Voting Record — Olivia Blake MP, Sheffield, Hallam (25908)

Olivia Blake is currently Member, Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill Committee, Member, Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill Committee, Member, Public Accounts Committee and Member, Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill Committee

Note: our records only go back to 1997 for the Commons and 2001 for the Lords (more details).

FromToPartyRebellions (explain...)Attendance (explain...)Teller
13 Dec 2019 still in office Lab 0 votes out of 678, 0.0% 678 votes out of 887, 76.4% 0 times

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HouseDateSubjectOlivia BlakeLab VoteRôle
no rebellions, never teller
1 Mar 2023Became Member, Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill Committee
16 Nov 2022Became Member, Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill Committee
4 Jul 2022Became Member, Public Accounts Committee
15 Jun 2022Stopped being Shadow Minister (Climate Change and Net Zero),
4 Dec 2021Became Shadow Minister (Climate Change and Net Zero),
4 Dec 2021Stopped being Shadow Minister (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs),
3 Nov 2021Became Member, Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill Committee
13 Jul 2021Stopped being Member, Public Accounts Committee
14 May 2021Became Shadow Minister (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs),
2 Mar 2020Became Member, Public Accounts Committee

Policy Comparisons

This chart shows the percentage agreement between this MP and each of the policies in the database, according to their voting record.

0% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
99% Action to prevent domestic violence and abuse
13% Asylum System - More strict
0% Balance the Budget Without Borrowing
0% Cap or Reduce Public Sector Redundancy Payments
21% Delegate more powers to government ministers
72% Employment rights
100% Energy Prices - More Affordable
25% Equal Number of Electors Per Constituency - for
80% European Union Integration - For
67% Fixed Term Parliaments
74% Further devolution to Northern Ireland
70% Further devolution to Scotland
81% Further devolution to Wales
75% Higher Benefits for Ill and Disabled
100% Higher taxes on banks
100% HS2 - In Favour
98% Human Rights and Equality
100% Increase the income tax - tax free allowance
42% Increase VAT
100% Lower taxes on petrol & diesel for motor vehicles
100% Make it easier to trigger a new election for an MP
100% Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
100% Minimum Wage
100% More funds for social care
100% More powers for local councils
75% Nuclear power - For
89% Openness and Transparency - In Favour
0% Preserve Environmental Protection on EU Withdrawal
50% Proportional Representation Voting System - For
8% Protesting near Parliament - Restrict
0% Reduce central funding for local government
30% Reduce Spending on Welfare Benefits
100% Reduce the rate of Corporation Tax
100% Reducing the number of MPs - for
0% Require voters to show photo ID before voting
0% Restrict 3rd party campaigners during elections
50% Restrict Scope of Legal Aid
72% Right for EU Citizens in the UK to Stay
87% Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
0% Schools - Greater Autonomy
86% Stop climate change
72% Support current and former armed service members
0% Tax Incentives for Companies Investing in Assets
0% Termination of pregnancy - against
17% Tougher on illegal immigration
50% Trade Unions - Restrict
100% Voting age - Reduce to 16
50% Welfare benefits ought rise in line with prices

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Shows which MPs voted most similarly to this one in the Parliament. This is measured from 0% agreement (never voted the same) to 100% (always voted the same). Only votes that both MPs attended are counted. This may reveal relationships between MPs that were previously unsuspected. Or it may be nonsense.

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