Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill — Report (4th Day) — 13 Jul 2011 at 22:11


Moved by Baroness Browning

That the Bill be now further considered on Report.

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Party Summary

Votes by party, red entries are votes against the majority for that party.

What is Tell? '+1 tell' means that in addition one member of that party was a teller for that division lobby.

What is Turnout? This is measured against the total membership of the party at the time of the vote.

PartyMajority (Not-Content)Minority (Content)Turnout
Con95 (+1 tell) 042.3%
Crossbench8 46.2%
DUP0 250.0%
Lab0 44 (+2 tell)18.3%
LDem44 (+1 tell) 247.5%
UUP2 050.0%
Total:149 5226.3%

All lords Eligible to Vote - sorted by name

Includes lords who were absent (or abstained) from this vote.

Sort by: Name | Party | Vote

Aberdare Crossbenchabsent
Adams of CraigieleaLababsent
Addington LDemno
Adebowale Crossbenchabsent
Adonis Lababsent
Afshar Crossbenchabsent
Ahmad of WimbledonConabsent
Ahmed Lababsent
Alderdice LDemno
Allan of HallamLDemabsent
Allenby of MegiddoCrossbenchabsent
Alli Lababsent
Alliance LDemabsent
Alton of LiverpoolCrossbenchabsent
Amos Lababsent
Anderson of SwanseaLababsent
Andrews Lababsent
Anelay of St JohnsContellno
Archer of SandwellLababsent
Archer of Weston-Super-MareOtherabsent
Armstrong of Hill TopLababsent
Armstrong of IlminsterCrossbenchabsent
The of ArranConabsent
Ashcroft Conabsent
Ashdown of Norton-sub-HamdonLDemno
Ashley of StokeLababsent
Ashton of UphollandLababsent
Astor Conno
Astor of HeverConno
Attenborough Lababsent
Attlee Conno
Avebury LDemabsent
Bach Lababsent
Baker of DorkingConabsent
Bakewell Lababsent
Baldwin of BewdleyCrossbenchabsent
Ballyedmond Crossbenchabsent
Bannside DUPaye
Barber of TewkesburyCrossbenchabsent
Barker LDemno
Barnett Lababsent
Bassam of BrightonLabtellaye
Bates Conabsent
The of Bath and WellsBishopabsent
Beecham Labaye
Bell Conabsent
Benjamin LDemno
Berkeley Labaye
Berridge Conno
Best Crossbenchno
Bew Crossbenchno
Bhatia Crossbenchabsent
Bhattacharyya Lababsent
Bichard Crossbenchabsent
Bilimoria Crossbenchabsent
Billingham Lababsent
Bilston Labaye
The of BirminghamBishopabsent
Birt Crossbenchabsent
Black of BrentwoodConno
The of BlackburnBishopabsent
Black of CrossharbourConabsent
Blackstone Lababsent
Blackwell Conno
Blair of BoughtonCrossbenchabsent
Blencathra Conno
Blood Lababsent
Blyth of RowingtonConabsent
Boateng Lababsent
Bonham-Carter of YarnburyLDemno
Boothroyd Crossbenchabsent
Borrie Lababsent
Boston of FavershamCrossbenchabsent
Boswell of AynhoConno
Bottomley of NettlestoneConabsent
Bowness Conabsent
Boyce Crossbenchabsent
Boyd of DuncansbyLabaye
Brabazon of TaraCrossbenchabsent
Bradley Lababsent
Bradshaw LDemabsent
Bragg Lababsent
Bramall Crossbenchabsent
Brennan Lababsent
Brett Lababsent
Bridgeman Conno
Bridges Crossbenchabsent
Briggs Crossbenchabsent
Brinton LDemno
The of BristolBishopabsent
Brittan of SpennithorneConabsent
Broers Crossbenchabsent
