Policy #1065: "European Union Integration — For"

Comparison to all MPs, Lords and MSPs

Colours represent political parties. If MPs, Lords or MSPs of a party vote the same way as the policy, then that party's colour appears by 'agree'. If they vote the opposite way, then it appears by 'disagree'.


MPs, Lords and MSPs are graded according to their agreement with the policy in terms of their votes. If they always vote the same as the policy then their agreement is 100%; if they always vote opposite to the policy votes, their agreement is 0%. If they could never have voted at the same time as the policy, they are not listed.

Lab partytype">Lab dist3 lab topborder"> Barry Gardiner dist1 lab topborder">B McIntosh of H dist2 lab topborder">L Watson of I dist3 non-affiliated topborder">B Ritchie of D Independent Ulster Unionist partytype">Independent Ulster Unionist dist2 crossbench topborder">B Morgan of D dist7 con topborder"> Fiona Bruce dist9 con topborder"> Jo Gideon dist9 con topborder"> Mark Logan dist9 con topborder rightborder"> Selaine Saxby
Lab partytype2">  dist2 lab">B Gibson of M dist2 lab">L McKenzie of L dist3 lab">Lord Watts  dist5 non-affiliated">L Simon of H Independent Ulster Unionist partytype2">  dist5 crossbench">Baroness Murphy  dist9 con"> Felicity Buchan dist7 con">Dame Cheryl Gillan dist9 con"> Marco Longhi dist8 con rightborder"> Paul Scully
dist3 lab"> Diane Abbott dist2 lab">Lord Giddens  dist2 lab">C McKinnell. dist1 lab"> Claudia Webbe dist5 non-affiliated">L Smith of F dist5 independentulsterunionist">L Maginnis of D dist6 crossbench">L Neill of B dist7 con"> Robert Buckland dist7 con">Lord Glenarthur  dist8 con"> Julia Lopez dist8 con rightborder">Baroness Seccombe 
dist4 lab"> Debbie Abrahams dist2 lab"> Preet Kaur Gill dist3 lab"> Jim McMahon dist2 lab"> Catherine West dist5 non-affiliated">Lord Sugar  Independent Social Democrat partytype">Independent Social Democrat dist4 crossbench">B Neuberger. dist8 con"> Alex Burghart dist7 con">Lord Glendonbrook  dist7 con"> Jack Lopresti dist8 con rightborder"> Bob Seely
dist2 lab">B Adams of C dist2 lab">Lord Glasman  dist2 lab"> Anna McMorrin dist2 lab"> Matt Western dist6 non-affiliated">L Taylor of W Independent Social Democrat partytype2">  dist5 crossbench">L Nicholls of B dist7 con"> Conor Burns dist7 con"> John Glen dist7 con"> Jonathan Lord dist8 con rightborder">The E of Selborne.
dist2 lab">Lord Adonis  dist3 lab"> Mary Glindon dist3 lab"> Ian Mearns dist4 lab">L West of S dist5 non-affiliated">L Thomas of M dist5 independentsocialdemocrat">Lord Owen  dist5 crossbench">Lord Northbourne  dist7 con">Baroness Buscombe  dist6 con">Lord Glentoran  dist8 con">T  of Lothian dist7 con rightborder">L Selkirk of D
dist2 lab"> Rushanara Ali dist3 lab">Baroness Golding  dist3 lab"> Ed Miliband dist3 lab">Baroness Wheeler  dist5 non-affiliated">Lord Truscott  Independent Liberal Democrat partytype">Independent Liberal Democrat dist5 crossbench">B O'Loan. dist9 con"> Rob Butler dist6 con">Lord Gold  dist7 con"> Tim Loughton dist7 con rightborder"> Andrew Selous
dist1 lab"> Tahir Ali dist3 lab">Lord Goldsmith  dist1 lab"> Navendu Mishra dist2 lab">Baroness Whitaker  dist6 non-affiliated">Lord Tyrie  Independent Liberal Democrat partytype2">  dist3 crossbench">B O'Neil of B dist8 con">Baroness Byford  dist7 con">L Goldsmith of R dist7 con">Lord Lucas  dist8 con rightborder">Lord Selsdon 
dist3 lab">Lord Alli  dist3 lab">L Gordon of S dist4 lab">Lord Mitchell  dist2 lab"> Alan Whitehead dist4 non-affiliated">Baroness Uddin  dist3 independentliberaldemocrat">Baroness Tonge  dist5 crossbench">Lord Ouseley  dist7 con"> Alun Cairns dist8 con">Lord Goodlad  dist8 con">Lord Lyell  dist7 con rightborder">B Shackleton of B
dist3 lab"> Rosena Allin-Khan dist3 lab">Baroness Goudie  dist4 lab">Lord Monks  dist1 lab"> Mick Whitley dist4 non-affiliated">Baroness Vadera  Independent partytype">Independent dist5 crossbench">Lord Oxburgh  dist6 con">The E of Caithness. dist7 con"> Robert Goodwill dist7 con">L MacGregor of P dist7 con rightborder"> Grant Shapps
dist2 lab"> Mike Amesbury dist3 lab">B Gould of P dist1 lab">Lord Moonie  dist1 lab"> Nadia Whittome LDem partytype">LDem Independent partytype2">  dist8 crossbench">Lord Palmer  dist9 con"> Andy Carter dist7 con">Viscount Goschen  dist7 con">L Mackay of C dist6 con rightborder"> Alok Sharma
dist4 lab"> Anas Sarwar dist5 lab">Lord Grabiner  dist3 lab"> Jessica Morden dist4 lab">Lord Whitty  LDem partytype2">  dist3 independent"> Jonathan Edwards dist3 crossbench">Lord Pannick  dist8 con"> James Cartlidge dist7 con"> Michael Gove dist8 con"> Craig Mackinlay dist8 con rightborder">Baroness Sharples 
dist1 lab"> Fleur Anderson dist4 lab">L Graham of E dist3 lab">Lord Morgan  dist3 lab">L Williams of E dist5 ldem">Lord Addington  dist8 independent"> Julian Lewis dist6 crossbench">Lord Patel  dist8 con"> Bill Cash dist7 con">L Grade of Y dist9 con"> Cherilyn Mackrory dist7 con rightborder">Lord Sheikh 
