Sodomy: Scotland — 13 Nov 2000 at 19:07

Clause 2 [Defences available to persons who are under age]:

moved Amendments Nos. 3 to 16:

Page 2, line 11, leave out ("sixteen") and insert ("eighteen").
Page 2, line 22, leave out (""a homosexual act"") and insert (""an act of buggery in private with another man"").
Page 2, line 25, leave out ("a homosexual act") and insert ("an act of buggery with another man or commission of an act of buggery").
Page 2, line 26, leave out ("sixteen") and insert ("eighteen").
Page 2, line 27, at end insert--

("(3A) In subsection (1A) of section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 (as inserted by section 1)--

(a) the words from "an act of gross indecency" to the end shall become paragraph (a); and

(b) after that paragraph there shall be inserted the words, "and

(b) an act of gross indecency with another man or commission of an act of gross indecency by any person shall not be an offence if he is under the age of sixteen and the other party has attained that age.".").

Page 2, line 29, leave out second ("subsection") and insert ("subsections").

Page 2, line 30, leave out ("(8A)") and insert ("(8B)").
Page 2, line 30, leave out ("sixteen") and insert ("eighteen").
Page 2, line 32, leave out ("a homosexual act") and insert ("an act of sodomy").
Page 2, line 33, at end insert--

("(8C) A person under the age of sixteen years does not commit an offence under subsection (5A)(a) or (c) above if he commits or is party to the commission of an act of gross indecency or shameless indecency with a person who has attained that age.").

Page 2, line 36, leave out (""a homosexual act"") and insert (""an act of buggery in private by a man with another man"").

Page 2, line 39, leave out ("a homosexual act by any person") and insert ("an act of buggery by a man with another man or commission of an act of buggery by a man with another man").
Page 2, line 40, leave out ("seventeen") and insert ("eighteen").
Page 2, line 41, at end insert--

("(6) In paragraph (1A) of Article 3 of the Homosexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order 1982 (as inserted by section 1)--

(a) the words from "an act of gross indecency" to the end shall become paragraph (a); and

(b) after that paragraph there shall be inserted the words "and

(b) an act of gross indecency or commission of an act of gross indecency by any person shall not be an offence if he is under the age of seventeen and the other party has attained that age.".").

On Question, amendments agreed to.

Clause 2, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 3 [Abuse of position of trust]:

moved Amendment No. 17:

Page 3, line 2, at end insert (", including preparing such a person to engage in sexual activity with him at a later stage,").

On Question, Whether the said amendment (No. 17) shall be agreed to?

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 139; Not-Contents, 124.

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Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which lords were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible lord including those who did not vote in this division.