Brooke of AlverthorpeLabaye
Brookeborough Crossbenchabsent
Brooke of Sutton MandevilleConno
Brookman Labaye
Brooks of TremorfaLababsent
Brougham and Vaux Conno
Browne-Wilkinson Crossbenchabsent
Brown of Eaton-under-HeywoodJudgeabsent
Browne of BelmontDUPabsent
Browne of LadytonLabaye
Browne of MadingleyCrossbenchabsent
Browning Conno
Burnett LDemno
Burns Crossbenchabsent
Buscombe Conabsent
Butler-Sloss Crossbenchabsent
Butler of BrockwellCrossbenchabsent
Byford Conno
The of CaithnessConabsent
Cameron of DillingtonCrossbenchabsent
Cameron of LochbroomCrossbenchabsent
Campbell-Savours Labaye
Campbell of AllowayConabsent
Campbell of LoughboroughCrossbenchabsent
Campbell of SurbitonCrossbenchabsent
The of CanterburyBishopabsent
Carey of CliftonCrossbenchabsent
Carlile of BerriewLDemaye
Carr of HadleyConabsent
Carrington Conabsent
Carswell Crossbenchabsent
Carter of BarnesLababsent
Carter of ColesLababsent
Cathcart Conno
Cavendish of FurnessConabsent
Chadlington Conno
Chalfont Crossbenchabsent
Chalker of WallaseyConabsent
Chandos Lababsent
The of ChesterBishopabsent
The of ChichesterBishopabsent
Chidgey LDemabsent
Chilver Conabsent
Chitnis Crossbenchabsent
The of CholmondeleyCrossbenchabsent
Chorley Crossbenchabsent
Christopher Lababsent
Clancarty Crossbenchabsent
Clark of CaltonJudgeabsent
Clarke of HampsteadLababsent
Clarke of Stone-cum-EbonyJudgeabsent
Clark of WindermereLababsent
Clement-Jones LDemno
Clinton-Davis Lababsent
Cobbold Crossbenchabsent
Coe Conabsent
Cohen of PimlicoLababsent
Collins of HighburyLababsent
Collins of MapesburyJudgeabsent
Colwyn Conno
Condon Crossbenchabsent
Cope of BerkeleyConno
Corbett of Castle ValeLababsent
Cormack Conabsent
Corston Lababsent
Cotter LDemabsent
The of CourtownConabsent
Coussins Crossbenchabsent
Cox Crossbenchabsent
Craigavon Crossbenchabsent
Craig of RadleyCrossbenchabsent
Crathorne Conabsent
The of Crawford and BalcarresConabsent
Crawley Labaye
Crickhowell Conabsent
Crisp Crossbenchabsent
Croham Crossbenchabsent
Cullen of WhitekirkCrossbenchabsent
Cumberlege Conno
Cunningham of FellingLababsent
Currie of MaryleboneCrossbenchabsent
D'Souza Crossbenchno
Dannatt Crossbenchabsent
Darzi of DenhamLababsent
Davidson of Glen ClovaLababsent
Davies of AbersochLababsent
Davies of CoityLababsent
Davies of OldhamLababsent
Davies of StamfordLabaye
de Mauley Conno
Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLababsent
Dear Crossbenchno
Deben Conabsent
Deech Crossbenchaye
Denham Conno
The of DerbyBishopabsent
Desai Labaye
Dholakia LDemabsent
Dixon Lababsent
Dixon-Smith Conno
Dobbs Conno
Donaghy Lababsent
Donoughue Lababsent
Doocey LDemabsent
Drake Lababsent
Drayson Lababsent
Dubs Labaye
The of DundeeConno
Dykes LDemno
Eames Crossbenchabsent
Eaton Conno
Eatwell Lababsent
Eccles Conabsent
Eccles of MoultonConabsent
Eden of WintonConno
Edmiston Conabsent
Elder Labaye
Elis-Thomas Crossbenchabsent
Elton Conabsent
Elystan-Morgan Crossbenchabsent
Emerton Crossbenchabsent
Empey UUPno
The of ErrollCrossbenchabsent
