Motion Moved on Consideration of Commons Reason No. 1A — 30 Nov 2000 at 17:34

rose to move, as an amendment to the Motion that this House do not insist on their Amendment No. 1 to which the Commons have disagreed for their reason numbered No. 1A, leave out "not".

On Question, Whether the said amendment (No. 1B) shall be agreed to?

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 138; Not-Contents, 158.

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Party Summary

Votes by party, red entries are votes against the majority for that party.

What is Tell? '+1 tell' means that in addition one member of that party was a teller for that division lobby.

What is Turnout? This is measured against the total membership of the party at the time of the vote.

PartyMajority (Not-Content)Minority (Content)Turnout
Bishop1 03.8%
Con0 105 (+2 tell)48.0%
Crossbench3 2417.0%
Lab107 (+2 tell) 157.0%
LDem44 071.0%
Other1 213.6%
UUP0 2100.0%
Total:156 13442.8%

All lords Eligible to Vote - sorted by party

Includes lords who were absent (or abstained) from this vote.

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The of GuildfordBishopno
The of Bath and WellsBishopabsent
The of BirminghamBishopabsent
The of BlackburnBishopabsent
The of BradfordBishopabsent
The of BristolBishopabsent
The of CanterburyBishopabsent
The of ChelmsfordBishopabsent
The of ChichesterBishopabsent
The of DerbyBishopabsent
The of DurhamBishopabsent
The of GloucesterBishopabsent
The of HerefordBishopabsent
The of LichfieldBishopabsent
The of LincolnBishopabsent
The of LondonBishopabsent
The of ManchesterBishopabsent
The of OxfordBishopabsent
The of PortsmouthBishopabsent
The of RochesterBishopabsent
The of SalisburyBishopabsent
The of SouthwarkBishopabsent
The of St AlbansBishopabsent
The of WakefieldBishopabsent
The of WinchesterBishopabsent
The of YorkBishopabsent
Alexander of WeedonConaye
Anelay of St JohnsConaye
Ashcroft Conaye
Astor Conaye
Astor of HeverConaye
Attlee Conaye
Bagri Conaye
Baker of DorkingConaye
Blaker Conaye
Blatch Conaye
Bridgeman Conaye
Brigstocke Conaye
Burnham Contellaye
Buscombe Conaye
Butterworth Conaye
Byford Conaye
Campbell of AllowayConaye
Campbell of CroyConaye
Carlisle of BucklowConaye
Chadlington Conaye
Colwyn Conaye
Cope of BerkeleyConaye
The of CourtownConaye
Crickhowell Conaye
Cumberlege Conaye
Denham Conaye
Eccles of MoultonConaye
Eden of WintonConaye
Elles Conaye
Elliott of MorpethConaye
Elton Conaye
Feldman Conaye
Ferrers Conaye
Flather Conaye
Fookes Conaye
Freeman Conaye
Gilmour of CraigmillarConaye
Goschen Conaye
Hanham Conaye
Hanningfield Conaye
Harris of PeckhamConaye
Hayhoe Conaye
Henley Contellaye
Higgins Conaye
Hodgson of Astley AbbottsConaye
Hogg Conaye
Hooper Conaye
Howe Conaye
Howe of AberavonConaye
Howell of GuildfordConaye
Hunt of WirralConaye
Jopling Conaye
Kimball Conaye
Kingsland Conaye
Laing of DunphailConaye
The of LiverpoolConaye
Lucas Conaye
Luke Conaye
Lyell Conaye
Mackay of ClashfernConaye
Mancroft Conaye