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Lord Ackner Crossbenchaye
Lord Addington LDemno
Viscount Allenby of MegiddoCrossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Alli Labno
Baroness Amos Lab (minister)no
Lord Ampthill Crossbenchaye
Baroness Andrews Labno
Baroness Anelay of St JohnsCon (front bench)aye
Lord Archer of SandwellLabno
The Earl of ArranConaye
Lord Astor of HeverConaye
Earl Attlee Conaye
Lord Bach Lab (minister)no
Lord Barber Conaye
Baroness Barker LDemno
Lord Barnett Labno
Lord Bassam of BrightonLab (minister)no
The Bishop of Bath and WellsBishopno
Lord Bell Conaye
The Bishop of BirminghamBishopno
Lord Birt Crossbenchno
Baroness Blackstone Lab (minister)no
Lord Blackwell Conaye
Lord Blaker Conaye
Baroness Blatch Contellaye
Lord Boardman Conaye
Lord Brabazon of TaraCrossbenchaye
Lord Bragg Labno
Lord Brennan Labno
Viscount Bridgeman Con (front bench)aye
Lord Brightman Crossbenchaye
Baroness Brigstocke Conaye
Lord Brooke of AlverthorpeLab (minister)no
Lord Brougham and Vaux Con (front bench)aye
Lord Burlison Labno
Lord Burnham Conaye
Lord Burns Crossbenchno
Baroness Byford Conaye
The Earl of CaithnessCon (front bench)aye
Lord Campbell of AllowayCon (front bench)aye
Lord Campbell of CroyConaye
Lord Carlisle of BucklowConaye
Baroness Carnegy of LourConaye
Lord Carr of HadleyConaye
Lord Carter Lab (minister)no
Lord Chadlington Conaye
Viscount Chandos Labno
The Bishop of ChelmsfordBishopaye
Lord Clarke of HampsteadLab (minister)no
Lord Clark of KempstonConaye
Lord Clement-Jones LDemno
Lord Cocks of HartcliffeLabaye
Lord Colwyn Conaye
The Earl of CourtownCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Cox Conaye
Viscount Craigavon Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Craig of RadleyCrossbench (front bench)aye
Viscount Cranborne Otheraye
Baroness Crawley Lab (minister)no
Lord Crickhowell Conaye
Baroness Cumberlege Conaye
Baroness David Labno
Lord Davies of CoityLabno
Lord Davies of OldhamLab (minister)no
Lord Dean of HarptreeConaye
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabno
Lord Denham Con (front bench)aye
Lord Dholakia LDemno
Lord Dixon Labaye
Lord Dixon-Smith Conaye
Lord Dubs Lab (minister)no
Lord Eatwell Labno
Lord Eden of WintonConaye
Lord Elder Labno
Lord Elliott of MorpethConaye
Lord Elton Conaye
Lord Falconer of ThorotonLab (minister)no
Baroness Farrington of RibbletonLab (minister)no
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLabno
Lord Feldman Conaye
Earl Ferrers Con (front bench)aye
Lord Filkin Labno
Lord Fitt Otheraye
Baroness Fookes Con (front bench)aye
Lord Forsyth of DrumleanConaye
Lord Freeman Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Gale Labno
Baroness Gardner of ParkesConaye
Lord Geddes Conaye
Lord Geraint LDemno
Lord Glenarthur Conaye
Lord Glentoran Conaye
Lord Goldsmith Labno
Lord Goodhart LDem (front bench)no
Lord Gordon of StrathblaneLabno
Viscount Goschen Conaye
Baroness Gould of PotternewtonLab (minister)no
Lord Grabiner Labno
Lord Gray of ContinConaye
Lord Greenway Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Griffiths of FforestfachConaye
Baroness Hamwee LDem (front bench)no
Lord Hanson Conaye
Lord Harris of GreenwichLDemno
Lord Harris of HaringeyLabno
Lord Harris of High CrossCrossbenchaye
Lord Harrison Labno
Lord Harris of PeckhamConaye
Lord Haskel Lab (minister)no
Lord Haslam Conaye
Lord Hattersley Labno
Lord Hayhoe Conaye
Lord Henley Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Hilton of EggardonLabtellno
Lord Hodgson of Astley AbbottsConaye
Lord Hogg of CumbernauldLabno
Lord Holderness Conaye
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLab (minister)no
The Earl of HomeConaye
Baroness Howells of St DavidsLabno
Lord Howie of TroonLab (minister)no
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Lord Hunt of ChestertonLabno
Lord Hunt of Kings HeathLab (minister)no
Lord Inglewood Conaye
Lord Islwyn Labaye
Lord Jacobs LDemno
Baroness Jay of PaddingtonLab (minister)no
Baroness Jeger Labno
Earl Jellicoe Conaye
Lord Jopling Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Kennedy of The ShawsLabno
Lord Kimball Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Knight of CollingtreeConaye
