Housing and Regeneration Bill — 9 Jul 2008 at 17:47

Clause 149 <[i>Exempted disposals]:

moved Amendments Nos. 105 and 106:

Clause 149, page 64, line 15, leave out "to which" and insert "for which consent is required under-

(a) "

Clause 149, page 64, leave out line 16 and insert ", or

(b) section 173 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (c. 42)."

On Question, amendments agreed to.

moved Amendment No. 107:

After Clause 149, insert the following new Clause-
"Disposals without consent
(1) A purported disposal by a registered provider is void if-

(a) it requires the regulator's consent under section 148, and(b) the regulator has not given consent.

(2) But subsection (1) does not apply to a disposal by a non-profit registered provider to one or more individuals ("the buyer") if-

(a) the disposal is of a single dwelling, and(b) the registered provider reasonably believes at the time of the disposal that the buyer intends to use the property as the buyer's principal residence."

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 166 <[i>Transfer of property]:

moved Amendment No. 108:

Clause 166, page 71, line 25, after "specified" insert "non-profit"

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 167 <[i>Section 166: supplemental]:

moved Amendment No. 109:

Clause 167, page 71, line 40, after "a" insert "non-profit"

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 172 <[i>Exceptions]:

moved Amendments Nos. 110 and 111:

Clause 172, page 73, line 14, leave out "to which" and insert "for which consent is required under-

(a) "

Clause 172, page 73, line 15, leave out "applies (disposals requiring consent)" and insert ", or

(b) section 173 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (c. 42)."

On Question, amendments agreed to.

Clause 176 <[i>Separate accounting]:

moved Amendment No. 112:

Clause 176, page 75, line 6, at end insert-
"( ) Where this section applies in relation to the proceeds of sale arising on a disposal, section 35 above, section 27 of the Housing Act 1996 (c. 52) and section 52 of the Housing Act 1988 (c. 50) do not apply."

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 182 <[i>Interpretation: other expressions]:

moved Amendment No. 113:

Clause 182, page 77, line 35, at end insert-

"and for this purpose "infrastructure" has the same meaning as in Part 1."

On Question, amendment agreed to.

moved Amendment No. 114:

After Clause 185, insert the following new Clause-
"Change of use, &c.
(1) Where the regulator's consent is required for the disposal of a dwelling by a registered provider, sections 171 to 174 continue to apply in relation to a disposal of the land by the registered provider even if the land has ceased to be a dwelling.
(2) Sections 171 to 174 also apply in relation to a disposal of land by a registered provider which would fall within Exception 2 or 3 of section 172 but for a change of use of the land by the registered provider."

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 189 <[i>Section 188: consequential amendments]:

moved Amendment No. 115:

Clause 189, page 80, line 44, at end insert-

"(ba) after subsection (1A) insert-"(1B) This section does not apply to a disposal of land by a registered provider of social housing unless the land is social housing within the meaning of Part 2 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008.""

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 190 <[i>Overview]:

moved Amendment No. 116:

Clause 190, page 81, line 31, leave out paragraph (d) and insert-

"(d) requires the regulator to give guidance about complaints relating to registered providers and about the use of its powers under this Chapter and Chapter 7 (sections 213 and 214),"

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 191 <[i>Provision of social housing]:

<[i>Amendments Nos. 117 to 119B not moved.]

Clause 194 <[i>Consultation]:

moved Amendment No. 120:

Clause 194, page 83, line 4, at end insert-

"(da) one or more bodies appearing to it to represent the interests of local housing authorities,"

On Question, amendment agreed to.

moved Amendment No. 121:

After Clause 194, insert the following new Clause-
"Guidance by the Secretary of State (No. 2)
(1) The Secretary of State may give guidance to the regulator as to the exercise of any of its functions.
(2) Before giving guidance under this section, the Secretary of State must consult such persons as the Secretary of State considers appropriate.
(3) The Secretary of State must publish any guidance given under this section as soon as reasonably practicable after giving it.
(4) The Secretary of State may revoke guidance given under this section.
(5) The Secretary of State must-

(a) consult, before revoking guidance under this section, such persons as the Secretary of State considers appropriate, and(b) publish the fact that the guidance has been revoked as soon as reasonably practicable after the revocation.