dist2 lab">L Anderson of S dist3 lab">Lord Grantchester  dist4 lab">B Morgan of E dist2 lab">Lord Wills  dist7 ldem">Lord Alderdice  Green partytype">Green dist5 crossbench">Earl Peel  dist9 con"> Miriam Cates dist6 con"> Richard Graham dist5 con">L MacLaurin of K dist7 con rightborder"> Alec Shelbrooke
dist3 lab">Baroness Andrews  dist2 lab"> Kate Green dist3 lab">B Morgan of Huyton dist5 lab">Lord Winston  dist6 ldem">L Allan of H Green partytype2">  dist6 crossbench">L Powell of B dist8 con">Earl Cathcart  dist7 con"> Helen Grant dist8 con"> Rachel Maclean dist6 con rightborder">B Shephard of N
dist2 lab"> Tonia Antoniazzi dist3 lab"> Lilian Greenwood dist2 lab"> Stephen Morgan dist1 lab"> Beth Winter dist5 ldem">Lord Alliance  dist3 green"> Caroline Lucas dist5 crossbench">Baroness Prashar  dist8 con"> Maria Caulfield dist7 con"> James Gray dist7 con">L Magan of C dist7 con rightborder">T  of Shrewsbury
dist2 lab">B Armstrong of H dist3 lab">M Greenwood. dist4 lab">L Morris of A dist4 lab"> Rosie Winterton dist6 ldem">L Ashdown of N DUP partytype">DUP dist5 crossbench">Lord Quirk  dist6 con">L Cavendish of F dist7 con"> Chris Grayling dist8 con"> Alan Mak dist9 con rightborder"> David Simmonds
dist3 lab"> Jon Ashworth dist3 lab"> Nia Griffith dist3 lab"> Grahame Morris dist3 lab">L Wood of A dist4 ldem">Baroness Barker  DUP partytype2">  dist5 crossbench">Lord Ramsbotham  dist6 con">Lord Chadlington  dist8 con"> Chris Green dist8 con"> Kit Malthouse dist7 con rightborder">Lord Skelmersdale 
dist2 lab">Lord Bach  dist3 lab">L Griffiths of B dist2 lab">L Morris of H dist3 lab">L Woolmer of L dist3 ldem">Lord Beith  dist4 dup">L Browne of B dist5 crossbench">Lord Rana  dist8 con"> Alex Chalk dist7 con"> Damian Green dist6 con">Lord Mancroft  dist7 con rightborder"> Chris Skidmore
dist6 lab">Baroness Bakewell  dist3 lab">Lord Grocott  dist3 lab">B Morris of Y dist5 lab">B Worthington. dist7 ldem">Baroness Benjamin  dist8 dup"> Gregory Campbell dist5 crossbench">L Rees of L dist7 con">B Chalker of W dist6 con">L Green of H dist9 con"> Anthony Mangnall dist7 con rightborder"> Chloe Smith
dist1 lab"> Paula Barker dist3 lab"> Andrew Gwynne dist3 lab">L Murphy of T dist2 lab"> Mohammad Yasin dist5 ldem">B Bonham-Car of Y dist8 dup">J Donaldson. dist5 crossbench">L Renwick of C dist7 con"> Rehman Chishti dist9 con"> Andrew Griffith dist8 con"> Scott Mann dist9 con rightborder"> Greg Smith
dist2 lab">L Bassam of B dist3 lab"> Louise Haigh dist2 lab"> Ian Murray dist3 lab">L Young of N dist4 ldem">Lord Bradshaw  dist8 dup"> Paul Girvan dist5 crossbench">B Richardson of C dist8 con"> Christopher Chope dist6 con">L Griffiths of F dist7 con">Lord Marland  dist7 con rightborder"> Henry Smith
dist3 lab"> Margaret Beckett dist3 lab">Lord Hain  dist1 lab"> James Murray dist5 lab">B Young of O dist7 ldem">Baroness Brinton  dist8 dup"> Carla Lockhart dist5 crossbench">Lord Rix  dist8 con"> Jo Churchill dist9 con"> Kate Griffiths dist8 con">Lord Marlesford  dist6 con rightborder"> Julian Smith
dist3 lab">Lord Beecham  dist3 lab"> Fabian Hamilton dist3 lab"> Lisa Nandy dist2 lab"> Daniel Zeichner dist3 ldem">L Bruce of B dist5 dup">Lord Morrow  dist5 crossbench">The E of Rosslyn. dist9 con">B Clarke-Smith. dist9 con"> James Grundy dist9 con"> Julie Marson dist8 con rightborder"> Royston Smith
dist1 lab"> Apsana Begum dist5 lab">Viscount Hanworth  dist2 lab"> Charlotte Nichols UUP partytype">UUP dist7 ldem">Lord Burnett  dist7 dup"> Ian Paisley Jnr dist8 crossbench">Lord Rowe-Beddoe  dist9 con"> Simon Clarke dist9 con"> Jonathan Gullis dist5 con">L Maude of H dist8 con rightborder"> Amanda Solloway
dist3 lab"> Hilary Benn dist2 lab"> Emma Hardy dist5 lab">Baroness Nicol  UUP partytype2">  dist4 ldem">B Burt of Solihull dist5 dup">B Paisley of S dist5 crossbench">Lord Sacks  dist9 con"> Theo Clarke dist7 con">L Hague of R dist7 con">Lord Mawhinney  dist9 con rightborder"> Ben Spencer
dist2 lab">Lord Berkeley  dist3 lab"> Harriet Harman dist2 lab"> Alex Norris dist7 uup">Lord Empey  dist3 ldem">L Campbell of P dist8 dup"> Gavin Robinson dist4 crossbench">The E of Sandwich. dist7 con"> Greg Clark dist7 con">Viscount Hailsham  dist9 con"> Jerome Mayhew dist7 con rightborder"> Mark Spencer
dist3 lab"> Clive Betts dist3 lab"> Carolyn Harris dist3 lab">Baroness Nye  dist6 uup">Lord Rogan  dist3 ldem">A Carmichael. dist7 dup"> Jim Shannon dist5 crossbench">L Saville of N dist9 con"> Chris Clarkson dist7 con"> Robert Halfon dist7 con"> Paul Maynard dist9 con rightborder">Lord Spicer 
dist3 lab">L Bhattacharyya. dist3 lab">L Harris of H dist3 lab">L O'Neil of C UKIP partytype">UKIP dist1 ldem"> Wendy Chamberlain dist8 dup"> Sammy Wilson dist5 crossbench">L Scott of F dist8 con"> James Cleverly dist8 con"> Luke Hall dist7 con"> Theresa May dist8 con rightborder">A Stafford.