Evans of ParksideLababsent
Evans of Temple GuitingLababsent
Evans of WatfordLababsent
The of ExeterBishopabsent
Ezra LDemabsent
Falconer of ThorotonLababsent
Falkender Lababsent
Falkland LDemabsent
Falkner of MargravineLDemno
Farrington of RibbletonLabaye
Faulkner of WorcesterLabaye
Faulks Conno
Fearn LDemabsent
Feldman Conabsent
Feldman of ElstreeConno
Fellowes Crossbenchabsent
Fellowes of West StaffordConno
Ferrers Conabsent
Filkin Lababsent
Fink Conno
Finlay of LlandaffCrossbenchaye
Flather Conabsent
Flight Conno
Fookes Conno
Ford Lababsent
Forsyth of DrumleanConabsent
Foster of Bishop AucklandLababsent
Foulkes of CumnockLabaye
Fowler Conabsent
Framlingham Conabsent
Fraser of CarmyllieConno
Freeman Conabsent
Freud Conno
Freyberg Crossbenchabsent
Fritchie Crossbenchabsent
Gale Lababsent
Garden of FrognalLDemno
Gardiner of KimbleConno
Gardner of ParkesConabsent
Garel-Jones Conno
Gavron Lababsent
Geddes Conno
German LDemno
Gibson of Market RasenLababsent
Giddens Lababsent
Gilbert Lababsent
The of GlasgowLDemabsent
Glasman Lababsent
Glenamara Lababsent
Glenarthur Conno
Glendonbrook Conabsent
Glentoran Conabsent
The of GloucesterBishopabsent
Goff of ChieveleyCrossbenchabsent
Gold Conno
Golding Lababsent
Goldsmith Lababsent
Goodhart LDemabsent
Goodlad Conabsent
Gordon of StrathblaneLababsent
Goschen Conabsent
Goudie Lababsent
Gould of BrookwoodLababsent
Gould of PotternewtonLabaye
Grabiner Lababsent
Grade of YarmouthConabsent
Graham of EdmontonLababsent
Grantchester Labaye
Greaves LDemabsent
Greenfield Crossbenchabsent
Greengross Crossbenchabsent
Green of HurstpierpointConno
Greenway Crossbenchabsent
Grenfell Otherabsent
Grey-Thompson Crossbenchno
Griffiths Crossbenchabsent
Griffiths of Burry PortLababsent
Griffiths of FforestfachConabsent
Grocott Lababsent
The of GuildfordBishopabsent
Guthrie of CraigiebankCrossbenchabsent
Habgood Crossbenchabsent
Hale of RichmondJudgeabsent
Hall of BirkenheadCrossbenchabsent
Hameed Crossbenchabsent
Hamilton of EpsomConabsent
Hamwee LDemno
Hanham Conno
Hannay of ChiswickCrossbenchabsent
Hanningfield Conabsent
Hanworth Lababsent
Hardie Judgeabsent
Harries of PentregarthCrossbenchabsent
Harris of HaringeyLabaye
Harrison Lababsent
Harris of PeckhamConabsent
Harris of RichmondLDemaye
Hart of ChiltonLababsent
Haskel Lababsent
Haskins Crossbenchabsent
Hastings of ScarisbrickCrossbenchabsent
Hattersley Lababsent
Haworth Labaye
Hayhoe Conabsent
Hayman Non-affiliatedabsent
Hayter of Kentish TownLababsent
Healey Lababsent
Healy of Primrose HillLababsent
Henig Labaye
Henley Conno
Hennessy of NympsfieldCrossbenchabsent
The of HerefordBishopabsent
Heseltine Conabsent
Heyhoe Flint Conno
Higgins Conno
Hill of OarefordConno
Hilton of EggardonLababsent
Hodgson of Astley AbbottsConno
Hoffmann Crossbenchabsent
Hogg Conabsent
Hollick Lababsent
Hollins Crossbenchabsent
Hollis of HeighamLababsent
The of HomeConno
Hooper Conabsent
Hooson LDemabsent
Hope of CraigheadJudgeabsent
Hope of ThornesCrossbenchabsent
Howard of LympneConabsent
