[S1M-700.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time — 30 Mar 2000 at 17:01

This looks like the vote on S1M-700.2

The description in the bulletin on 2000-03-30 is:

*S1M-719# Dorothy-Grace Elder: Thalidomide: 40 Years On—That the Parliament expresses its deep concern about the increased suffering of, and lack of financial aid to, surviving thalidomide victims in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK; believes that Diageo, as the multi-national company which took over Distillers, which originally marketed the drug thalidomide which caused children to be born without arms or legs or with other severe disabilities, should aid these 456 victims urgently; notes that Diageo made a £2.8 billion profit in 1999, while the Thalidomide Trust had to pay £1 million in tax; believes that the Trust was set up inadequately and that it should not have to pay taxes from its income, and further believes that Diageo should intervene to alleviate this situation, especially given that it owns some of the most profitable companies and brand names in the world, including Guinness, Burger King, Häagen Dazs and various whisky firms. *S1M-718# Irene Oldfather: Relocation of Maternity Units—That the Parliament notes the proposed relocation of maternity wards throughout Scotland, including the Ayrshire Central Maternity Unit, Irvine; further notes the concerns of the communities affected; believes that any review of services should take into account all relevant factors, including the wishes of those communities and the effect of such closures on mothers and the local economy, and further believes that all agencies concerned should engage in full consultation with those affected, and take every factor into account when taking such decisions. *S1M-717 David McLetchie: Holyrood—That the Parliament, in order to better inform its financial decision on the location, design, specification and cost of its permanent home, instructs the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body to commission a study of alternative sites and designsincorporating cost estimates, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to co-operate fully with that study and to publish a report on financing options for the new Parliament building. Supported by: Alex Fergusson*, Mr Murray Tosh*, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton*, Phil Gallie*, John Scott*, Mr Keith Harding*, Mary Scanlon*, Miss Annabel Goldie*, Mr Jamie McGrigor*, Alex Johnstone*, Nick Johnston*, Ben Wallace*, Bill Aitken*, Mr David Davidson*, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh* *S1M-716 Mr Jack McConnell: National Parks (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution—That the Parliament for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the National Parks (Scotland) Bill, agrees to— (a) the expenditure out of the Scottish Consolidated Fund of the expenses of the Scottish Ministers in consequence of the Act, and (b) payments by National Park authorities to the Scottish Ministers. *S1M-707.1 Mr Frank McAveety: Housing Energy Efficiency—As an amendment to motion (S1M-707) in the name of Robin Harper, leave out from "calls upon" to end and insert "commends the Executive for its Healthy Homes Initiative as pledged in the Partnership for Scotland and the Programme for Government; commends the Warm Deal; welcomes the investment in improving Scotland’s housing; welcomes the Executive’s agreement in principle to the introduction of sellers’ surveys, including an energy efficiency assessment; notes favourably the proposals for reforming the Improvement Grant system and amending the Building Regulations to require higher standards of energy efficiency, and recognises that these initiatives show the Executive’s firm commitment to tackling fuel poverty and its effects and meeting climate change objectives." S1M-702 Public Register of Approved Carers (lodged on 28 March 2000) Shona Robison*, Dr Elaine Murray* S1M-701 Ayrshire Central Maternity Unit (lodged on 28 March 2000) Irene Oldfather* *S1M-700.1 Andrew Wilson: Scottish Service Tax—As an amendment to motion (S1M-700) in the name of Tommy Sheridan, leave