(6) The regulator must, in exercising its functions, have regard to any guidance for the time being in force under this section.
(7) References in this section to giving guidance include references to giving guidance by varying existing guidance."

On Question, Whether the said amendment (No. 121) shall be agreed to?

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 76; Not-Contents, 168.

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Lord Higgins Conaye
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Lord Howard of RisingCon (front bench)aye
Earl Howe Con (front bench)aye
Lord Howe of AberavonConaye
Lord Howell of GuildfordCon (front bench)aye
Lord Inglewood Con (front bench)aye
Lord King of BridgwaterCon (front bench)aye
Lord Kingsland Con (front bench)aye
Lord Lamont of LerwickCon (front bench)aye
Lord Lawson of BlabyCon (front bench)aye
The Earl of LindsayConaye
Lord Luke Con (front bench)aye
Lord Lyell Conaye
Lord Marlesford Conaye
Lord Mayhew of TwysdenConaye
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The Duke of MontroseCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Morris of BoltonCon (front bench)aye
Lord Naseby Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Noakes Con (front bench)aye
Lord Norton of LouthCon (front bench)aye
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The Earl of OnslowCon (front bench)aye
Lord Reay Conaye
Lord Renton of Mount HarryConaye
Lord Ryder of WensumConaye
Baroness Seccombe Con (front bench)tellaye
Lord Selkirk of DouglasConaye
Lord Selsdon Conaye
Baroness Sharples Conaye
Lord Shaw of NorthsteadCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Shephard of NorthwoldCon (front bench)aye
Lord Skelmersdale Con (front bench)aye
Lord Stewartby Conaye
Baroness Verma Con (front bench)aye
Lord Waddington Conaye
Lord Wade of ChorltonCon (front bench)aye
Lord Wakeham Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Warsi Con (front bench)aye
Lord Cameron of DillingtonCrossbenchaye
Viscount Colville of CulrossCrossbenchaye
Lord Hylton Crossbenchaye
Baroness Masham of IltonCrossbenchaye
Lord Palmer Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Patel Crossbench (front bench)aye
The Earl of SandwichCrossbenchaye
Lord Walpole Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Best Crossbench (front bench)no
Viscount Craigavon Crossbenchno
Lord Craig of RadleyCrossbenchno
Lord Elystan-Morgan Crossbenchno
The Earl of ErrollCrossbenchno
Baroness Finlay of LlandaffCrossbenchno
Lord Kilclooney Crossbenchno
The Countess of MarCrossbench (front bench)no
Lord Patel of BradfordCrossbenchno
Lord Robertson of Port EllenCrossbenchno
Lord Stevens of KirkwhelpingtonCrossbenchno
Lord Williamson of HortonCrossbenchno
Lord Morrow DUPaye
Lord Acton Labno
Baroness Adams of CraigieleaLabno
Lord Adonis Lab (minister)no
Lord Ahmed Labno
Baroness Amos Labno
Lord Anderson of SwanseaLabno
Baroness Andrews Lab (minister)no
Lord Archer of SandwellLabno
Lord Bach Lab (minister)no
Lord Barnett Labno
Lord Bassam of BrightonLab (minister)no
Lord Bilston Labno
Baroness Blackstone Labno
Baroness Blood Labno
Lord Borrie Labno
Lord Boyd of DuncansbyLab (minister)no
Lord Bradley Labno
Lord Bragg Labno
Lord Brett Lab (minister)no
Lord Brooke of AlverthorpeLabno
Lord Brookman Labno
Lord Campbell-Savours Labno
Lord Christopher Lab (minister)no
Lord Clark of WindermereLabno
Lord Clinton-Davis Labno
Lord Corbett of Castle ValeLabno
Baroness Crawley Lab (minister)no
Lord Darzi of DenhamLab (minister)no
Lord Davies of CoityLab (minister)no
Lord Davies of OldhamLab (minister)tellno
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabno
Lord Desai Labno
Lord Dixon Labno
Lord Dubs Lab (minister)no
Lord Elder Labno
Lord Evans of ParksideLabno
Baroness Falkender Labno
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLab (minister)no
Lord Filkin Labno
Baroness Ford Labno
Lord Foster of Bishop AucklandLabno
Lord Foulkes of CumnockLab (minister)no
Baroness Gale Labno
Lord Gavron Labno
Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLabno
