Policy #1030: "Stop climate change"

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Someone who believes that the laws which enforce Climate Change policy should be as strong as possible would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons10 Mar 2000Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill Majority
Commons27 Mar 2000"Table - 20. Climate change levy Majority
Commons15 May 2002Johannesburg Summit abstain
Commons12 Dec 2002Environment, Food and Rural Affairs abstain
Commons10 Feb 2004The Environment abstain
Commons25 Oct 2004Wind Farms abstain
Lords3 Nov 2004Housing Bill — Improvement in Energy Efficiency Majority
Scotland3 Nov 2004[S2M-1933] Decision Time Majority
Commons8 Nov 2004Housing Bill — Improvements in Energy Efficiency — rejected minority
Commons29 Jun 2005Climate Change (G8 Summit) abstain
Commons12 Oct 2005Tackling Climate Change abstain
Commons22 Nov 2005Climate Change abstain
Commons10 Mar 2006Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill — New Clause 5 — Building regulations relating to emissions and use of fuel and power: time limit for prosecutions abstain
Commons17 Mar 2006Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill — Clause 9 — Review of permitted development orders abstain
Commons8 May 2007Climate Change — new sense of urgency — rejected minority
Lords14 Jan 2008Climate Change Bill — Committee or Commission abstain
Lords25 Feb 2008Climate Change Bill — Purpose is 2 degrees Majority
Lords25 Feb 2008Climate Change Bill — Target for 2050 is 80% — rejected minority (strong)
Lords25 Feb 2008Climate Change Bill — Five yearly account minority
Lords4 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — Statement of emissions — responsibility of Prime Minister Majority
Lords4 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — Statement of emissions, delete aviation abstain
Lords4 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — Statement of emissions, mode or purpose abstain
Lords11 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — UK domestic effort Majority
Lords11 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — Adaptation Sub-Committee Majority
Lords18 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — No report on international impace minority
Lords31 Mar 2008Climate Change Bill — Minister to prepare policy — rejected aye
Commons30 Apr 2008Energy Bill — Renewable energy feed-in tariff — rejected minority
Commons2 Jun 2008Planning Bill — National Planning Policy Statement To Include Policies Which Help Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change minority
Commons9 Jun 2008Climate Change Bill — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons9 Jun 2008Climate Change Bill — Timetable abstain
Commons28 Oct 2008Climate Change Bill — Electricity generating station performance standards — rejected minority
Commons28 Oct 2008Climate Change Bill — International aviation and shipping emission projections — rejected minority
Commons28 Oct 2008Climate Change Bill — Report on the civil estate Majority
Commons28 Oct 2008Climate Change Bill — Third Reading (and other amendments) Majority (strong)
Lords6 Nov 2008Planning Bill — Policy must mitigate and adapt to Climate Change — rejected minority
Commons21 Oct 2009Government to sign up to 10:10 climate change campaign — rejected minority
Commons14 Sep 2011Energy Bill — New Clause 1 — Purpose of Green Deal Loans abstain
Commons14 Sep 2011Energy Bill — Clause 42 — Energy Efficiency Requirement for Landlords of Private Rental Properties abstain
Commons14 Sep 2011Energy Bill — Clause 42 — Bring Forward Date Landlords of Private Rented Homes Must Follow Domestic Energy Efficiency Regulations minority
Commons11 Jun 2012Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill — Decline Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons17 Oct 2012Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill — New Clause 22 — UK Green Investment Bank — Duty to Support Climate Change Act Targets minority (strong)
Commons17 Oct 2012Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons19 Dec 2012Energy Bill — Decline Second Reading minority (strong)
Commons3 Jun 2013Energy Bill- Clause 42 — Exemption from Carbon Dioxide Emission Limits During Commissioning of Electricity Generation Plants Using Carbon Capture and Storage Majority (strong)
Commons4 Jun 2013Energy Bill — Clause 1 — Requirement to Set a Decarbonisation Target Range minority (strong)