Marlesford Conaye
Mayhew of TwysdenConaye
McColl of DulwichConaye
Miller of HendonConaye
Monro of LangholmConaye
Mowbray and Stourton Conaye
Murton of LindisfarneConaye
Newton of BraintreeConaye
Noakes Conaye
Northbrook Conaye
Norton of LouthConaye
O'Cathain Conaye
The of OnslowConaye
Oppenheim-Barnes Conaye
Parkinson Conaye
Park of MonmouthConaye
Pearson of RannochConaye
Peel Conaye
Pilkington of OxenfordConaye
Prentice Conaye
Prior Conaye
Rawlings Conaye
Rees Conaye
Renfrew of KaimsthornConaye
Renton Conaye
Roberts of ConwyConaye
Rotherwick Conaye
Saatchi Conaye
Sanderson of BowdenConaye
Seccombe Conaye
The of SelborneConaye
Sharples Conaye
Shaw of NorthsteadConaye
Skelmersdale Conaye
St John of FawsleyConaye
Stewartby Conaye
Strathclyde Conaye
Swinfen Conaye
Taylor of WarwickConaye
Thatcher Conaye
Trefgarne Conaye
Trumpington Conaye
Vivian Conaye
Walker of WorcesterConaye
Willoughby de Broke Conaye
Young Conaye
Aberdare Conabsent
Aldington Conabsent
The of ArranConabsent
Barber Conabsent
Bell Conabsent
Bellwin Conabsent
Belstead Conabsent
Biffen Conabsent
Blackwell Conabsent
Blake Conabsent
Blyth of RowingtonConabsent
Boardman Conabsent
Bowness Conabsent
Brittan of SpennithorneConabsent
Brougham and Vaux Conabsent
Buxton of AlsaConabsent
The of CaithnessConabsent
Carnegy of LourConabsent
Carr of HadleyConabsent
Carrington Conabsent
Cavendish of FurnessConabsent
Chalker of WallaseyConabsent
Chilver Conabsent
Clark of KempstonConabsent
Cockfield Conabsent
Coe Conabsent
Constantine of StanmoreConabsent
Cowdrey of TonbridgeConabsent
Cox Conabsent
Crathorne Conabsent
The of Crawford and BalcarresConabsent
Cuckney Conabsent
Dacre of GlantonConabsent
Dean of HarptreeConabsent
Deedes Conabsent
Denton of WakefieldConabsent
Dixon-Smith Conabsent
The of DundeeConabsent
Fanshawe of RichmondConabsent
Forsyth of DrumleanConabsent
Fraser of CarmyllieConabsent
Gardner of ParkesConabsent
Garel-Jones Conabsent
Geddes Conabsent
Glenarthur Conabsent
Glentoran Conabsent
Gray of ContinConabsent
Griffiths of FforestfachConabsent
Hambro Conabsent
Hanson Conabsent
Haslam Conabsent
Holderness Conabsent
The of HomeConabsent
Hurd of WestwellConabsent
Inglewood Conabsent
James of Holland ParkConabsent
Jellicoe Conabsent
Jenkin of RodingConabsent
Keith of CastleacreConabsent
Kelvedon Conabsent
Kirkham Conabsent
Knight of CollingtreeConabsent
Lamont of LerwickConabsent
Lane of HorsellConabsent
Lang of MonktonConabsent
Lawson of BlabyConabsent
The of LindsayConabsent
Lloyd-Webber Conabsent
Macfarlane of BearsdenConabsent
MacLaurin of KnebworthConabsent
Montagu of BeaulieuConabsent
The of MontroseConabsent
Moore of Lower MarshConabsent
Moynihan Conabsent
Naseby Conabsent
The of NortheskConabsent
Onslow of WokingConabsent
The of OxfuirdConabsent
Palumbo Conabsent
Patten Conabsent
Perry of SouthwarkConabsent
Peyton of YeovilConabsent
Pike Conabsent
Platt of WrittleConabsent
Plumb Conabsent
Plummer of St MaryleboneConabsent
Pym Conabsent
Quinton Conabsent
Rawlinson of EwellConabsent