Howard of RisingConno
Howarth of BrecklandCrossbenchabsent
Howarth of NewportLabaye
Howe Conno
Howe of AberavonConabsent
Howe of IdlicoteCrossbenchabsent
Howell of GuildfordConno
Howells of St DavidsLababsent
Howie of TroonLababsent
Hoyle Lababsent
Hughes of StretfordLababsent
Hughes of WoodsideLababsent
Hunt of ChestertonLababsent
Hunt of Kings HeathLabaye
Hunt of WirralConno
Hurd of WestwellConabsent
Hussain LDemabsent
Hussein-Ece LDemno
Hutchinson of LullingtonLDemabsent
Hutton Crossbenchabsent
Hutton of FurnessLababsent
Hylton Crossbenchabsent
Imbert Crossbenchabsent
Inge Crossbenchabsent
Inglewood Conabsent
Irvine of LairgLababsent
Jacobs LDemabsent
James of BlackheathConno
James of Holland ParkConabsent
Janner of BraunstoneLababsent
Janvrin Crossbenchabsent
Jay of EwelmeCrossbenchabsent
Jay of PaddingtonLababsent
Jenkin of KenningtonConno
Jenkin of RodingConno
Joffe Crossbenchabsent
Jolly LDemabsent
Jones Lababsent
Jones of BirminghamCrossbenchabsent
Jones of CheltenhamLDemabsent
Jones of WhitchurchLabaye
Jopling Conabsent
Jordan Lababsent
Judd Lababsent
Judge Judgeabsent
Kakkar Crossbenchabsent
Kalms Conabsent
Kennedy of SouthwarkLababsent
Kennedy of The ShawsLababsent
Kerr of KinlochardCrossbenchabsent
Kerr of TonaghmoreJudgeabsent
Kestenbaum Lababsent
Kilclooney Crossbenchaye
Kilpatrick of KincraigCrossbenchabsent
Kimball Conabsent
King of BowLababsent
King of BridgwaterConabsent
Kingsdown Crossbenchabsent
Kingsmill Labaye
King of West BromwichLababsent
Kinnock Lababsent
Kinnock of HolyheadLababsent
Kirkham Conabsent
Kirkhill Lababsent
Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDemno
Knight of CollingtreeConno
Knights Crossbenchabsent
Knight of WeymouthLababsent
Kramer LDemno
Krebs Crossbenchabsent
Laird UUPabsent
Laming Crossbenchabsent
Lamont of LerwickConno
Lang of MonktonConno
Lawson of BlabyConno
Layard Labaye
Leach of FairfordConabsent
Lea of CrondallLababsent
Lee of TraffordLDemno
The of LeicesterBishopabsent
Leitch Lababsent
Lester of Herne HillLDemabsent
Levene of PortsokenCrossbenchabsent
Levy Lababsent
Lewis of NewnhamCrossbenchabsent
Lexden Conno
The of LichfieldBishopabsent
Liddell of CoatdykeLababsent
Liddle Labaye
The of LindsayConabsent
Lingfield Conno
Linklater of ButterstoneLDemno
Lipsey Lababsent
Lister of BurtersettLababsent
The of ListowelCrossbenchabsent
The of LiverpoolBishopabsent
The of LiverpoolConabsent
Lloyd-Webber Conabsent
Lloyd of BerwickCrossbenchabsent
Lockwood Lababsent
Lofthouse of PontefractLababsent
The of LondonBishopabsent
Loomba LDemno
The of LothianConabsent
Low of DalstonCrossbenchabsent
Lucas Conabsent
Luce Crossbenchabsent
Ludford LDemabsent
Luke Conno
Lyell Conno
The of LyttonCrossbenchabsent
Macaulay of BragarLababsent
Macdonald of River GlavenLDemno
Macdonald of TradestonLababsent
Macfarlane of BearsdenConabsent
MacGregor of Pulham MarketConno
Mackay of ClashfernConabsent
Mackay of DrumadoonJudgeabsent
MacKenzie of CulkeinLababsent
Mackenzie of FramwellgateLababsent
Mackie of BenshieLDemabsent