out from "on social" to end and insert "and calls for an independent review of local government finance to take account of this principle along with the need to support adequately local government services and local democratic accountability." Supported by: Ms Sandra White*, Mr Kenneth Gibson*, Mr John Swinney*, Fergus Ewing* *S1M-700.2 Nicol Stephen: Scottish Service Tax—As an amendment to motion (S1M-700) in the name of Tommy Sheridan, leave out from "and, in" to end and insert "and welcomes the Executive’s commitment in A Partnership for Scotland to keep under review wider issues of local government finance and notes that these matters fall within the remit of the Local Government Committee." S1M-699# Coastal Erosion Strategy (lodged on 28 March 2000) Helen Eadie*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Dr Sylvia Jackson* S1M-698 Museums of Industrial Heritage (lodged on 27 March 2000) Shona Robison* S1M-697# Training Services for Disabled People in the Lothians (lodged on 27 March 2000) Robin Harper*, Shona Robison* S1M-696# The Loch Ryan Ports and Road Infrastructure in South West Scotland (lodged on 27 March 2000) Shona Robison* S1M-694# Scottish Media Group Dispute (lodged on 24 March 2000) Shona Robison* S1M-692# Unemployment in East Ayrshire (lodged on 23 March 2000) Shona Robison* S1M-691# DAKS-Simpson (lodged on 23 March 2000) Cathy Jamieson*, Shona Robison*, Linda Fabiani*, Irene Oldfather*, Margaret Jamieson* S1M-690# Fast Ferry Across the Forth Estuary (lodged on 23 March 2000) Linda Fabiani* S1M-688 Chair of Celtic, Humboldt University, Berlin (lodged on 23 March 2000) Linda Fabiani* S1M-686# Bus Drivers' Strike (lodged on 23 March 2000) Irene Oldfather*, Margaret Jamieson* S1M-685 Take Your Daughters to Work Day (lodged on 23 March 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-672 Freedom of the Press (lodged on 21 March 2000) Linda Fabiani* S1M-670 St. Andrew's Day - National Public Holiday (lodged on 20 March 2000) Linda Fabiani* S1M-664 Lung Cancer (lodged on 15 March 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-651 Rohypnol Drug Properties (lodged on 8 March 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-641 Telecommunication Masts (lodged on 7 March 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-629 Scottish Mozambique Relief (lodged on 3 March 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-626# Glenrinnes School Closure (lodged on 2 March 2000) Bruce Crawford* S1M-622 Bank Charges (lodged on 2 March 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-620 Excell Multi-Media (lodged on 1 March 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-617 Health Provision in Scotland (lodged on 1 March 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder* S1M-616 Employment Among Older Workers (lodged on 1 March 2000) Irene Oldfather*, Margaret Jamieson* S1M-613# Grampian Country Foods Ltd (lodged on 1 March 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-599# Epilepsy (lodged on 28 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-594 Volvo Plant, Irvine (lodged on 25 February 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-591# Public Participation in Planning (lodged on 24 February 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-582 Introduction of Treatment Notes (lodged on 22 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-581 British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body (lodged on 22 February 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-578 Breast Screening for Women Aged 65 and Over (lodged on 22 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-570# Milk in Schools (lodged on 21 February 2000) Margaret Jamieson* S1M-566# Employment of Children (lodged on 18 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-565# Hospital Infections (lodged on 18 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-526 Equal Access for People with Disabilities (lodged on 9 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-495 National Minimum Wage (lodged on 2 February 2000) Irene Oldfather* S1M-492 Warm Homes Initiative (lodged on 2 February 2000) Irene Oldfather*