Reay Conabsent
Renton of Mount HarryConabsent
Ryder of WensumConabsent
Sainsbury of Preston CandoverConabsent
Selkirk of DouglasConabsent
Selsdon Conabsent
Sheppard of DidgemereConabsent
The of ShrewsburyConabsent
Sieff of BrimptonConabsent
Soulsby of Swaffham PriorConabsent
Sterling of PlaistowConabsent
Stevens of LudgateConabsent
Stodart of LeastonConabsent
Tebbit Conabsent
Thomas of GwydirConabsent
Tugendhat Conabsent
Vinson Conabsent
Waddington Conabsent
Wade of ChorltonConabsent
Wakeham Conabsent
Waldegrave of North HillConabsent
Wilcox Conabsent
Windlesham Conabsent
Wolfson Conabsent
Wolfson of SunningdaleConabsent
Younger of LeckieConabsent
Young of GraffhamConabsent
Ackner Crossbenchaye
Allenby of MegiddoCrossbenchaye
Ampthill Crossbenchaye
Brabazon of TaraCrossbenchaye
Chalfont Crossbenchaye
Cooke of IslandreaghCrossbenchaye
Craigavon Crossbenchaye
Craig of RadleyCrossbenchaye
Darcy de Knayth Crossbenchaye
Donaldson of LymingtonCrossbenchaye
Greenway Crossbenchaye
Harris of High CrossCrossbenchaye
Marsh Crossbenchaye
McFarlane of LlandaffCrossbenchaye
Molyneaux of KilleadCrossbenchaye
Monson Crossbenchaye
Nickson Crossbenchaye
Powell of BayswaterCrossbenchaye
Rees-Mogg Crossbenchaye
Skidelsky Crossbenchaye
Slim Crossbenchaye
Walpole Crossbenchaye
Wilberforce Crossbenchaye
Williamson of HortonCrossbenchaye
Greengross Crossbenchno
The of SandwichCrossbenchno
St John of BletsoCrossbenchno
Allen of AbbeydaleCrossbenchabsent
Alton of LiverpoolCrossbenchabsent
Armstrong of IlminsterCrossbenchabsent
Baldwin of BewdleyCrossbenchabsent
Barber of TewkesburyCrossbenchabsent
Bingham of CornhillCrossbenchabsent
Birt Crossbenchabsent
Bledisloe Crossbenchabsent
Boston of FavershamCrossbenchabsent
Bramall Crossbenchabsent
Bridge of HarwichCrossbenchabsent
Bridges Crossbenchabsent
Briggs Crossbenchabsent
Brightman Crossbenchabsent
Brookeborough Crossbenchabsent
Brookes Crossbenchabsent
Browne-Wilkinson Crossbenchabsent
Bullock Crossbenchabsent
Burns Crossbenchabsent
Butler of BrockwellCrossbenchabsent
Cameron of LochbroomCrossbenchabsent
The of CarnarvonCrossbenchabsent
Carver Crossbenchabsent
Chapple Crossbenchabsent
Chitnis Crossbenchabsent
The of CholmondeleyCrossbenchabsent
Clyde Crossbenchabsent
Cobbold Crossbenchabsent
Colville of CulrossCrossbenchabsent
Cooke of ThorndonCrossbenchabsent
Croham Crossbenchabsent
Currie of MaryleboneCrossbenchabsent
Dunn Crossbenchabsent
Eames Crossbenchabsent
Elis-Thomas Crossbenchabsent
Elystan-Morgan Crossbenchabsent
Emerton Crossbenchabsent
Emslie Crossbenchabsent
The of ErrollCrossbenchabsent
Fellowes Crossbenchabsent
Flowers Crossbenchabsent
Foster of Thames BankCrossbenchabsent
Freyberg Crossbenchabsent
Gibson Crossbenchabsent
Goff of ChieveleyCrossbenchabsent
Griffiths Crossbenchabsent
Habgood Crossbenchabsent
Hartwell Crossbenchabsent
Hill-Norton Crossbenchabsent
Hobhouse of WoodboroughCrossbenchabsent
Hoffmann Crossbenchabsent
Hunt of TanworthCrossbenchabsent
Hussey of North BradleyCrossbenchabsent