MacLaurin of KnebworthConabsent
Maclennan of RogartLDemabsent
Maddock LDemno
Magan of CastletownConabsent
Maginnis of DrumglassUUPno
Mallalieu Lababsent
Malloch-Brown Lababsent
Mance Judgeabsent
The of ManchesterBishopabsent
Mancroft Conabsent
Mandelson Lababsent
Manningham-Buller Crossbenchabsent
Maples Conabsent
The of MarCrossbenchabsent
The of Mar and KellieLDemno
Marks of Henley-on-ThamesLDemabsent
Marland Conno
Marlesford Conno
Marsh Crossbenchabsent
Marshall of KnightsbridgeCrossbenchabsent
Martin of SpringburnCrossbenchabsent
Masham of IltonCrossbenchabsent
Mason of BarnsleyLababsent
Massey of DarwenLababsent
Mawhinney Conabsent
Mawson Crossbenchabsent
Maxton Labaye
Mayhew of TwysdenConno
May of OxfordCrossbenchabsent
McAvoy Labaye
McCarthy Lababsent
McCluskey Crossbenchabsent
McColl of DulwichConno
McConnell of GlenscorrodaleLababsent
McDonagh Lababsent
McFall of AlcluithLababsent
McFarlane of LlandaffCrossbenchabsent
McIntosh of HudnallLabaye
McKenzie of LutonLababsent
McNally LDemabsent
Meacher Crossbenchabsent
Methuen LDemabsent
Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDemabsent
Miller of HendonConabsent
Millett Crossbenchabsent
Mitchell Lababsent
Mogg Crossbenchabsent
Molyneaux of KilleadCrossbenchabsent
Monks Lababsent
Montagu of BeaulieuConabsent
Montgomery of AlameinCrossbenchabsent
The of MontroseConabsent
Moonie Lababsent
Moore of Lower MarshConabsent
Moran Crossbenchabsent
Morgan Lababsent
Morgan of DrefelinCrossbenchabsent
Morgan of ElyLababsent
Morgan of HuytonLababsent
Morris of AberavonLababsent
Morris of BoltonConno
Morris of HandsworthLababsent
Morris of ManchesterLababsent
Morris of YardleyLababsent
Morrow DUPabsent
Moser Crossbenchabsent
Moynihan Conabsent
Murphy Crossbenchabsent
Mustill Crossbenchabsent
Myners Lababsent
Naseby Conabsent
Neill of BladenCrossbenchabsent
Neuberger LDemabsent
Neuberger of AbbotsburyJudgeabsent
Neville-Jones Conabsent
Newby LDemabsent
The of NewcastleBishopabsent
Newlove Conabsent
Newton of BraintreeConabsent
Nicholls of BirkenheadCrossbenchabsent
Nicholson of WinterbourneLDemabsent
Nickson Crossbenchabsent
Nicol Lababsent
Noakes Conabsent
Noon Lababsent
The of NorfolkCrossbenchabsent
Northbourne Crossbenchabsent
Northbrook Conabsent
Northfield Lababsent
Northover LDemno
Norton of LouthConno
The of NorwichBishopabsent
Nye Lababsent
O'Cathain Conno
O'Loan Crossbenchaye
O'Neill of BengarveCrossbenchabsent
O'Neill of ClackmannanLabaye
Oakeshott of Seagrove BayLDemabsent
Oppenheim-Barnes Conabsent
Ouseley Crossbenchabsent
Owen Crossbenchabsent
Oxburgh Crossbenchabsent
The of OxfordBishopabsent
Paisley of St George'sDUPaye
Palmer Crossbenchabsent
Palmer of Childs HillLDemno
Palumbo Conabsent
Pannick Crossbenchno
Parekh Lababsent
Parkinson Conabsent
Parminter LDemno
Patel Crossbenchabsent
Patel of BlackburnLababsent
Patel of BradfordCrossbenchabsent
Patten Conabsent
Patten of BarnesConabsent
Paul Lababsent
Pearson of RannochUKIPabsent
Peel Conabsent
Pendry Lababsent