dist4 lab">B Billingham. dist2 lab">Lord Harrison  dist3 lab"> Chi Onwurah UKIP partytype2">  dist4 ldem">Lord Chidgey  Crossbench partytype">Crossbench dist5 crossbench">Lord Skidelsky  dist7 con">G Clifton-Brown dist7 con">L Hamilton of E dist7 con"> Jason McCartney dist7 con rightborder">B Stedman-Scott 
dist4 lab">B Blackstone. dist2 lab">L Hart of C dist1 lab">A Oppong-Asare. dist8 ukip">L Pearson of R dist4 ldem">L Clement-Jones. Crossbench partytype2">  dist8 crossbench">Viscount Slim  dist5 con">Lord Coe  dist7 con"> Stephen Hammond dist6 con"> Karl McCartney dist7 con rightborder"> Andrew Stephenson
dist1 lab"> Olivia Blake dist3 lab">Lord Haskel  dist3 lab"> Kate Osamor dist5 ukip">L Stevens of L dist1 ldem"> Daisy Cooper dist5 crossbench">Lord Aberdare  dist5 crossbench">L Smith of K dist7 con"> Therese Coffey dist7 con"> Matthew Hancock dist7 con">L McColl of D dist5 con rightborder">L Sterling of P
dist3 lab"> Paul Blomfield dist5 lab">Lord Hattersley  dist3 lab"> Kate Osborne dist8 ukip">L Willoughby de . dist5 ldem">Lord Cotter  dist6 crossbench">Lord Adebowale  dist5 crossbench">The E of Snowdon. dist9 con"> Elliot Colburn dist7 con"> Greg Hands dist6 con">B McIntosh of P dist9 con rightborder"> Jane Stevenson
dist4 lab">Baroness Blood  dist2 lab">Lord Haworth  dist2 lab"> Taiwo Owatemi SPK partytype">SPK dist2 ldem"> Edward Davey dist5 crossbench">Baroness Afshar  dist3 crossbench">L St John of B dist6 con"> Damian Collins dist8 con">Baroness Hanham  dist7 con">S McPartland. dist7 con rightborder"> John Stevenson
dist3 lab">Lord Blunkett  dist2 lab"> Helen Hayes dist1 lab"> Sarah Owen SPK partytype2">  dist5 ldem">Lord Dholakia  dist5 crossbench">L Alton of L dist5 crossbench">The Earl  of Stair dist7 con">Lord Colwyn  dist7 con"> Mark Harper dist7 con"> Esther McVey dist7 con rightborder"> Bob Stewart
dist4 lab">Lord Boateng  dist3 lab">B Hayter of K dist3 lab">Lord Parekh  dist4 spk"> Lindsay Hoyle dist7 ldem">Baroness Doocey  dist3 crossbench">L Armstrong of I dist3 crossbench">Baroness Stern  dist8 con">L Cope of B dist8 con"> Trudy Harrison dist7 con"> Mark Menzies dist7 con rightborder"> Iain Stewart
dist3 lab"> Tracy Brabin dist3 lab"> John Healey dist2 lab">L Patel of B SNP partytype">SNP dist2 ldem">Lord Dykes  dist5 crossbench">E Baldwin of B dist5 crossbench">L Stern of B dist8 con">Lord Cormack  dist7 con">L Harris of P dist8 con"> Johnny Mercer dist7 con rightborder">B Stowell of B
dist4 lab">Lord Bradley  dist3 lab">B Healy of P dist5 lab">L Patel of B SNP partytype2">  dist6 ldem">B Falkner of M dist5 crossbench">L Barber of T dist4 crossbench">L Stevens of K dist8 con"> Alberto Costa dist7 con"> Rebecca Harris dist8 con"> Huw Merriman dist8 con rightborder">Lord Strathclyde 
dist2 lab"> Ben Bradshaw dist3 lab"> Mark Hendrick dist2 lab"> Stephanie Peacock dist2 snp"> Hannah Bardell dist3 ldem"> Tim Farron dist1 crossbench">Lord Best  dist5 crossbench">L Stevenson of C dist8 con">The E of Courtown. dist9 con"> Sally-Ann Hart dist7 con"> Stephen Metcalfe dist6 con rightborder"> Gary Streeter
dist3 lab">Lord Bragg  dist3 lab">Baroness Henig  dist3 lab">Lord Pendry  dist2 snp"> Ian Blackford dist4 ldem">Lord Fearn  dist5 crossbench">Lord Bew  dist5 crossbench">Lord Steyn  dist8 con"> Robert Courts dist7 con"> Simon Hart dist9 con"> Robin Millar dist7 con rightborder"> Mel Stride
dist3 lab">Lord Brennan  dist2 lab"> Meg Hillier dist3 lab"> Matthew Pennycook dist1 snp"> Kirsty Blackman dist4 ldem">B Featherstone. dist5 crossbench">Lord Bichard  dist5 crossbench">Lord Stirrup  dist9 con"> Claire Coutinho dist5 con">Lord Haselhurst  dist7 con"> Maria Miller dist7 con rightborder"> Graham Stuart
dist2 lab"> Kevin Brennan dist2 lab"> Mike Hill dist3 lab"> Toby Perkins dist2 snp"> Mhairi Black dist3 ldem">L Foster of B dist5 crossbench">Lord Bilimoria  dist6 crossbench">L Sutherland of H dist7 con"> Geoffrey Cox dist7 con"> John Hayes dist8 con"> Amanda Milling dist7 con rightborder"> Julian Sturdy
dist2 lab">L Brooke of A dist2 lab">B Hilton of E dist4 lab">Lord Peston  dist1 snp"> Steven Bonnar dist6 ldem">B Garden of F dist5 crossbench">Lord Birt  dist5 crossbench">Lord Tanlaw  dist7 con"> Stephen Crabb dist7 con"> Oliver Heald dist7 con"> Nigel Mills dist8 con rightborder"> Rishi Sunak
dist2 lab">Lord Brookman  dist3 lab"> Margaret Hodge dist3 lab"> Jess Phillips dist2 snp"> Deidre Brock dist7 ldem">Lord German  dist5 crossbench">L Blair of B dist5 crossbench">L Thomas of S dist7 con">Lord Crathorne  dist8 con"> James Heappey dist7 con"> Andrew Mitchell dist9 con rightborder"> James Sunderland
dist2 lab">L Browne of L dist3 lab"> Sharon Hodgson dist3 lab">B Phillipson. dist2 snp"> Alan Brown dist4 ldem">The E of Glasgow. dist5 crossbench">B Boothroyd. dist5 crossbench">Lord Turnbull  dist5 con">The E of Crawford . dist7 con">C Heaton-Harris. dist9 con"> Gagan Mohindra dist7 con rightborder"> Desmond Swayne
dist2 lab"> Lyn Brown dist3 lab"> Kate Hollern dist3 lab">B Pitkeathley. dist2 snp"> Amy Callaghan dist4 ldem">Lord Greaves  dist5 crossbench">Lord Boyce  dist5 crossbench">L Turner of E dist7 con">Lord Crickhowell  dist8 con"> Gordon Henderson dist8 con">The D of Montrose. dist6 con rightborder">Lord Swinfen 