Lord Laird UUPaye
Lord Layard Labno
Lord Lea of CrondallLabno
The Bishop of LincolnBishopno
Lord Lipsey Labno
The Earl of ListowelCrossbenchno
The Earl of LiverpoolCon (front bench)aye
Baroness Lockwood Lab (minister)no
Lord Lofthouse of PontefractLabaye
Lord Luke Conaye
Lord Lyell Conaye
Lord Macdonald of TradestonLab (minister)no
Lord MacKay of ArdbrecknishCrossbenchaye
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLabno
Baroness Maddock LDemno
Baroness Mallalieu Lab (minister)no
The Bishop of ManchesterBishopno
Lord Mancroft Con (front bench)aye
Lord McColl of DulwichCon (front bench)aye
Lord McIntosh of HaringeyLab (minister)no
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLabno
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDemno
Baroness Miller of HendonConaye
Lord Monro of LangholmConaye
The Duke of MontroseConaye
Lord Mowbray and Stourton Conaye
Lord Murton of LindisfarneConaye
Lord Naseby Conaye
Lord Nickson Crossbenchaye
Baroness Noakes Conaye
The Duke of NorfolkConaye
Lord Northbourne Crossbenchno
Lord Northbrook Conaye
The Earl of NortheskConaye
Baroness Northover LDemno
Lord Norton of LouthConno
Baroness O'Cathain Con (front bench)aye
Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove BayLDemno
The Earl of OnslowConaye
Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes Conaye
Lord Orme Labaye
Lord Palmer Crossbenchaye
Lord Palumbo Conaye
Lord Parkinson Conaye
Baroness Park of MonmouthConaye
Lord Patel Crossbench (front bench)no
Lord Pearson of RannochConaye
Earl Peel Conaye
Lord Peston Labno
Lord Phillips of SudburyLDem (front bench)no
Lord Pilkington of OxenfordConaye
Lord Plant of HighfieldLabno
Lord Ponsonby of ShulbredeLabno
The Bishop of PortsmouthBishopno
Lord Prentice Conaye
Lord Puttnam Labno
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLab (minister)no
Lord Randall of St BudeauxLabno
Baroness Rawlings Conaye
Lord Razzall LDem (front bench)no
Lord Reay Conaye
Lord Rennard LDemno
Lord Renton Conaye
Baroness Richardson of CalowCrossbenchno
Lord Roberts of ConwyConaye
Lord Roper LDemno
Lord Rotherwick Conaye
Earl Russell LDemtellno
Lady Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbenchaye
Lord Sanderson of BowdenConaye
Baroness Scott of Needham MarketLDemno
Baroness Seccombe Contellaye
Lord Selsdon Conaye
Baroness Serota Labno
Baroness Sharp of GuildfordLDemno
Lord Shaw of NorthsteadConaye
The Earl of ShrewsburyConaye
Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDemno
Viscount Simon Lab (minister)aye
Lord Skelmersdale Con (front bench)aye
Lord Skidelsky Crossbenchno
Viscount Slim Crossbenchaye
Lord Smith of CliftonLDemno
Lord Smith of LeighLabno
Lord Sterling of PlaistowConaye
Lord Stevens of LudgateConaye
Lord Stewartby Conaye
Lord Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labouraye
Baroness Strange Crossbenchaye
Lord Swinfen Conaye
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLab (minister)no
Lord Taylor of BlackburnLabno
Lord Taylor of GryfeLabno
Lord Taylor of WarwickConaye
Lord Tebbit Conaye
Baroness Thatcher Conaye
Lord Thomas of GwydirConaye
Baroness Thomas of WalliswoodLDem (front bench)no
Lord Tombs Crossbench (front bench)aye
Lord Tomlinson Lab (minister)no
Lord Tope LDemno
Lord Tordoff LDem (front bench)no
Lord Trefgarne Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Trumpington Conaye
Baroness Turner of CamdenLabno
Lord Vivian Conaye
Lord Waddington Con (front bench)aye
The Bishop of WakefieldBishopaye
Lord Wakeham Conaye
Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDem (front bench)no
Baroness Walmsley LDemno
Lord Walpole Crossbenchno
Lord Warner Labno
Baroness Warnock Crossbenchno
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLab (minister)no
Lord Watson of RichmondLDemno
Lord Weatherill Crossbenchaye
Lord Wedderburn of CharltonLabno
Baroness Whitaker Labno
Lord Whitty Lab (minister)no
Baroness Wilcox Con (front bench)aye
Baroness Wilkins Lab (minister)no
Lord Williams of MostynLab (minister)no
The Bishop of WinchesterBishopno
Lord Winston Lab (minister)no
Lord Wolfson Conaye
Lord Woolmer of LeedsLabno
Baroness Young Conaye
Baroness Young of Old SconeLabno

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