Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill — Disapplication of European Communities Act 1972 — rejected — 10 Jul 2006 at 17:22

The majority Not-Contents rejected a new clause[1] to the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. If passed the new clause would have meant any law passed in the UK relating to the European Union (EU) could not be overridden by EU law. However, it was defeated.

Parliament passed the European Communities Act in 1972 which made Britain a member of the European Economic Community (now the EU). Under this Act laws made by European Treaties have legal effect in UK law[2]. Consequently, the proposed clause aimed to ensure laws made in the UK about the EU could be enacted in spite of the European Communities Act.

The main aims of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill were to allow ministers to amend primary legislation without debate in parliament and reduce the amount of legislation required to implement EU directives[3]. The Conservatives who introduced this clause thought the Bill would be a good opportunity to reduce the influence of EU law on UK law. A similar clause was also introduced into the House of Commons by Bill Cash MP but also defeated[4].


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Lords for which their vote in this division differed from the majority vote of their party are marked in red. Also shows which lords were ministers at the time of this vote. You can also see every eligible lord including those who did not vote in this division.

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Lord Acton Labno
Baroness Adams of CraigieleaLabno
Lord Addington LDemno
Lord Adonis Labno
Lord Ahmed Labno
Lord Alli Labno
Baroness Amos Labno
Lord Anderson of SwanseaLabno
Baroness Andrews Labno
Baroness Anelay of St JohnsConaye
Lord Archer of SandwellLabno
Baroness Ashton of UphollandLabno
Viscount Astor Conaye
Lord Astor of HeverConaye
Earl Attlee Conaye
Lord Avebury LDemno
Lord Bach Labno
Lord Ballyedmond Crossbenchaye
Lord Barnett Labno
Lord Bassam of BrightonLabno
Lord Beaumont of WhitleyGreenaye
Lord Berkeley Labno
Lord Bernstein of CraigweilLabno
Lord Biffen Conaye
Baroness Billingham Labno
Lord Blackwell Conaye
Lord Blaker Conaye
Viscount Bledisloe Crossbenchno
Baroness Blood Labno
Baroness Bonham-Carter of YarnburyLDemno
Baroness Boothroyd Crossbenchno
Lord Borrie Labno
Lord Boyd of DuncansbyCrossbenchno
Lord Brett Labno
Lord Brooke of AlverthorpeLabno
Lord Brooke of Sutton MandevilleConaye
Lord Brookman Labno
Lord Brougham and Vaux Conaye
Lord Burlison Labno
Baroness Byford Conaye
Lord Campbell-Savours Labno
Lord Campbell of AllowayConaye
Baroness Carnegy of LourConaye
Lord Chadlington Conaye
Lord Chidgey LDemno
Lord Christopher Labno
Lord Clarke of HampsteadLabno
Lord Clark of WindermereLabno
Lord Clement-Jones LDemaye
Lord Clinton-Davis Labno
Lord Cobbold Crossbenchno
Baroness Cohen of PimlicoLabno
Viscount Colville of CulrossCrossbenchno
Lord Colwyn Conaye
Lord Cope of BerkeleyContellaye
Baroness Corston Labno
The Earl of CourtownConaye
Viscount Craigavon Crossbenchaye
Baroness Crawley Labno
Lord Crickhowell Conaye
Baroness Cumberlege Conaye
Lord Cunningham of FellingLabno