dist3 lab"> Nick Brown dist3 lab">Lord Hollick  dist2 lab">L Plant of H dist2 snp"> Lisa Cameron dist5 ldem">Baroness Hamwee  dist5 crossbench">Lord Bridges  dist4 crossbench">B Valentine. dist9 con"> Virginia Crosbie dist8 con">Lord Henley  dist8 con"> Damien Moore dist7 con rightborder"> Robert Syms
dist2 lab"> Chris Bryant dist2 lab">B Hollis of H dist2 lab"> Luke Pollard dist2 snp"> Douglas Chapman dist5 ldem">B Harris of R dist5 crossbench">Lord Broers  dist5 crossbench">L Walker of A dist7 con"> Tracey Crouch dist9 con"> Darren Henry dist5 con">L Moore of L dist8 con rightborder">L Taylor of H
dist2 lab"> Karen Buck dist1 lab"> Rachel Hopkins dist3 lab">L Ponsonby of S dist2 snp"> Joanna Cherry dist2 ldem"> Wera Hobhouse dist6 crossbench">V Brookeborough  dist3 crossbench">Lord Walpole  dist6 con">B Cumberlege. dist4 con">Lord Heseltine  dist9 con"> Robbie Moore dist8 con rightborder">Lord Tebbit 
dist3 lab"> Richard Burgon dist3 lab"> George Howarth dist3 lab"> Lucy Powell dist2 snp"> Ronnie Cowan dist7 ldem">Lord Hussain  dist4 crossbench">L Browne of M dist4 crossbench">L Walton of D dist9 con"> James Daly dist7 con">B Heyhoe Flint. dist7 con"> Penny Mordaunt dist8 con rightborder"> Derek Thomas
dist3 lab"> Dawn Butler dist2 lab">L Howarth of N dist3 lab">Lord Prescott  dist2 snp"> Angela Crawley dist7 ldem">B Hussein-Ece. dist5 crossbench">Lord Burns  dist5 crossbench">Viscount Waverley  dist7 con"> David Davies dist9 con">A Higginbotham. dist6 con">B Morgan of Cotes dist8 con rightborder"> Maggie Throup
dist1 lab"> Ian Byrne dist2 lab">B Howells of S dist3 lab">B Primarolo. dist2 snp"> Martyn Day dist2 ldem"> Christine Jardine dist5 crossbench">B Butler-Sloss. dist5 crossbench">L Williams of B dist9 con"> Gareth Davies dist7 con">Lord Higgins  dist7 con"> Anne Marie Morris dist6 con rightborder"> Edward Timpson
dist3 lab"> Liam Byrne dist4 lab">L Howie of T dist3 lab">Baroness Prosser  dist2 snp"> Martin Docherty dist7 ldem">Baroness Jolly  dist5 crossbench">L Butler of B dist5 crossbench">L Williams of O dist7 con">L Davies of G dist7 con">L Hill of O dist8 con">B Morris of Bolton dist8 con rightborder"> Kelly Tolhurst
dist2 lab"> Ruth Cadbury dist3 lab">Lord Hoyle  dist4 lab">Lord Puttnam  dist1 snp"> Dave Doogan dist6 ldem">L Jones of C dist5 crossbench">L Cameron of D dist5 crossbench">L Wilson of D dist8 con"> James Davies dist6 con"> Damian Hinds dist7 con"> David Morris dist7 con rightborder"> Justin Tomlinson
dist2 lab">L Campbell-Savou. dist1 lab">B Hughes of S dist2 lab">Baroness Quin  dist1 snp"> Allan Dorans dist6 ldem">L Kirkwood of K dist5 crossbench">L Cameron of L dist8 crossbench">L Wilson of T dist8 con"> Mims Davies dist8 con"> Simon Hoare dist7 con"> James Morris dist8 con rightborder"> Michael Tomlinson
dist3 lab"> Alan Campbell dist3 lab">L Hughes of W dist3 lab"> Yasmin Qureshi dist2 snp"> Marion Fellows dist4 ldem">Baroness Kramer  dist5 crossbench">B Campbell of L dist5 crossbench">Lord Woolf  dist8 con"> Philip Davies dist7 con">L Hodgson of A dist9 con"> Joy Morrissey dist8 con rightborder"> Craig Tracey
dist2 lab"> Dan Carden dist4 lab">L Hunt of C dist2 lab">Lord Radice  dist1 snp"> Margaret Ferrier dist5 ldem">L Lee of T dist4 crossbench">B Campbell of S dist5 crossbench">L Wright of R dist8 con"> David Davis dist9 con"> Richard Holden dist8 con"> Wendy Morton dist8 con rightborder">Lord Trefgarne 
dist5 lab">L Carter of B dist2 lab">L Hunt of K dist2 lab">B Ramsay of C dist1 snp"> Stephen Flynn dist3 ldem">L Lester of H dist5 crossbench">L Carey of C dist3 crossbench">B Young of Hornsey dist9 con"> Dehenna Davison dist8 con"> Kevin Hollinrake dist7 con">Lord Moynihan  dist7 con rightborder">V Trenchard.
dist4 lab">L Carter of C dist2 lab"> Rupa Huq dist3 lab"> Angela Rayner dist2 snp"> Patricia Gibson dist7 ldem">Lord Loomba  dist5 crossbench">L Carlile of B Con partytype">Con dist8 con">Lord de Mauley  dist8 con"> Philip Hollobone dist9 con"> Kieran Mullan dist8 con rightborder">A Trevelyan.
dist3 lab"> Sarah Champion dist3 lab"> Imran Hussain dist4 lab">Lord Rea  dist2 snp"> Patrick Grady dist4 ldem">Baroness Ludford  dist5 crossbench">Lord Carswell  Con partytype2">  dist4 con">Lord Deben  dist7 con"> Adam Holloway dist9 con"> Holly Mumby-Croft dist7 con rightborder">Lord Trimble 
dist4 lab">Viscount Chandos  dist1 lab">L Hutton of F dist3 lab"> Steve Reed dist2 snp"> Peter Grant dist6 ldem">L Macdonald of R dist5 crossbench">Lord Chartres  dist7 con"> Nigel Adams dist7 con">Lord Denham  dist9 con"> Paul Holmes dist7 con"> David Mundell dist9 con rightborder"> Laura Trott
dist2 lab">B Charalambous. dist3 lab">L Irvine of L dist3 lab"> Christina Rees dist2 snp"> Neil Gray dist3 ldem">L Maclennan of R dist3 crossbench">The E of Clancarty. dist8 con"> Bim Afolami dist7 con"> Caroline Dinenage dist7 con">The Earl  of Home dist7 con"> Sheryll Murray dist7 con rightborder">Lord True 
dist3 lab">Lord Christopher  dist3 lab"> Dan Jarvis dist2 lab"> Ellie Reeves dist2 snp"> Neale Hanvey dist6 ldem">Baroness Maddock  dist3 crossbench">Lord Condon  dist7 con"> Adam Afriyie dist9 con"> Sarah Dines dist5 con">Baroness Hooper  dist7 con"> Andrew Murrison dist8 con rightborder">B Trumpington.
