Policy #6858: "Island of Ireland — Avoid Hard Border"

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Someone who believes that A hard border with customs checks, passport control etc, on the island of Ireland should be avoided would have voted like this...

HouseDateSubjectPolicy vote
Commons15 Jan 2019European Union (Withdrawal) Act — Withdrawal Agreement — Right for the UK to Unilaterally Terminate the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland Majority (strong)
Commons15 Jan 2019European Union Withdrawal Agreement minority (strong)
Commons29 Jan 2019European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 — Avoid Hard Border on the Island of Ireland Without the UK Remaining Aligned to the EU Customs Union abstain
Commons14 Feb 2019UK Withdrawal from the EU — Delay of up-to Three Months — Ireland abstain
Commons14 Feb 2019UK Withdrawal from the EU — Withdrawal Agreement — Ireland abstain
Commons12 Mar 2019European Union Withdrawal Agreement minority (strong)
Commons13 Mar 2019UK Withdrawal from the European Union — Leaving Without an Agreement Majority (strong)
Commons27 Mar 2019EU Withdrawal and Future Relationship Votes — Motion (B) — Leave Without a Deal on 12 April 2019 Majority (strong)
Commons29 Mar 2019UK Withdrawal from the European Union — Withdrawal — Withdrawal Agreement minority (strong)
Commons1 Apr 2019EU Withdrawal and Future Relationship — Motion (D) Common Market 2.0 — Retain Relatively Free Movement of People and Goods via European Free Trade Association Membership — External Tarriff Alignment with the EU abstain
Commons21 Sep 2020United Kingdom Internal Market Bill — Clause 40 — Northern Ireland — Avoiding a Hard Border — Compliance with Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and Withdrawal Agreement minority (strong)
Commons22 Mar 2022Nationality and Borders Bill — Clause 71 — Electronic Travel Authorisations — Local Journeys from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland minority (strong)

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