Baroness D'Souza Crossbenchno
Lord Dahrendorf Crossbenchno
Baroness Darcy de Knayth Crossbenchno
Baroness David Labno
Lord Davidson of Glen ClovaLabno
Lord Davies of CoityLabno
Lord Davies of OldhamLabtellno
Lord de Mauley Conaye
Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeLabno
Lord Denham Conaye
Lord Desai Labno
Lord Dholakia LDemno
Lord Dixon-Smith Conaye
Lord Drayson Labno
Lord Dubs Labno
Viscount Eccles Conaye
Baroness Eccles of MoultonConaye
Lord Eden of WintonConaye
Lord Elder Labno
Lord Elliott of MorpethConaye
Lord Elton Conaye
The Earl of ErrollCrossbenchaye
Lord Evans of ParksideLabno
Lord Evans of Temple GuitingLabno
Lord Falconer of ThorotonLabno
Baroness Falkner of MargravineLDemno
Baroness Farrington of RibbletonLabno
Lord Faulkner of WorcesterLabno
Lord Fearn LDemno
Lord Filkin Labno
Baroness Flather Conaye
Baroness Fookes Conaye
Lord Foster of Bishop AucklandLabno
Lord Foulkes of CumnockLabno
Lord Freeman Conaye
Lord Fyfe of FairfieldLabno
Baroness Gale Labno
Lord Garden LDemno
Baroness Gibson of Market RasenLabno
Lord Giddens Labno
Lord Gilbert Labno
Lord Glenarthur Conaye
Baroness Golding Labno
Lord Goodhart LDemno
Lord Goodlad Conaye
Lord Gordon of StrathblaneLabno
Lord Gould of BrookwoodLabno
Lord Grantchester Labno
Baroness Greengross Crossbenchno
Lord Grocott Labtellno
Lord Hamilton of EpsomConaye
Baroness Hanham Conaye
Lord Hanningfield Conaye
Lord Harris of HaringeyLabno
Lord Harrison Labno
Baroness Harris of RichmondLDemno
Lord Hart of ChiltonLabno
Lord Haskel Labno
Lord Haworth Labno
Lord Hayhoe Conaye
Baroness Henig Labno
Lord Henley Conaye
Lord Higgins Conaye
Baroness Hilton of EggardonLabno
Lord Hogg of CumbernauldLabno
Baroness Hollis of HeighamLabno
Baroness Hooper Conaye
Lord Howard of RisingConaye
Baroness Howarth of BrecklandCrossbenchno
Lord Howarth of NewportLabno
Earl Howe Conaye
Baroness Howe of IdlicoteCrossbenchno
Lord Howell of GuildfordConaye
Baroness Howells of St DavidsLabno
Lord Howie of TroonLabno
Lord Hoyle Labno
Lord Hughes of WoodsideLabno
Lord Hunt of Kings HeathLabno
Lord Inglewood Conaye
Lord Irvine of LairgLabno
Lord Jenkin of RodingConaye
Lord Joffe Crossbenchno
Lord Jones Labno
Lord Jones of CheltenhamLDemno
Lord Jordan Labno
Lord Judd Labno
Lord Kalms Conaye
Lord King of BridgwaterConaye
Baroness Kingsmill Labno
Lord King of West BromwichLabno
Lord Kirkhill Labno
Lord Kirkwood of KirkhopeLDemaye
Lord Laing of DunphailConaye
Lord Laird UUPaye
Lord Lane of HorsellConaye
Lord Lea of CrondallLabno
Lord Lee of TraffordLDemno
Lord Leitch Labno
Lord Lester of Herne HillLDemno
Lord Lipsey Labno
The Earl of ListowelCrossbenchno
The Earl of LiverpoolConaye
Baroness Lockwood Labno
Lord Lofthouse of PontefractLabno
Lord Lucas Conaye
Lord Luke Conaye
Lord Macdonald of TradestonLabno
Lord MacGregor of Pulham MarketConaye
Lord MacKenzie of CulkeinLabno
Lord Mackenzie of FramwellgateLabno
Baroness Maddock LDemno
Lord Maginnis of DrumglassUUPaye
Baroness Mallalieu Labno
The Earl of Mar and KellieLDemno
Lord Mason of BarnsleyLabno
Baroness Massey of DarwenLabno
Lord Mawhinney Conaye
Lord Maxton Labno
Lord Mayhew of TwysdenConaye
Lord McCluskey Crossbenchno
Baroness McDonagh Labno
Baroness McIntosh of HudnallLabno