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Text Introducing Division:

There are 10 questions to be put to the chamber. The first question is, that amendment S1M-700.2, in the name of Nicol Stephen, which seeks to amend motion S1M-700, in the name of Tommy Sheridan, on a Scottish service tax, be agreed to. Are we all agreed?


There will be a division.

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All Votes Cast - sorted by constituency

MPs for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which MPs were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible MP including those who did not vote in this division.

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Lewis MacdonaldAberdeen CentralLabaye
Elaine ThomsonAberdeen NorthLabaye
Nicol StephenAberdeen SouthLDemaye
Karen WhitefieldAirdrie and ShottsLabaye
Andrew WelshAngusSNPno
George LyonArgyll and ButeLDemaye
John ScottAyrConaye
Alex SalmondBanff and BuchanSNP (front bench)no
Cathy JamiesonCarrick, Cumnock and Doon ValleyLabaye
Henry McLeishCentral FifeLabaye
Linda FabianiCentral ScotlandSNPno
Donald GorrieCentral ScotlandLDemaye
Michael MathesonCentral ScotlandSNPno
Lyndsay McIntoshCentral ScotlandConaye
Alex NeilCentral ScotlandSNPno
Gil PatersonCentral ScotlandSNPno
Andrew WilsonCentral ScotlandSNPno
Karen GillonClydesdaleLabaye
Elaine SmithCoatbridge and ChrystonLabaye
Cathie CraigieCumbernauld and KilsythLabaye
Allan WilsonCunninghame NorthLabaye
Irene OldfatherCunninghame SouthLabaye
Jackie BaillieDumbartonLabaye
Elaine MurrayDumfriesLabaye
John McAllionDundee EastLabaye
Kate MacleanDundee WestLabaye
Helen EadieDunfermline EastLabaye
Scott BarrieDunfermline WestLabaye
John Home RobertsonEast LothianLabaye
Kenneth MacintoshEastwoodLabaye
Sarah BoyackEdinburgh CentralLabaye
Susan DeaconEdinburgh East and MusselburghLabaye
Malcolm ChisholmEdinburgh North and LeithLabaye
Iain GrayEdinburgh PentlandsLabaye
Angus MacKayEdinburgh SouthLabaye
Margaret SmithEdinburgh WestLDemaye
Cathy PeattieFalkirk EastLabaye
Dennis CanavanFalkirk WestIndependentno
Alasdair MorganGalloway and Upper NithsdaleSNPno
Bill AitkenGlasgowConaye
Robert BrownGlasgowLDemaye
Dorothy-Grace ElderGlasgowwhilst Independentno
Kenneth GibsonGlasgowSNPno
Tommy SheridanGlasgowSSPno
Nicola SturgeonGlasgowSNPno
Sandra WhiteGlasgowSNPno
Donald DewarGlasgow AnnieslandLabaye
Margaret CurranGlasgow BailliestonLabaye
Mike WatsonGlasgow CathcartLabaye
Gordon JacksonGlasgow GovanLabaye
Patricia FergusonGlasgow MaryhillLabaye
Johann LamontGlasgow PollokLabaye
Janis HughesGlasgow RutherglenLabaye
Paul MartinGlasgow SpringburnLabaye
Nora RadcliffeGordonLDemaye
Duncan McNeilGreenock and InverclydeLabaye
Michael McMahonHamilton North and BellshillLabaye
Tom McCabeHamilton SouthLabaye
Rhoda GrantHighlands and IslandsLabaye
Maureen MacmillanHighlands and IslandsLabaye
Peter PeacockHighlands and IslandsLabaye
Mary ScanlonHighlands and IslandsConaye
Fergus EwingInverness East, Nairn and LochaberSNPno
Marilyn LivingstoneKirkcaldyLabaye
Mary MulliganLinlithgowLabaye
Bristow MuldoonLivingstonLabaye
Lord James [Missing last name for 80261]LothiansConaye
Fiona HyslopLothiansSNPno
Kenny MacAskillLothiansSNPno
Margo MacDonaldLothianswhilst Independentno
David McLetchieLothiansConaye
Keith HardingMid Scotland and FifeConaye
Nick JohnstonMid Scotland and FifeConaye
Tricia MarwickMid Scotland and FifeSNPno
Brian MonteithMid Scotland and FifeConaye
George ReidMid Scotland and FifeSNPno
Rhona BrankinMidlothianLabaye
Rt Hon Jack McConnellMotherwell and WishawLabaye
Iain SmithNorth East FifeLDemaye
David DavidsonNorth East ScotlandConaye
Alex JohnstoneNorth East ScotlandConaye
Richard LochheadNorth East ScotlandSNPno
Irene McGuganNorth East ScotlandSNPno
John SwinneyNorth TaysideSNPno
Richard SimpsonOchilLabaye
Jim WallaceOrkney IslandsLDemaye
Wendy AlexanderPaisley NorthLabaye
Hugh HenryPaisley SouthLabaye
Roseanna CunninghamPerthSNPno
Euan RobsonRoxburgh and BerwickshireLDemaye
Alex FergussonSouth of ScotlandConaye
Phil GallieSouth of ScotlandConaye
Christine GrahameSouth of ScotlandSNPno
Adam IngramSouth of ScotlandSNPno
David MundellSouth of ScotlandConaye
Murray ToshSouth of ScotlandConaye
Sylvia JacksonStirlingLabaye
Ian JenkinsTweeddale, Ettrick and LauderdaleLDemaye
Mike RumblesWest Aberdeenshire and KincardineLDemaye
Colin CampbellWest of ScotlandSNPno
Annabel GoldieWest of ScotlandConaye
Fiona McLeodWest of ScotlandSNPno
Lloyd QuinanWest of ScotlandSNPno
Kay UllrichWest of ScotlandSNPno
John YoungWest of ScotlandConaye
Trish GodmanWest RenfrewshireLabaye
Alasdair MorrisonWestern IslesLabaye

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