dist2 lab">L Clarke of H dist4 lab">B Jay of P dist3 lab"> Rachel Reeves dist2 snp"> Drew Hendry dist5 ldem">The E of Mar and K. dist4 crossbench">Baroness Coussins  dist6 con">L Ahmad of W dist8 con">Lord Dixon-Smith  dist8 con">L Howard of L dist7 con">Lord Naseby  dist6 con rightborder"> Elizabeth Truss
dist1 lab"> Feryal Clark dist3 lab"> Diana R. Johnson dist3 lab">L Reid of C dist3 snp"> Stewart Hosie dist7 ldem">L Marks of H dist5 crossbench">Baroness Cox  dist9 con"> Nickie Aiken dist7 con"> Jonathan Djanogly dist7 con">L Howard of R dist7 con"> Bob Neill dist5 con rightborder">Lord Tugendhat 
dist3 lab">L Clark of W dist1 lab"> Kim Johnson dist3 lab"> Jonathan Reynolds dist2 snp"> Chris Law dist4 ldem">Lord McNally  dist9 crossbench">V Craigavon. dist7 con"> Peter Aldous dist7 con">Lord Dobbs  dist7 con">Earl Howe  dist5 con">B Neville-Jones  dist8 con rightborder"> Thomas Tugendhat
dist2 lab">L Clinton-Davis. dist2 lab">Lord Jones  dist1 lab"> Bell Ribeiro-Addy dist1 snp"> David Linden dist3 ldem">B Miller of C dist7 crossbench">L Craig of R dist8 con"> Lucy Allan dist8 con"> Leo Docherty dist8 con">L Howell of G dist7 con">Baroness Newlove  dist8 con rightborder">V Ullswater.
dist4 lab">B Cohen of Pimlico dist2 lab"> Darren Jones dist3 lab">Lord Richard  dist1 snp"> Kenny MacAskill dist2 ldem"> Layla Moran dist4 crossbench">Lord Crisp  dist6 con">Sir David Amess dist8 con"> Michelle Donelan dist7 con"> John Howell dist9 con"> Lia Nici dist7 con rightborder"> Shailesh Vara
dist3 lab">L Collins of H dist3 lab"> Gerald Jones dist3 lab"> Marie Rimmer dist3 snp"> Angus MacNeil dist5 ldem">Lord Newby  dist5 crossbench">L Cullen of W dist9 con"> Lee Anderson dist7 con"> Nadine Dorries dist9 con"> Paul Howell dist8 con">Baroness Noakes  dist8 con rightborder">Baroness Verma 
dist3 lab"> Rosie Cooper dist3 lab"> Kevan Jones dist5 lab">L Robertson of P dist2 snp"> Stewart McDonald dist6 ldem">B Nicholson of W dist5 crossbench">L Currie of M dist9 con"> Stuart Anderson dist8 con"> Steve Double dist8 con"> Nigel Huddleston dist7 con"> Caroline Nokes dist7 con rightborder"> Martin Vickers
dist3 lab"> Yvette Cooper dist3 lab"> Ruth Jones dist2 lab"> Matt Rodda dist2 snp"> Stuart McDonald dist5 ldem">B Northover. dist5 crossbench">Lord Dannatt  dist7 con"> Stuart Andrew dist8 con"> Oliver Dowden dist9 con"> Neil Hudson dist7 con"> Jesse Norman dist9 con rightborder"> Matt Vickers
dist4 lab"> Jeremy Corbyn dist2 lab"> Sarah Jones dist5 lab">L Rogers of R dist1 snp"> Anne McLaughlin dist1 ldem"> Sarah Olney dist7 crossbench">Lord Dear  dist8 con">B Anelay of S dist7 con">J Doyle-Price. dist8 con"> Eddie Hughes dist6 con">Lord Northbrook  dist7 con rightborder"> Theresa Villiers
dist3 lab">Baroness Corston  dist3 lab">B Jones of W dist2 lab">Lord Rooker  dist2 snp"> John McNally dist7 ldem">L Palmer of C dist6 crossbench">Baroness Deech  dist8 con"> Caroline Ansell dist8 con"> Richard Drax dist9 con"> Jane Hunt dist7 con">L Norton of L dist5 con rightborder">Lord Vinson 
dist2 lab"> Neil Coyle dist4 lab">Lord Jordan  dist2 lab">Lord Rosser  dist2 snp"> Carol Monaghan dist7 ldem">B Parminter. dist5 crossbench">Lord Eames  dist6 con">L Arbuthnot of E dist8 con"> Flick Drummond dist7 con"> Jeremy Hunt dist8 con"> Neil O'Brien dist6 con rightborder">L Wade of C
dist3 lab">Baroness Crawley  dist2 lab">Lord Judd  dist2 lab">Lord Rowlands  dist2 snp"> Gavin Newlands dist6 ldem">B Randerson. dist3 crossbench">L Elystan-Morgan. dist8 con"> Edward Argar dist7 con"> James Duddridge dist9 con"> Tom Hunt dist8 con">B O'Cathain  dist9 con rightborder">C Wakeford.
dist2 lab"> Stella Creasy dist3 lab"> Mike Kane dist2 lab">B Royall of B dist1 snp"> John Nicolson dist5 ldem">Lord Razzall  dist5 crossbench">Baroness Emerton  dist7 con">The Earl  of Arran dist8 con"> David Duguid dist8 con">L Hunt of W dist7 con"> Matthew Offord dist8 con rightborder">Lord Wakeham 
dist3 lab"> Jon Cruddas dist3 lab"> Barbara Keeley dist2 lab">L Russell-Moyle. dist2 snp">B O'Hara. dist6 ldem">Lord Redesdale  dist6 crossbench">The E of Erroll. dist6 con">Viscount Astor  dist7 con"> Iain Duncan Smith dist4 con">L Hurd of W dist6 con">B Oppenheim-Barn. dist6 con rightborder">L Waldegrave of N
dist4 lab"> John Cryer dist3 lab"> Liz Kendall dist4 lab">L Sainsbury of T dist2 snp"> Kirsten Oswald dist5 ldem">Lord Rennard  dist5 crossbench">Viscount Falkland  dist8 con">L Astor of H dist6 con">The E of Dundee. dist5 con">Lord Inglewood  dist6 con"> Guy Opperman dist8 con rightborder"> Charles Walker
dist3 lab"> Judith Cummins dist3 lab">L Kennedy of S dist2 lab">Lord Sawyer  dist2 snp"> Tommy Sheppard dist5 ldem">L Roberts of L dist5 crossbench">Lord Fellowes  dist9 con"> Sarah Atherton dist7 con"> Philip Dunne dist8 con"> Alister Jack dist5 con">Lord Palumbo  dist7 con rightborder"> Robin Walker
dist3 lab"> Alex Cunningham dist4 lab">B Kennedy of T dist3 lab">B Scotland of A dist1 snp"> Alyn Smith dist3 ldem">L Rodgers of Q dist3 crossbench">B Finlay of L dist8 con"> Victoria Atkins dist9 con"> Mark Eastwood dist7 con">L James of B dist7 con"> Neil Parish dist7 con rightborder"> Ben Wallace