Lord Giddens Labno
Baroness Golding Labno
Lord Gordon of StrathblaneLabno
Lord Graham of EdmontonLabno
Lord Grocott Lab (minister)no
Lord Harris of HaringeyLabno
Lord Harrison Lab (minister)no
Lord Hart of ChiltonLabno
Lord Haskel Lab (minister)no
Lord Haworth Labno
Baroness Hilton of EggardonLabno
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLabno
Lord Howarth of NewportLabno
Baroness Howells of St DavidsLabno
Lord Howie of TroonLab (minister)no
Lord Hoyle Labno
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Lord Hunt of Kings HeathLab (minister)no
Lord Jones Labno
Baroness Jones of WhitchurchLab (minister)no
Lord Judd Lab (minister)no
Lord King of West BromwichLabno
Lord Kirkhill Labno
Lord Lipsey Labno
Lord Lofthouse of PontefractLabno
Lord Macaulay of BragarLabno
Lord Macdonald of TradestonLab (minister)no
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLabno
Lord Malloch-Brown Lab (minister)no
Baroness Massey of DarwenLab (minister)no
Lord Maxton Lab (minister)no
Baroness McDonagh Labno
Lord McIntosh of HaringeyLabno
Lord McKenzie of LutonLab (minister)no
Lord Moonie Lab (minister)no
Baroness Morgan of DrefelinLab (minister)no
Lord Morris of AberavonLab (minister)no
Lord Morris of HandsworthLab (minister)no
Lord Parekh Labno
Lord Patel of BlackburnLabno
Lord Paul Lab (minister)no
Lord Pendry Labno
Lord Peston Lab (minister)no
Baroness Pitkeathley Labno
Baroness Prosser Labno
Lord Prys-Davies Labno
Lord Puttnam Labno
Baroness Quin Lab (minister)no
Lord Radice Labno
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLabno
Baroness Rendell of BaberghLab (minister)no
Lord Richard Lab (minister)no
Lord Rooker Lab (minister)no
Lord Rosser Lab (minister)no
Lord Rowlands Lab (minister)no
Baroness Royall of BlaisdonLab (minister)tellno
Lord Sawyer Labno
Lord Sewel Lab (minister)no
Lord Sheldon Labno
Viscount Simon Lab (minister)no
Lord Snape Labno
Lord Soley Labno
Lord Stone of BlackheathLabno
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)no
Baroness Taylor of BoltonLab (minister)no
Baroness Thornton Lab (minister)no
Lord Tomlinson Labno
Lord Tunnicliffe Labno
Lord Turnberg Labno
Baroness Turner of CamdenLabno
Lord Warner Lab (minister)no
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLabno
Lord West of SpitheadLab (minister)no
Baroness Whitaker Labno
Baroness Wilkins Labno
Viscount Falkland LDemaye
Lord Addington LDem (front bench)no
Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-HamdonLDemno
Lord Avebury LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Barker LDem (front bench)no
Lord Bradshaw LDem (front bench)no
Lord Clement-Jones LDem (front bench)no
Lord Cotter LDem (front bench)no
Lord Dholakia LDem (front bench)no
Lord Dykes LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Falkner of MargravineLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Hamwee LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Harris of RichmondLDem (front bench)no
Lord Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDem (front bench)no
Lord Lee of TraffordLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Linklater of ButterstoneLDem (front bench)no
Lord Livsey of TalgarthLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Maddock LDemno
Lord Methuen LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Neuberger LDemno
Lord Razzall LDem (front bench)no
Lord Redesdale LDem (front bench)no
Lord Rennard LDemno
Lord Roberts of LlandudnoLDem (front bench)no
Lord Roper LDem (front bench)no
Lord Russell-Johnston LDemno
Lord Sharman LDem (front bench)no
Lord Smith of CliftonLDem (front bench)no
Lord Steel of AikwoodLDemno
Lord Thomas of GresfordLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Thomas of WalliswoodLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Thomas of WinchesterLDem (front bench)no
Lord Tordoff LDemno
Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Walmsley LDem (front bench)no
Baroness Williams of CrosbyLDemno
Lord McAlpine of West GreenOtheraye
Lord Laird UUPaye

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