Lord McKenzie of LutonLabno
Lord McNally LDemno
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne DomerLDemno
Baroness Miller of HendonConaye
Lord Monson Crossbenchaye
Viscount Montgomery of AlameinCrossbenchaye
The Duke of MontroseConaye
Lord Moonie Labno
Lord Moran Crossbenchaye
Lord Morgan Labno
Baroness Morgan of DrefelinLabno
Baroness Morgan of HuytonLabno
Lord Morris of AberavonLabno
Baroness Morris of BoltonConaye
Lord Morris of ManchesterLabno
Lord Morrow DUPaye
Lord Naseby Conaye
The Bishop of NewcastleBishopno
Baroness Noakes Conaye
The Earl of NortheskConaye
Baroness Northover LDemno
Lord Norton of LouthConaye
Baroness O'Cathain Conaye
Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes Conaye
Lord Palmer Crossbenchaye
Lord Parekh Labno
Lord Patel of BlackburnLabno
Lord Pendry Labno
Baroness Perry of SouthwarkConaye
Lord Phillips of SudburyLDemno
Baroness Pitkeathley Labno
Lord Plant of HighfieldLabno
Baroness Platt of WrittleConaye
Baroness Prosser Labno
Lord Prys-Davies Labno
Baroness Quin Labno
Baroness Ramsay of CartvaleLabno
Lord Randall of St BudeauxLabno
Baroness Rawlings Conaye
Lord Rea Labno
Lord Redesdale LDemno
Lord Rennard LDemno
Lord Renton Conaye
Lord Richard Labno
Lord Roberts of ConwyConaye
Lord Roberts of LlandudnoLDemno
Lord Rooker Labno
Lord Rosser Labno
Lord Rowlands Labno
Lord Russell-Johnston LDemno
Lady Saltoun of AbernethyCrossbenchaye
Lord Sanderson of BowdenConaye
Lord Sawyer Labno
Baroness Scotland of AsthalLabno
Baroness Scott of Needham MarketLDemno
Baroness Seccombe Contellaye
Lord Selsdon Conaye
Lord Sewel Labno
Baroness Sharp of GuildfordLDemno
Baroness Sharples Conaye
Lord Shaw of NorthsteadConaye
Lord Sheldon Labno
Lord Shutt of GreetlandLDemno
Viscount Simon Labno
Lord Skelmersdale Conaye
Viscount Slim Crossbenchaye
Lord Soley Labno
Lord Soulsby of Swaffham PriorConaye
Lord Steinberg Conaye
Lord Stoddart of SwindonIndependent Labouraye
Lord Stone of BlackheathLabno
Lord Strabolgi Labno
Lord Strathclyde Conaye
Lord Sutherland of HoundwoodCrossbenchno
Lord Swinfen Conaye
Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanLabno
Lord Taylor of BlackburnLabno
Baroness Taylor of BoltonLabno
Lord Tebbit Conaye
Lord Temple-Morris Labno
Lord Teverson LDemno
Baroness Thatcher Conaye
Lord Thomas of MacclesfieldLabno
Baroness Thomas of WinchesterLDemno
Baroness Thornton Labno
Lord Tomlinson Labno
Baroness Tonge LDemno
Lord Tordoff LDemno
Lord Trefgarne Conaye
Lord Triesman Labno
Lord Trimble Crossbenchaye
Baroness Trumpington Conaye
Lord Tugendhat Conaye
Lord Tunnicliffe Labno
Lord Turnberg Labno
Baroness Turner of CamdenLabno
Baroness Uddin Labno
Viscount Ullswater Conaye
Baroness Verma Conaye
Lord Waddington Conaye
Lord Wakeham Conaye
Lord Wallace of SaltaireLDemno
Baroness Wall of New BarnetLabno
Lord Walpole Crossbenchno
Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeLabno
Lord Weatherill Crossbenchaye
Baroness Whitaker Labno
Baroness Wilcox Conaye
Baroness Williams of CrosbyLDemno
Lord Williams of ElvelLabno
Lord Williamson of HortonCrossbenchno
Lord Willoughby de Broke Conaye
Lord Windlesham Conaye
Lord Woolmer of LeedsLabno
Lord Young of Norwood GreenLabno

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