dist3 lab">L Cunningham of F dist4 lab">Lord Kestenbaum  dist3 lab"> Naseem Shah dist2 snp"> Chris Stephens dist5 ldem">B Scott of N dist5 crossbench">Baroness Flather  dist8 con">Earl Attlee  dist7 con">Baroness Eaton  dist7 con"> Sajid Javid dist6 con"> Priti Patel dist9 con rightborder"> Jamie Wallis
dist3 lab"> Janet Daby dist2 lab"> Afzal Khan dist3 lab"> Virendra Sharma dist2 snp"> Alison Thewliss dist7 ldem">Lord Sharkey  dist5 crossbench">Lord Freyberg  dist9 con"> Gareth Bacon dist7 con">Viscount Eccles  dist8 con"> Ranil Jayawardena dist7 con"> Owen Paterson dist8 con rightborder"> David Warburton
dist4 lab">L Darling of R dist3 lab">B King of B dist3 lab"> Barry Sheerman dist2 snp"> Owen Thompson dist4 ldem">B Sharp of G dist5 crossbench">Baroness Fritchie  dist7 con"> Richard Bacon dist7 con">B Eccles of M dist8 con"> Bernard Jenkin dist6 con">Lord Patten  dist8 con rightborder"> Matt Warman
dist4 lab">L Darzi of D dist4 lab">B Kingsmill. dist3 lab">Baroness Sherlock  dist1 snp"> Richard Thomson dist7 ldem">Lord Shipley  dist5 crossbench">L Goff of C dist8 con"> Kemi Badenoch dist9 con"> Ruth Edwards dist7 con">B Jenkin of K dist5 con">L Patten of B dist7 con rightborder">Baroness Warsi 
dist3 lab">L Davidson of G dist2 lab">Lord Kinnock  dist2 lab"> Tulip Siddiq dist2 snp"> Philippa Whitford dist5 ldem">L Shutt of G dist5 crossbench">B Greenfield. dist9 con"> Shaun Bailey dist7 con"> Michael Ellis dist9 con"> Mark Jenkinson dist6 con"> Mark Pawsey dist7 con rightborder">Lord Wasserman 
dist3 lab"> Wayne David dist3 lab">B Kinnock of H dist3 lab">Viscount Simon  dist3 snp"> Pete Wishart dist4 ldem">L Smith of C dist4 crossbench">B Greengross. dist9 con"> Siobhan Baillie dist7 con"> Tobias Ellwood dist8 con"> Andrea Jenkyns dist7 con"> Mike Penning dist8 con rightborder"> Giles Watling
dist1 lab"> Alex Davies-Jones dist3 lab"> Stephen Kinnock dist2 lab"> Andrew Slaughter SF partytype">SF dist3 ldem">L Steel of A dist7 crossbench">Lord Greenway  dist7 con">L Baker of D dist9 con"> Natalie Elphicke dist8 con"> Robert Jenrick dist7 con"> John Penrose dist9 con rightborder"> Suzanne Webb
dist5 lab">L Davies of A dist3 lab">Lord Kirkhill  dist1 lab">B Smith of B SF partytype2">  dist7 ldem">Lord Stephen  dist8 crossbench">B Grey-Thompson  dist9 con"> Duncan Baker dist8 con">Lord Elton  dist8 con"> Boris Johnson dist8 con"> Andrew Percy dist7 con rightborder">Lord Wei 
dist3 lab">L Davies of C dist1 lab">L Knight of W dist3 lab"> Cat Smith dist5 sf">& Begley dist6 ldem">L Stoneham of D dist5 crossbench">L Guthrie of C dist8 con"> Steven Baker dist7 con"> George Eustice dist8 con">C Johnson. dist8 con">B Perry of S dist8 con rightborder"> Helen Whately
dist3 lab"> Geraint Davies dist2 lab"> Peter Kyle dist3 lab">B Smith of G dist5 sf"> Mickey Brady dist2 ldem"> Jamie Stone dist4 crossbench">L Hall of B dist7 con"> Harriett Baldwin dist9 con"> Luke Evans dist7 con"> Gareth Johnson dist8 con"> Chris Philp dist7 con rightborder">B Wheatcroft.
dist2 lab">L Davies of O dist2 lab"> David Lammy dist2 lab"> Jeff Smith dist5 sf"> John Finucane dist5 ldem">Lord Storey  dist6 crossbench">Lord Hameed  dist7 con"> Steve Barclay dist7 con"> Nigel Evans dist9 con"> David Johnston dist6 con">Lord Pickles  dist7 con rightborder"> Heather Wheeler
dist2 lab">L Davies of S dist3 lab"> Ian Lavery dist5 lab">L Smith of L dist5 sf">M Gildernew. dist2 ldem">Lord Strasburger  dist3 crossbench">L Hannay of C dist5 con">L Barker of B dist7 con"> David Evennett dist7 con"> Andrew Jones dist7 con">C Pincher. dist7 con rightborder"> Craig Whittaker
dist2 lab"> Marsha de Cordova dist3 lab">Lord Layard  dist3 lab"> Nick Smith dist5 sf">C Hazzard. dist3 ldem">Lord Stunell  dist3 crossbench">L Harries of P dist8 con"> John Baron dist9 con"> Ben Everitt dist7 con"> David Jones dist5 con">Lord Plumb  dist8 con rightborder"> John Whittingdale
dist3 lab">B Dean of T dist2 lab">L Lea of C dist3 lab"> Karin Smyth dist5 sf"> Paul Maskey dist3 ldem">Lord Taverne  dist3 crossbench">Lord Haskins  dist5 con">Lord Barwell  dist7 con"> Michael Fabricant dist9 con"> Fay Jones dist5 con">Lord Popat  dist7 con rightborder"> Bill Wiggin
dist3 lab">T Debbonaire. dist4 lab">Lord Leitch  dist3 lab">Lord Snape  dist5 sf"> Francie Molloy dist4 ldem">L Taylor of G dist5 crossbench">L Hastings of S dist5 con">Lord Bates  dist9 con"> Laura Farris dist7 con"> Marcus Jones dist6 con"> Daniel Poulter dist8 con rightborder">Baroness Wilcox 
dist4 lab">Lord Desai  dist4 lab">Lord Levy  dist2 lab"> Alex Sobel SDLP partytype">SDLP dist3 ldem">Lord Teverson  dist5 crossbench">Baroness Hayman  dist8 con"> Simon Baynes dist7 con">Lord Faulks  dist5 con">Lord Jopling  dist8 con"> Rebecca Pow dist9 con rightborder"> James Wild
dist2 lab"> Tan Dhesi dist3 lab"> Emma Lewell-Buck dist2 lab">Lord Soley  SDLP partytype2">  dist6 ldem">L Thomas of G dist3 crossbench">L Hennessy of N dist6 con">Lord Bell  dist8 con">Lord Feldman  dist9 con"> Simon Jupp dist8 con"> Victoria Prentis dist5 con rightborder">Lord Willetts 
