Comparison of Divisions: Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill — Clause 1 — NHS Foundation Trusts — 19 Nov 2003 at 26:00 with Division No. 381 on the same day at 16:45

(Swap the two divisions around).

Vote (a) : Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill — Clause 1 — NHS Foundation Trusts - 19 Nov 2003 at 26:00 - Division No. 388

The Aye-voters struck down the Lords' wrecking amendment to the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill, which had just been introduced a second time during their debate.

The Lords' amendment would have removed Clause 1 from the Bill, which refers to Schedule 1 which lays out the structure of the constitution of a Foundation Hospital.

The original striking out of the same Lords amendment happened earlier in the day in Division 381. The comparison of these two votes is available at this page.

Vote (b) : Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill — Clause 1 — NHS foundation trusts - 19 Nov 2003 at 16:45 - Division No. 381

The majority of MPs voted in favour of the introduction of NHS foundation trusts; bodies with a degree of financial and managerial independence from the Department of Health.

The Aye-voters successfully rejected a Lords wrecking amendment.

The motion being voted on was:

  • That this House disagrees with the Lords in the said amendment:

The Lords amendment in question, No. 1, stated leave out clause 1

Clause 1 defines "NHS foundation trusts".

Shortly after the division there were several points of order noting that Scottish MPs' votes were required to pass the bill, but that the bill only affects England and Wales.

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Difference in Votes - sorted by party

MPs for which their vote on Motion (a) differed from their vote on Motion (b). You can also see just opposite votes between these two divisions, or simply all the votes.

Sort by: Name | Constituency | Party | Vote (a) | Vote (b)

NameConstituencyPartyVote (a)Vote (b)
Mr James CranBeverley and HoldernessConabsent no
David Heathcoat-AmoryWellsConabsent no
Richard ShepherdAldridge-BrownhillsCon (front bench)absent no
Iris RobinsonStrangfordDUPabsent no
Peter RobinsonBelfast EastDUPabsent no
George GallowayGlasgow Kelvinwhilst Independentabsent no
Martin SmythBelfast Southwhilst Independent Ulster Unionistabsent no
Frank CookStockton NorthLabaye no
Mrs Anne PickingEast LothianLabaye no
Mr Huw EdwardsMonmouthLabaye absent
Mr John LyonsStrathkelvin and BearsdenLabaye absent
Andrew MacKinlayThurrockLabaye absent
Paul FarrellyNewcastle-under-LymeLabno absent
David TaylorNorth West LeicestershireLabboth both
Tony BlairSedgefieldLab (minister)absent aye
Kevin BrennanCardiff WestLababsent aye
Dr Lynda ClarkEdinburgh PentlandsLab (minister)absent aye
Ann ClwydCynon ValleyLab (minister)absent aye
Harry CohenLeyton and WansteadLababsent aye
Robin CookLivingstonLababsent aye
Ms Jean CorstonBristol EastLab (minister)absent aye
John CummingsEasingtonLababsent aye
Mr Denzil DaviesLlanelliLababsent aye
Dr Jim MarshallLeicester SouthLababsent aye
Alun MichaelCardiff South and PenarthLab (minister)absent aye
Austin MitchellGreat GrimsbyLab (minister)absent aye
Geoffrey RobinsonCoventry North WestLababsent aye
Barry SheermanHuddersfieldLab (minister)absent aye
Jacqui SmithRedditchLab (minister)absent aye
Don TouhigIslwynLab (minister)absent aye
David WinnickWalsall NorthLab (minister)absent aye
Diane AbbottHackney North and Stoke NewingtonLababsent no
John AustinErith and ThamesmeadLababsent no
Roger BerryKingswoodLababsent no
Mr Harold BestLeeds North WestLababsent no
Martin CatonGowerLab (minister)absent no
Mr Iain ColemanHammersmith and FulhamLababsent no
Ms Julia DrownSouth SwindonLababsent no
Gwyneth DunwoodyCrewe and NantwichLababsent no
Clive EffordElthamLab (minister)absent no
Paul FlynnNewport WestLab (minister)absent no
Dai HavardMerthyr Tydfil and RhymneyLab (minister)absent no
Doug HendersonNewcastle upon Tyne NorthLababsent no
Eric IllsleyBarnsley CentralLababsent no
Glenda JacksonHampstead and HighgateLababsent no
Helen JonesWarrington NorthLab (minister)absent no
Tony LloydManchester CentralLababsent no
Robert Marshall-AndrewsMedwayLababsent no
Chris McCaffertyCalder ValleyLababsent no
George MudieLeeds EastLab (minister)absent no
Doug NaysmithBristol North WestLababsent no
Albert OwenYnys MônLab (minister)absent no
Gordon PrenticePendleLababsent no
Ken PurchaseWolverhampton North EastLababsent no
Mr Gerry SteinbergCity of DurhamLababsent no
Joan WalleyStoke-on-Trent NorthLab (minister)absent no
Betty WilliamsConwyLababsent no
John BarrettEdinburgh WestLDemabsent no
Rt Hon David TrimbleUpper BannUUP (front bench)absent no

Division Similarity Ratio

The measure of similarity between these two divisions is a calculation based on a comparison of their votes.

There were 659 MPs who could have voted in both of these divisions, and 535 voted the same way, with 2 voting in opposite ways. There were 66 MPs who didn't vote in either division, and 56 who voted in only one of them.

We invert the vote on the second division if it makes the distance closer (since the meaning of 'Aye' and 'No' are often interchangeable depending on how the question was put). In this case, they line up the same way. An 's vote in in only one of the divisions contributes a factor of 0.2 to the distance. The calculation runs as follows:

ratio =
([same-votes] + [differing-votes] + 0.2x[abstain-in-one])
(535 + 2 + 0.2x56)
= 0.976 = 97.6 %.

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