Hutton Crossbenchabsent
Hylton Crossbenchabsent
Hylton-Foster Crossbenchabsent
Imbert Crossbenchabsent
Inge Crossbenchabsent
Jauncey of TullichettleCrossbenchabsent
Joffe Crossbenchabsent
Keith of KinkelCrossbenchabsent
Kilpatrick of KincraigCrossbenchabsent
Kingsdown Crossbenchabsent
Knights Crossbenchabsent
Laming Crossbenchabsent
Lane Crossbenchabsent
Levene of PortsokenCrossbenchabsent
Lewis of NewnhamCrossbenchabsent
The of ListowelCrossbenchabsent
Lloyd of BerwickCrossbenchabsent
Lloyd of HighburyCrossbenchabsent
Luce Crossbench (front bench)absent
MacKay of ArdbrecknishCrossbenchabsent
The of MarCrossbenchabsent
Marshall of KnightsbridgeCrossbenchabsent
Masham of IltonCrossbenchabsent
McCluskey Crossbenchabsent
Millett Crossbenchabsent
Moore of WolvercoteCrossbenchabsent
Moran Crossbenchabsent
Mustill Crossbenchabsent
Neill of BladenCrossbenchabsent
Nicholls of BirkenheadCrossbenchabsent
Nolan Crossbenchabsent
The of NorfolkCrossbenchabsent
Northbourne Crossbenchabsent
O'Neill of BengarveCrossbenchabsent
Oliver of AylmertonCrossbenchabsent
Owen Crossbenchabsent
Oxburgh Crossbenchabsent
Palmer Crossbenchabsent
Patel Crossbenchabsent
Plowden Crossbenchabsent
Porter of LuddenhamCrossbenchabsent
Prashar Crossbenchabsent
Quirk Crossbenchabsent
Richardson Crossbenchabsent
Richardson of CalowCrossbenchabsent
Richardson of DuntisbourneCrossbenchabsent
Rix Crossbenchabsent
Robertson of Port EllenCrossbenchabsent
Roll of IpsdenCrossbenchabsent
The of RosslynCrossbenchabsent
Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbenchabsent
Saville of NewdigateCrossbenchabsent
Scarman Crossbenchabsent
Scott of FoscoteCrossbenchabsent
Shawcross Crossbenchabsent
Simon of GlaisdaleCrossbenchabsent
Slynn of HadleyCrossbenchabsent
The of SnowdonCrossbenchabsent
Stern Crossbenchabsent
Stevenson of CoddenhamCrossbenchabsent
Steyn Crossbenchabsent
Stokes Crossbenchabsent
Strange Crossbenchabsent
Tanlaw Crossbenchabsent
Templeman Crossbenchabsent
Tenby Crossbenchabsent
Thomas of SwynnertonCrossbenchabsent
Tombs Crossbenchabsent
Trotman Crossbenchabsent
Vincent of ColeshillCrossbenchabsent
Walton of DetchantCrossbenchabsent
Warnock Crossbenchabsent
Waverley Crossbenchabsent
Weatherill Crossbenchabsent
Weidenfeld Crossbenchabsent
Weinstock Crossbenchabsent
Wilson of TillyornCrossbenchabsent
Woolf Crossbenchabsent
Wright of RichmondCrossbenchabsent
Beaumont of WhitleyGreenabsent
Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labourabsent
Hardie Judgeabsent
Hope of CraigheadJudgeabsent
Mackay of DrumadoonJudgeabsent
Phillips of Worth MatraversJudgeabsent
Rodger of EarlsferryJudgeabsent
Blood Labaye
Acton Labno
Ahmed Labno
Alli Labno
Amos Lab (minister)no
Andrews Labno
Archer of SandwellLabno
Ashton of UphollandLabno
Attenborough Labno
Bach Lab (minister)no
Bassam of BrightonLab (minister)no
Bernstein of CraigweilLabno
Blackstone Lab (minister)no
Borrie Labno
Bragg Labno
Brennan Labno
Brett Labno
Brooke of AlverthorpeLabno
Brookman Labno
Bruce of DoningtonLabno