dist2 lab"> Anneliese Dodds dist3 lab"> Clive Lewis dist3 lab"> John Spellar dist1 sdlp"> Colum Eastwood dist3 ldem">B Thomas of W dist5 crossbench">Lord Hoffmann  dist9 con"> Aaron Bell dist8 con">L Feldman of E dist7 con"> Daniel Kawczynski dist5 con">Lord Prior  dist8 con rightborder"> Craig Williams
dist3 lab">Baroness Donaghy  dist3 lab">B Liddell of C dist3 lab"> Keir Starmer dist1 sdlp"> Claire Hanna dist5 ldem">B Thomas of W dist5 crossbench">Baroness Hogg  dist9 con"> Scott Benton dist6 con">L Fellowes of W dist9 con"> Alicia Kearns dist7 con"> Mark Pritchard dist7 con rightborder"> Gavin Williamson
dist3 lab">Lord Donoughue  dist3 lab">Lord Liddle  dist2 lab"> Jo Stevens PC partytype">PC dist3 ldem">Viscount Thurso  dist6 crossbench">Baroness Hollins  dist7 con"> Paul Beresford dist9 con"> Simon Fell dist8 con"> Gillian Keegan dist8 con"> Tom Pursglove dist7 con rightborder">L Wolfson of A
dist2 lab"> Stephen Doughty dist3 lab">Lord Lipsey  dist3 lab">L Stevenson of B PC partytype2">  dist7 ldem">Lord Tope  dist3 crossbench">B Howarth of B dist7 con">Baroness Berridge  dist7 con">Lord Fink  dist9 con"> Imran Ahmad Khan dist8 con"> Will Quince dist6 con rightborder">L Wolfson of S
dist3 lab"> Peter Dowd dist3 lab">B Lister of B dist3 lab">L Stone of B dist5 pc">Lord Elis-Thomas  dist3 ldem">Lord Tordoff  dist4 crossbench">B Howe of Idlicote dist7 con"> Jake Berry dist9 con">K Fletcher. dist7 con">L King of B dist8 con"> Jeremy Quin dist8 con rightborder"> Mike Wood
dist4 lab">Baroness Drake  dist2 lab"> Tony Lloyd dist2 lab"> Wes Streeting dist2 pc"> Ben Lake dist4 ldem">Lord Tyler  dist5 crossbench">Lord Hutton  dist9 con"> Saqib Bhatti dist9 con"> Mark Fletcher dist6 con">Lord Kirkham  dist7 con"> Dominic Raab dist8 con rightborder"> William Wragg
dist4 lab">Lord Drayson  dist5 lab">Baroness Lockwood  dist6 lab"> Graham Stringer dist2 pc">L Saville-Robert. dist7 ldem">B Tyler of Enfield dist5 crossbench">Lord Hylton  dist7 con">L Black of B dist9 con"> Nicholas Fletcher dist7 con">B Knight of C dist9 con"> Tom Randall dist7 con rightborder"> Jeremy Wright
dist3 lab"> Jack Dromey dist3 lab">R Long-Bailey. dist2 lab"> Zarah Sultana dist4 pc">Lord Wigley  dist5 ldem">L Vallance of T dist6 crossbench">Lord Imbert  dist7 con"> Bob Blackman dist7 con">Lord Flight  dist7 con"> Greg Knight dist8 con">Baroness Rawlings  dist6 con rightborder">L Young of C
dist2 lab">Lord Dubs  dist3 lab"> Holly Lynch dist3 lab">B Symons of V dist2 pc"> Hywel Williams dist5 ldem">L Wallace of S dist6 crossbench">Lord Inge  dist8 con">Lord Blackwell  dist8 con">Baroness Fookes  dist8 con"> Julian Knight dist8 con"> John Redwood dist7 con rightborder">V Younger of L
dist2 lab"> Rosie Duffield dist3 lab">L Macdonald of T dist3 lab"> Mark Tami Non-affiliated partytype">Non-affiliated dist6 ldem">L Wallace of T dist5 crossbench">Lord Janvrin  dist5 con">B Blackwood of N dist8 con"> Vicky Ford dist9 con"> Danny Kruger dist8 con"> Jacob Rees-Mogg dist6 con rightborder">L Young of G
dist3 lab"> Angela Eagle dist2 lab">L MacKenzie of C dist1 lab"> Sam Tarry Non-affiliated partytype2">  dist4 ldem">Baroness Walmsley  dist3 crossbench">Lord Jay of Ewelme dist9 con">Lord Blencathra  dist8 con">L Forsyth of D dist7 con"> Kwasi Kwarteng dist5 con">L Renfrew of K dist9 con rightborder"> Jacob Young
dist2 lab"> Maria Eagle dist3 lab"> Justin Madders dist2 lab">L Taylor of B dist4 non-affiliated">Lord Ahmed  dist4 ldem">L Watson of R dist5 crossbench">L Jones of B dist7 con"> Crispin Blunt dist8 con"> Kevin Foster dist6 con"> Eleanor Laing dist5 con">L Renton of M dist7 con rightborder"> Nadhim Zahawi
dist3 lab"> Clive Efford dist4 lab"> Khalid Mahmood dist2 lab">B Taylor of Bolton dist4 non-affiliated">Baroness Amos  dist4 ldem">L Willis of K dist9 crossbench">Lord Kakkar  dist5 con">L Blyth of R dist7 con">Lord Fowler  dist8 con"> John Lamont dist7 con">Lord Ribeiro  Bishop partytype rightborder">Bishop
dist3 lab">Lord Elder  dist3 lab"> Shabana Mahmood dist3 lab">L Temple-Morris. dist5 non-affiliated">L Archer of W dist1 ldem"> Munira Wilson dist3 crossbench">L Kerr of K dist8 con"> Peter Bone dist7 con"> Liam Fox dist7 con">L Lamont of L dist9 con"> Nicola Richards Bishop partytype2 rightborder"> 
dist3 lab"> Julie Elliott dist3 lab"> Seema Malhotra dist3 lab">N Thomas-Symonds. dist3 non-affiliated">B Ashton of U Judge partytype">Judge dist7 crossbench">Lord Kilclooney  dist6 con">B Bottomley of N dist6 con">Lord Framlingham  dist7 con">L Lang of M dist9 con"> Angela Richardson dist5 bishop rightborder">T  of Birmingham
dist3 lab"> Chris Elmore dist5 lab">B Mallalieu. dist3 lab"> Gareth Thomas dist5 non-affiliated">Lord Bhatia  Judge partytype2">  dist5 crossbench">Lord Krebs  dist7 con"> Peter Bottomley dist7 con"> Mark Francois dist6 con">Lord Lansley  dist8 con">Lord Risby  dist5 bishop rightborder">The B of Bristol.
