aye
Sharp of GuildfordLDem (front bench)aye
Shutt of GreetlandLDem (front bench)aye
Smith of CliftonLDem (front bench)aye
Taverne LDem (front bench)aye
Thomas of GresfordLDem (front bench)aye
Thomas of WalliswoodLDem (front bench)aye
Thomson of MonifiethLDemaye
Tordoff LDemaye
Wallace of SaltaireLDem (front bench)aye
Avebury LDem (front bench)no
Dholakia LDem (front bench)no
Fearn LDemno
Hamwee LDem (front bench)no
Harris of RichmondLDem (front bench)no
McNally LDem (front bench)no
Northover LDem (front bench)no
Rennard LDemno
Roberts of LlandudnoLDemno
Tope LDemno
Walmsley LDem (front bench)no
Grenfell Otheraye
Maginnis of DrumglassUUPaye
Rogan UUPaye
Laird UUPno

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