Commons4 Jun 2013Energy Bill — Clause 10 — Financial Incentives for Larger Small Scale Low Carbon Generation Plants minority
Commons4 Jun 2013Energy Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons4 Dec 2013Energy Bill — Enabling Carbon Dioxide Emissions Limits to be Applied to Stations Which Fit Pollution Abatement Equipment minority (strong)
Commons14 Jul 2015Summer Budget 2015 minority (strong)
Commons14 Jul 2015Summer Budget 2015 Resolution 21 — Application of Climate Change Levy to Electricity from Renewable Sources minority (strong)
Commons8 Sep 2015Finance Bill — Application of Climate Change Levy Tax to Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources minority (strong)
Commons26 Oct 2015Finance Bill — Clause 42 — Vehicle Tax — Relation to Carbon Dioxide Emissions — Surcharge for Vehicles Costing Over Forty Thousand Pounds minority (strong)
Commons14 Mar 2016Energy Bill — New Clause 3 — Carbon Capture and Storage Strategy for the Energy Industry minority (strong)
Commons14 Mar 2016Energy Bill — New Clause 8 — Setting a Decarbonisation Target Range minority (strong)
Commons3 May 2016Housing and Planning Bill — New Clause — Permitted Carbon Dixoide Emission Rate for New Homes minority (strong)
Commons9 May 2016Housing and Planning Bill — Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate and Energy Performance of New Homes minority
Commons26 May 2016Queen's Speech — Programme of Legislation abstain
Commons20 Jul 2016Draft Climate Change Act 2008 (Credit Limit) Order 2016 abstain
Commons6 Sep 2016Finance Bill — New Clause 15 — VAT on Installation of Energy Saving Materials minority
Commons25 Jun 2019The Value Added Tax (Reduced Rate) (Energy-Saving Materials) Order 2019 minority
Commons24 Oct 2019Queen's Speech — Programme for Government — The Economy — In the Interest of the Many — Green Industrial Revolution minority (strong)
Commons5 Feb 2020Transport — Eliminate Substantial Majority of Emissions by 2030 minority (strong)
Commons29 Sep 2020United Kingdom Internal Market Bill — New Clause 6 — Climate and Nature Emergency Impact Statement as Prerequisite for Financial Assistance minority (strong)
Commons12 Oct 2020Agriculture Bill — New Clause After Clause 42 — Contribution of Agriculture and Associated Land Use to Climate Change Targets minority (strong)
Commons16 Nov 2020Pension Schemes Bill — Clause 124 — Climate Change Risk minority (strong)
Commons17 Nov 2020Draft Road Vehicle Carbon Dioxide Emission Performance Standards (Cars and Vans) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 abstain
Commons8 Dec 2020Financial Assistance to Industry — Authorisation of Payments To Compensate for Indirect Costs of the UK Emissions Trading System or the Carbon Emissions Tax and Carbon Price Support Mechanism abstain
Commons13 Jan 2021Financial Services Bill — Schedule 2 — Prudential Regulation of Investment Firms — Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions minority (strong)
Commons26 Jan 2021Environment Bill — New Clause 1 — Environmental Principles: Public Authorities minority (strong)
Commons26 May 2021Environment Bill — New Clause 24 — Prohibition on Burning of Vegetation on Peat in Upland Areas minority (strong)
Commons7 Jun 2021Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill — New Clause 1 — Supporting Net Zero Greenhouse Targeted Gas Emission Target minority (strong)
Commons16 Jun 2021Draft Climate Change Act 2008 (Credit Limit) Order 2021 abstain
Commons14 Jul 2021Health and Care Bill — Decline Second Reading Majority
Commons14 Jul 2021Health and Care Bill — Second Reading Majority
Commons20 Oct 2021Environment Bill — Clause 18 — Policy Statement on Environmental Principles — Exemptions minority (strong)
Commons3 Nov 2021Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill — Second Reading Majority (strong)
Commons23 Nov 2021Health and Care Bill — Third Reading Majority
Commons13 Dec 2021Subsidy Control Bill — Schedule 1 — The Subsidy Control Principles — Net Zero Greenhouse Gasses Emissions Target minority (strong)
Commons10 Jan 2022Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill — Third Reading Majority (strong)
Commons18 May 2022Programme for Government — Workers' Rights — Cost of Living — Climate — Benefits — Windfall Tax — Devolution — Human Rights minority (strong)

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