Perry of SouthwarkConno
Peston Lababsent
Phillips of SudburyLDemabsent
Phillips of Worth MatraversJudgeabsent
Pitkeathley Lababsent
Plant of HighfieldLababsent
Platt of WrittleConabsent
Plumb Conabsent
Ponsonby of ShulbredeLababsent
Popat Conabsent
Powell of BayswaterCrossbenchabsent
Prashar Crossbenchabsent
Prescott Lababsent
Prior Conabsent
Prosser Lababsent
Prys-Davies Lababsent
Puttnam Lababsent
Quin Lababsent
Quirk Crossbenchabsent
Radice Lababsent
Ramsay of CartvaleLabaye
Ramsbotham Crossbenchno
Rana Crossbenchabsent
Randall of St BudeauxLababsent
Randerson LDemno
Rawlings Conno
Razzall LDemno
Rea Lababsent
Reay Conno
Redesdale LDemabsent
Rees-Mogg Crossbenchabsent
Rees of LudlowCrossbenchabsent
Reid of CardowanLababsent
Rendell of BaberghLababsent
Renfrew of KaimsthornConabsent
Rennard LDemno
Renton of Mount HarryConabsent
Renwick of CliftonLababsent
Ribeiro Conabsent
Richard Lababsent
Richardson of CalowCrossbenchabsent
The of Ripon and LeedsBishopabsent
Risby Conno
Ritchie of BromptonConabsent
Rix Crossbenchabsent
Roberts of ConwyConabsent
Roberts of LlandudnoLDemno
Robertson of Port EllenCrossbenchabsent
Rodgers of Quarry BankLDemabsent
Rogan UUPabsent
Rogers of RiversideLababsent
Rooker Lababsent
Roper LDemabsent
Rosser Labaye
The of RosslynCrossbenchabsent
Rotherwick Conabsent
Rowe-Beddoe Crossbenchabsent
Rowlands Lababsent
Royall of BlaisdonLabaye
Ryder of WensumConno
Saatchi Conabsent
Sacks Crossbenchabsent
Sainsbury of Preston CandoverConabsent
Sainsbury of TurvilleLababsent
The of SalisburyOtherabsent
Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbenchabsent
Sandberg LDemabsent
Sanderson of BowdenConabsent
The of SandwichCrossbenchabsent
Sassoon Conno
Saville of NewdigateCrossbenchabsent
Sawyer Labaye
Scotland of AsthalLababsent
Scott of FoscoteCrossbenchabsent
Scott of Needham MarketLDemno
Seccombe Conno
The of SelborneConabsent
Selkirk of DouglasConno
Selsdon Conabsent
Sewel Labaye
Shackleton of BelgraviaConno
Sharkey LDemabsent
Sharman LDemabsent
Sharp of GuildfordLDemno
Sharples Conabsent
Shaw of NorthsteadConno
Sheikh Conabsent
Sheldon Lababsent
Shephard of NorthwoldConabsent
Sheppard of DidgemereConabsent
Sherlock Lababsent
Shipley LDemno
The of ShrewsburyConno
Shutt of GreetlandLDemtellno
Simon Labaye
Simon of HighburyLababsent
Simpson of DunkeldLababsent
Skelmersdale Conabsent
Skidelsky Crossbenchabsent
Slim Crossbenchabsent
Smith of BasildonLabaye
Smith of CliftonLDemabsent
Smith of FinsburyLababsent
Smith of GilmorehillLababsent
Smith of KelvinCrossbenchabsent
Smith of LeighLababsent
Snape Lababsent
The of SnowdonCrossbenchabsent
Soley Labaye
Soulsby of Swaffham PriorConabsent
Spicer Conno
The of St Edmundsbury and IpswichBishopabsent
St John of BletsoCrossbenchabsent
St John of FawsleyConabsent
The of StairCrossbenchabsent
Stedman-Scott Conno
Steel of AikwoodLDemabsent
Stephen LDemabsent
Sterling of PlaistowConabsent
Stern Crossbenchabsent
Stern of BrentfordCrossbenchabsent
Stevens of KirkwhelpingtonCrossbenchabsent
