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Angus MacDonald

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NameFromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)
Angus MacDonald (show only their votes) 7 May 2016 still in office SNP votes out of votes out of
Angus MacDonald (show only their votes) 6 May 2011 23 Mar 2016 SNP votes out of votes out of
Cathy Peattie (show only their votes) 3 May 2007 23 Mar 2011 Lab 7 votes out of 539, 1.3% 539 votes out of 606, 88.9%
Cathy Peattie (show only their votes) 1 May 2003 2 Apr 2007 Lab 8 votes out of 1310, 0.6% 1310 votes out of 1411, 92.8%
Cathy Peattie (show only their votes) 6 May 1999 31 Mar 2003 Lab 13 votes out of 1189, 1.1% 1189 votes out of 1287, 92.4%

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Votes in parliament for which this MSP's vote differed from the majority vote of their party (Rebel), or in which this MSP was a teller (Teller), or both (Rebel Teller).

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Votes by Angus MacDonald MP
HouseDateSubjectAngus MacDonaldSNP VoteRôle
no rebellions, never teller
Votes by Angus MacDonald MP
HouseDateSubjectAngus MacDonaldSNP VoteRôle
no rebellions, never teller
Votes by Cathy Peattie MP
HouseDateSubjectCathy PeattieLab VoteRôle
Scotland10 Dec 2009[S3M-5379.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time minorityno Rebel
Scotland5 Mar 2009[S3M-3584] Decision Time Majorityabstention Rebel
Scotland5 Mar 2009[S3M-3584.1.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityno Rebel
Scotland18 Dec 2008[S3M-3124.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time Majorityaye Rebel
Scotland2 Oct 2008[S3M-2631] Decision Time Majorityno Rebel
Scotland21 Jun 2007[S3M-204] Decision Time minorityno Rebel
Scotland14 Jun 2007[S3M-169] Decision Time Majorityabstention Rebel
Votes by Cathy Peattie MP
HouseDateSubjectCathy PeattieLab VoteRôle
Scotland7 Mar 2007Business Motion — Section 1 — Large shops not to open on Christmas Day or New Year's Day minorityaye Rebel
Scotland7 Dec 2006Adoption and Children (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 — After section 9 Majorityaye Rebel
Scotland16 Nov 2006Planning etc (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 — Section 46B — Equal opportunities abstentionno Rebel
Scotland4 May 2006[S2M-3866] Decision Time minorityno Rebel
Scotland4 May 2006[S2M-3866.4 (Amendment)] Decision Time abstentionaye Rebel
Scotland8 Dec 2004[S2M-2117] Decision Time abstentionaye Rebel
Scotland28 Apr 2004Criminal Procedure (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 — Section 19 — Citation of witnesses for precognition minorityno Rebel
Scotland5 Nov 2003[S2M-541.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time minorityno Rebel
Votes by Cathy Peattie MP
HouseDateSubjectCathy PeattieLab VoteRôle
Scotland13 Mar 2003[S1M-4012.6.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time minorityno Rebel
Scotland8 Jan 2003Local Government in Scotland Bill: Stage 3 — Section 33 — Repeals and consequential amendments abstentionaye Rebel
Scotland8 Jan 2003Points of Order abstentionno Rebel
Scotland13 Nov 2002[S1M-3572] Parliamentary Bureau Motion minorityaye Rebel
Scotland14 Mar 2002[S1M-2882.2 (Amendment)] Decision Time abstentionaye Rebel
Scotland13 Feb 2002Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 — Section 1A — Exception: stalking and flushing from cover minorityaye Rebel
Scotland20 Dec 2001Motion without Notice minorityno Rebel
Scotland25 Oct 2001[S1M-2347.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time abstentionno Rebel
Scotland30 May 2001Convention Rights (Compliance) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 — Section 12 — Remedial orders minorityno Rebel
Scotland6 Dec 2000Abolition of Poindings and Warrant Sales Bill: Stage 3 — Section 3 — Commencement and short title abstentionno Rebel
Scotland4 Oct 2000[S1M-1217] Decision Time abstentionaye Rebel
Scotland9 Dec 1999[S1M-354.1 (Amendment)] Decision Time abstentionno Rebel
Scotland9 Sep 1999[S1M-131] Decision Time minorityaye Rebel

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