Burlison Labno
Carter Lab (minister)tellno
Castle of BlackburnLabno
Chandos Labno
Clarke of HampsteadLabno
Clinton-Davis Labno
Cocks of HartcliffeLabno
Crawley Labno
Davies of OldhamLabno
Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabno
Desai Labno
Donoughue Labno
Dubs Labno
Eatwell Labno
Evans of Temple GuitingLabno
Falconer of ThorotonLab (minister)no
Falkender Labno
Farrington of RibbletonLab (minister)no
Faulkner of WorcesterLabno
Filkin Labno
Gale Labno
Gibson of Market RasenLabno
Gladwin of CleeLabno
Goldsmith Labno
Gould of PotternewtonLabno
Grabiner Labno
Graham of EdmontonLabno
Hardy of WathLabno
Harris of HaringeyLabno
Harrison Labno
Haskel Labno
Hayman Lab (minister)no
Hilton of EggardonLabno
Hollis of HeighamLab (minister)no
Howells of St DavidsLabno
Howie of TroonLabno
Hoyle Labno
Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Hunt of ChestertonLabno
Hunt of Kings HeathLab (minister)no
Irvine of LairgLab (minister)no
Jay of PaddingtonLab (minister)no
Judd Labno
Kennedy of The ShawsLabno
King of West BromwichLabno
Layard Labno
Lea of CrondallLabno
Lipsey Labno
Lockwood Labno
The of LongfordLabno
Macdonald of TradestonLab (minister)no
MacKenzie of CulkeinLabno
Mackenzie of FramwellgateLabno
Massey of DarwenLabno
McIntosh of HaringeyLab (minister)tellno
McIntosh of HudnallLabno
Mishcon Labno
Mitchell Labno
Morris of ManchesterLabno
Parekh Labno
Plant of HighfieldLabno
Prys-Davies Labno
Ramsay of CartvaleLab (minister)no
Randall of St BudeauxLabno
Rea Labno
Rendell of BaberghLabno
Richard Labno
Rogers of RiversideLabno
Sainsbury of TurvilleLab (minister)no
Sawyer Labno
Scotland of AsthalLab (minister)no
Simon Labno
Simon of HighburyLabno
Smith of GilmorehillLabno
Stone of BlackheathLabno
Strabolgi Labno
Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)no
Thornton Labno
Tomlinson Labno
Turner of CamdenLabno
Uddin Labno
Warner Labno
Warwick of UndercliffeLabno
Wedderburn of CharltonLabno
Whitaker Labno
Whitty Lab (minister)no
Wilkins Labno
Williams of ElvelLabno
Williams of MostynLab (minister)no
Woolmer of LeedsLabno
Ashley of StokeLababsent
Barnett Lababsent
Berkeley Lababsent
Billingham Lababsent
Blease Lababsent
Brooks of TremorfaLababsent
Callaghan of CardiffLababsent
Carmichael of KelvingroveLababsent
Christopher Lababsent
Cledwyn of PenrhosLababsent
Cohen of PimlicoLababsent
David Lababsent
Davies of CoityLababsent
Dixon Lababsent
Dormand of EasingtonLababsent
Elder Lababsent
Evans of ParksideLababsent
Evans of WatfordLababsent
Ewing of KirkfordLababsent
Fisher of RednalLababsent
Fyfe of FairfieldLababsent
Gallacher Lababsent
Gavron Lababsent
Gilbert Lababsent
Glenamara Lababsent
Gordon of StrathblaneLababsent
Goudie Lababsent
Greene of Harrow WealdLababsent
Gregson Lababsent
Hamlyn Lababsent
Haskins Lababsent
Hattersley Lababsent
Healey Lababsent
Hogg of CumbernauldLababsent
Hollick Lababsent
Islwyn Lababsent
Janner of BraunstoneLababsent
Jeger Lababsent
Jenkins of PutneyLababsent
Jordan Lababsent