Stevens of LudgateConabsent
Stevenson of BalmacaraLabaye
Stevenson of CoddenhamCrossbenchabsent
Stewartby Conno
Steyn Crossbenchabsent
Stirrup Crossbenchabsent
Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labourabsent
Stone of BlackheathLababsent
Stoneham of DroxfordLDemno
Storey LDemabsent
Stowell of BeestonConno
Strasburger LDemno
Strathclyde Conno
Sugar Lababsent
Sutherland of HoundwoodCrossbenchabsent
Swinfen Conabsent
Symons of Vernham DeanLababsent
Tanlaw Crossbenchabsent
Taverne LDemabsent
Taylor of BlackburnLababsent
Taylor of BoltonLabaye
Taylor of Goss MoorLDemabsent
Taylor of HolbeachConno
Taylor of WarwickNon-affiliatedabsent
Tebbit Conno
Temple-Morris Lababsent
Templeman Crossbenchabsent
Tenby Crossbenchabsent
Teverson LDemabsent
Thatcher Conabsent
Thomas of GresfordLDemno
Thomas of MacclesfieldLababsent
Thomas of SwynnertonCrossbenchabsent
Thomas of WalliswoodLDemabsent
Thomas of WinchesterLDemabsent
Thornton Labaye
Tombs Crossbenchabsent
Tomlinson Lababsent
Tonge LDemabsent
Tope LDemno
Tordoff LDemabsent
Touhig Lababsent
Trefgarne Conabsent
Trenchard Conabsent
Triesman Lababsent
Trimble Conabsent
True Conno
Trumpington Conabsent
Truscott Lababsent
Tugendhat Conabsent
Tunnicliffe Labtellaye
Turnberg Labaye
Turnbull Crossbenchabsent
Turner of CamdenLababsent
Turner of EcchinswellCrossbenchabsent
Tyler LDemno
Tyler of EnfieldLDemno
Uddin Lababsent
Ullswater Conno
Vadera Lababsent
Valentine Crossbenchabsent
Vallance of TummelLDemabsent
Verma Conno
Vincent of ColeshillCrossbenchabsent
Vinson Conabsent
Waddington Conabsent
Wade of ChorltonConabsent
The of WakefieldBishopabsent
Wakeham Conabsent
Waldegrave of North HillConabsent
Walker of AldringhamCrossbenchabsent
Walker of GestingthorpeJudgeabsent
Wallace of SaltaireLDemno
Wallace of TankernessLDemno
Wall of New BarnetLababsent
Walmsley LDemno
Walpole Crossbenchabsent
Walton of DetchantCrossbenchabsent
Warner Lababsent
Warnock Crossbenchabsent
Warsi Conabsent
Warwick of UndercliffeLababsent
Wasserman Conno
Watson of InvergowrieLababsent
Watson of RichmondLDemabsent
Waverley Crossbenchabsent
Wedderburn of CharltonCrossbenchabsent
Wei Conabsent
Weidenfeld Crossbenchabsent
West of SpitheadLababsent
Wheatcroft Conno
Wheeler Lababsent
Whitaker Lababsent
Whitty Labaye
Wigley PCabsent
Wilcox Conno
Wilkins Lababsent
Williams of BaglanLababsent
Williams of CrosbyLDemno
Williams of ElvelLababsent
Williamson of HortonCrossbenchno
Willis of KnaresboroughLDemno
Willoughby de Broke UKIPabsent
Wills Lababsent
Wilson of DintonCrossbenchabsent
Wilson of TillyornCrossbenchabsent
Winston Lababsent
Wolfson of Aspley GuiseConno
Wolfson of SunningdaleConabsent
Wood of AnfieldLababsent
Woolf Crossbenchabsent
Woolmer of LeedsLababsent
Worthington Lababsent
Wright of RichmondCrossbenchabsent
The of YorkBishopabsent
Younger of LeckieConno
Young of GraffhamConabsent
Young of HornseyCrossbenchabsent
Young of Norwood GreenLababsent
Young of Old SconeOtherabsent

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