dist1 lab"> Florence Eshalomi dist4 lab">Lord Mandelson  dist3 lab"> Emily Thornberry dist5 non-affiliated">L Black of C dist5 judge">L Brown of E dist9 crossbench">Lord Laming  dist8 con"> Andrew Bowie dist8 con"> Lucy Frazer dist9 con"> Robert Largan dist6 con">Lord Robathan  dist6 bishop rightborder">The B of Chester.
dist3 lab"> Bill Esterson dist2 lab"> Rachael Maskell dist2 lab">Baroness Thornton  dist8 non-affiliated">L Boswell of A dist5 judge">B Clark of Calton dist5 crossbench">L Levene of P dist5 con">Lord Bowness  dist8 con">Lord Freeman  dist7 con"> Pauline Latham dist8 con">L Robertson. dist5 bishop rightborder">The B of Derby.
dist3 lab"> Chris Evans dist2 lab">B Massey of Darwen dist2 lab"> Stephen Timms dist3 non-affiliated">L Boyd of D dist5 judge">L Clarke of S dist5 crossbench">The E of Listowel. dist5 con">L Brabazon of T dist6 con"> George Freeman dist8 con">L Lawson of B dist9 con"> Rob Roberts dist5 bishop rightborder">The B of Norwich.
dist4 lab">L Evans of T dist3 lab"> Chris Matheson dist2 lab">Lord Tomlinson  dist5 non-affiliated">T  of Cholmondeley dist5 judge">L Collins of M dist3 crossbench">L Low of D dist8 con"> Ben Bradley dist6 con"> Mike Freer dist7 con">L Leach of F dist8 con"> Mary Robinson dist5 bishop rightborder">T  of York
dist5 lab">L Evans of W dist2 lab">Lord Maxton  dist1 lab">Lord Touhig  dist3 non-affiliated">B D'Souza. dist5 judge">B Hale of Richmond dist5 crossbench">Lord Luce  dist6 con"> Karen Bradley dist7 con">Lord Freud  dist6 con"> Andrea Leadsom dist8 con"> Andrew Rosindell Alliance partytype rightborder">Alliance
dist3 lab">L Falconer of T dist1 lab">Lord McAvoy  dist3 lab"> Jon Trickett dist4 non-affiliated">Lord Eatwell  dist5 judge">Lord Hardie  dist5 crossbench">The E of Lytton. dist7 con"> Graham Brady dist5 con"> Richard Fuller dist8 con"> Edward Leigh dist8 con"> Douglas Ross Alliance partytype2 rightborder"> 
dist3 lab">B Falkender. dist3 lab"> Steve McCabe dist3 lab">Lord Triesman  dist2 non-affiliated">Lord Filkin  dist5 judge">L Hope of C dist5 crossbench">L Malloch-Brown. dist8 con"> Suella Braverman dist8 con"> Marcus Fysh dist9 con"> Ian Levy dist6 con">Lord Rotherwick  dist1 alliance rightborder"> Stephen Farry
dist2 lab">B Farrington of R dist2 lab"> Kerry McCarthy dist2 lab">Lord Tunnicliffe  dist4 non-affiliated">Baroness Ford  dist5 judge">Lord Judge  dist5 crossbench">B Manningham-Bul. dist8 con"> Jack Brereton dist7 con"> Roger Gale dist8 con"> Andrew Lewer dist9 con"> Lee Rowley dist1 topborder rightborder">  
dist2 lab">L Faulkner of W dist3 lab">L McConnell of G dist3 lab">Lord Turnberg  dist6 non-affiliated">Lord Hanningfield  dist5 judge">L Kerr of T dist7 crossbench">The C of Mar. dist8 con">V Bridgeman. dist7 con">L Gardiner of K dist7 con"> Brandon Lewis dist9 con"> Dean Russell
dist3 lab"> Colleen Fletcher dist3 lab">Baroness McDonagh  dist2 lab">B Turner of Camden dist6 non-affiliated">Lord Kalms  dist5 judge">L Mackay of D dist4 crossbench">L Martin of S dist8 con"> Andrew Bridgen dist7 con">B Gardner of P dist7 con">Lord Lexden  dist7 con"> David Rutley
dist2 lab">L Foster of B dist3 lab"> Siobhain McDonagh dist3 lab"> Karl Turner dist5 non-affiliated">Lord Laird  dist5 judge">Lord Mance  dist6 crossbench">B Masham of Ilton dist7 con"> Steve Brine dist4 con">Lord Garel-Jones  dist7 con">I Liddell-Graing. dist7 con">L Ryder of W
dist3 lab">L Foulkes of C dist3 lab"> Andy McDonald dist3 lab"> Derek Twigg dist3 non-affiliated">L Mackenzie of F dist5 judge">L Neuberger of A dist4 crossbench">Lord Mawson  dist9 con"> Paul Bristow dist6 con">Lord Garnier  dist7 con">Lord Lilley  dist6 con">Lord Saatchi 
dist4 lab"> Yvonne Fovargue dist4 lab">J McDonnell. dist2 lab"> Liz Twist dist3 non-affiliated">Lord Mann  dist5 judge">L Phillips of W dist5 crossbench">Lord May of Oxford dist9 con"> Sara Britcliffe dist7 con"> Mark Garnier dist6 con">The E of Lindsay. dist6 con">L Sainsbury of P
dist2 lab"> Vicky Foxcroft dist3 lab"> Pat McFadden dist3 lab"> Valerie Vaz dist5 non-affiliated">Lord Myners  dist5 judge">L Walker of G dist4 crossbench">Lord McCluskey  dist7 con"> James Brokenshire dist7 con">Lord Geddes  dist6 con">Lord Lingfield  dist5 con">T  of Salisbury
dist1 lab"> Mary Foy dist1 lab">L McFall of A dist3 lab">B Wall of N dist5 non-affiliated">The D of Norfolk. Independent Labour partytype">Independent Labour dist3 crossbench">Baroness Meacher  dist8 con">L Brougham and V. dist8 con"> Nusrat Ghani dist7 con">The E of Liverpool. dist9 con"> Gary Sambrook
dist3 lab"> Gill Furniss dist3 lab"> Conor McGinn dist3 lab">Lord Warner  dist2 non-affiliated">L Oakeshott of S Independent Labour partytype2">  dist5 crossbench">Lord Millett  dist9 con"> Anthony Browne dist7 con"> Nick Gibb dist5 con">Lord Lloyd-Webber  dist6 con">L Sanderson of B
dist3 lab bottomborder">Baroness Gale  dist3 lab bottomborder"> Alison McGovern dist3 lab bottomborder">B Warwick of U dist4 non-affiliated bottomborder">Lord Paul  dist8 independentlabour bottomborder">L Stoddart of S dist3 crossbench bottomborder">Lord Mogg  dist9 con bottomborder">Baroness Browning  dist9 con bottomborder"> Peter Gibson dist9 con bottomborder"> Chris Loder dist7 con bottomborder">Lord Sassoon 

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