Policy #1067: "Alcohol Liberalisation"

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Someone who believes that alcohol should be cheaper, subject to less restrictions and more widely available throughout the day would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons28 Jul 1997Finance Bill — Rate of duty on spirits minority
Commons23 Mar 1998Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — 2. Beer (rate of duty) minority
Commons15 Mar 1999Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — 2. Sparkling cider (rate of duty) minority
Commons27 Mar 2000Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — 2. Beer (rate of duty) minority
Commons4 Jul 2002Finance Bill — [2nd Allotted Day] — Clause 3 — Duty on beverages made with spirits to be at spirits rates minority
Commons24 Mar 2003Licensing Bill — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons25 Jan 2005Licensing Act 2003 Majority (strong)
Commons12 Jul 2005Licensing Act 2003 Majority
Commons24 Oct 2005Licensing Laws Majority (strong)
Commons24 Oct 2005Licensing Laws Majority (strong)
Commons14 Nov 2005Violent Crime Reduction Bill — Clause 1 — Drinking Banning Orders minority
Commons15 Nov 2005Licensing Act 2003 (S.I. 2005, No. 2091) Majority (strong)
Commons18 Mar 2008Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — Rates of Duty on Alcoholic Liquor minority
Commons14 May 2008Deferred Divisions — The Local Authorities (Alcohol Disorder Zones) Regulations 2008 minority
Commons12 May 2009Finance Bill — Clause 11 — Rates of alcoholic liquor duty minority
Commons7 Jul 2009Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry — Clause 11 — Rates of alcoholic liquor duty minority

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