Policy #6729: "Minumum Wage"

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Someone who believes that There should be a minimum wage and it ought be higher would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons16 Dec 1997National Minimum Wage Bill Majority (strong)
Commons17 Jun 2011Employment Opportunities Bill — Second Reading — Removal of Restrictions on Foreign Nationals Working — Allow Opt-Out from Minimum Wage Majority (strong)
Commons25 Oct 2011Public Bodies Bill — Schedule 1 — Power to Abolish Agricultural Wages Board minority
Commons24 Apr 2013Abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board minority
Commons15 Jan 2014Opposition Day — Banking — National Minimum Wage minority (strong)
Commons15 Jan 2014Opposition Day — Banking — National Minimum Wage abstain
Commons5 Feb 2014Opposition Day — Employment Rights — Strategy for Creating Higher Skilled Better Paid Jobs minority (strong)
Commons11 Jun 2014Queen's Speech — Raising National Minimum Wage Faster than Average Earnings minority (strong)
Commons12 Jun 2014Queen's Speech — The Economy and Living Standards minority (strong)
Commons15 Oct 2014Opposition Day — National Minimum Wage minority (strong)
Commons19 Nov 2014Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill — Clause 144 — Report on National Minimum Wage — Enforcement abstain
Commons26 Nov 2014Opposition Day — The Economy — Minimum Wage — Childcare — Business Rates — Infrastructure — Building New Homes minority (strong)
Commons17 Dec 2014Opposition Day — Measures to Reduce Dependency on Food Banks minority (strong)
Commons14 Jul 2015Summer Budget 2015 Majority (strong)
Commons29 Jun 2017Queen's Speech — Energy Prices — Europe — Tuition Fees — Public Sector Pay — Minimum Wage — Student Grants minority
Commons29 Jun 2017Queen's Speech — Programme of Legislation abstain

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