Kirkhill Lababsent
Levy Lababsent
Lofthouse of PontefractLababsent
Lovell-Davis Lababsent
Macaulay of BragarLababsent
Mallalieu Lababsent
Mason of BarnsleyLababsent
McCarthy Lababsent
Merlyn-Rees Lababsent
Milner of LeedsLababsent
Molloy Lababsent
Morgan Lababsent
Morris of Castle MorrisLababsent
Murray of Epping ForestLababsent
Nicol Lababsent
Northfield Lababsent
Orme Lababsent
Parry Lababsent
Patel of BlackburnLababsent
Paul Lababsent
Peston Lababsent
Pitkeathley Lababsent
Ponsonby of ShulbredeLababsent
Puttnam Lababsent
Renwick of CliftonLababsent
Serota Lababsent
Sewel Lababsent
Shepherd Lababsent
Sheppard of LiverpoolLababsent
Shore of StepneyLababsent
Simpson of DunkeldLababsent
Smith of LeighLababsent
Stallard Lababsent
Taylor of BlackburnLababsent
Taylor of GryfeLababsent
Thomas of MacclesfieldLababsent
Turnberg Lababsent
Varley Lababsent
Walker of DoncasterLababsent
Watson of InvergowrieLababsent
Whaddon Lababsent
Winston Lababsent
Young of DartingtonLababsent
Addington LDemno
Barker LDemno
Bradshaw LDemno
Clement-Jones LDemno
Dahrendorf LDemno
Falkland LDemno
Goodhart LDemno
Greaves LDemno
Hamwee LDemno
Harris of GreenwichLDemno
Harris of RichmondLDemno
Jacobs LDemno
Lester of Herne HillLDemno
Mackie of BenshieLDemno
Maddock LDemno
The of Mar and KellieLDemno
McNally LDemno
Methuen LDemno
Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDemno
Newby LDemno
Northover LDemno
Oakeshott of Seagrove BayLDemno
Perry of WaltonLDemno
Phillips of SudburyLDemno
Razzall LDemno
Redesdale LDemno
Rennard LDemno
Rodgers of Quarry BankLDemno
Roper LDemno
Russell LDemno
Russell-Johnston LDemno
Sandberg LDemno
Scott of Needham MarketLDemno
Sharman LDemno
Shutt of GreetlandLDemno
Smith of CliftonLDemno
Taverne LDemno
Thomas of WalliswoodLDemno
Thomson of MonifiethLDemno
Tope LDemno
Tordoff LDemno
Wallace of SaltaireLDemno
Walmsley LDemno
Watson of RichmondLDemno
Alderdice LDemabsent
Avebury LDemabsent
Carlile of BerriewLDemabsent
Dholakia LDemabsent
Ezra LDemabsent
Geraint LDemabsent
Holme of CheltenhamLDemabsent
Hooson LDemabsent
Hutchinson of LullingtonLDemabsent
Jenkins of HillheadLDemabsent
Linklater of ButterstoneLDemabsent
Ludford LDemabsent
Nicholson of WinterbourneLDemabsent
Sharp of GuildfordLDemabsent
Steel of AikwoodLDemabsent
Thomas of GresfordLDemabsent
Wigoder LDemabsent
Williams of CrosbyLDemabsent
Cranborne Otheraye
Fitt Otheraye
Grenfell Otherno
Archer of Weston-Super-MareOtherabsent
Bauer Otherabsent
Dearing Otherabsent
Delacourt-Smith of AlterynOtherabsent
Diamond Otherabsent
Forte Otherabsent
Gibson-Watt Otherabsent
Hailsham of Saint MaryleboneOtherabsent
Ingrow Otherabsent
Johnston of RockportOtherabsent
King of WartnabyOtherabsent
McAlpine of West GreenOtherabsent
Moyola Otherabsent
Rayne Otherabsent
Ryder of Eaton HastingsOtherabsent
Scanlon Otherabsent
Sefton of GarstonOtherabsent
Wallace of CoslanyOtherabsent
Young of Old SconeOtherabsent
Laird UUPaye
Rogan UUPaye

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